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Solutions – Campus Hiring

Campus Hiring

Make bulk-hiring a no-sweat process

Cut down the cost of offline recruiting, by choosing virtual assessments for recruiting the right candidates.

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Campus Hiring


Reduce the cost of the recruitment process through online assessment questionnaires

Reduce the usage of resources by avoiding traditional recruitment strategies by opting Xobin’s hassle-free online assessment.

Compare the shortlisted top-performing candidates

Compare top candidates with their responses to key questions that you look for.

Find the A-game candidates swiftly

Look for a candidate who stands out from the crowd through data-driven numbers from Xobin’s 3600 assessment platform.

Be visible

Give insight into your company through a short video that makes the candidate interested in taking up the assessment.

Highlighted Feature

Extensive Question Library

With over a million questions that encompass technological and non-technological avenues, Xobin’s extensive library offers you a one-stop solution for recruiting into all domains.

Actionable Reports

Xobin’s in-depth analytics provides you with a 360-degree report on each candidate that gives you insight into their technical as well as interpersonal competencies.

Webcam Proctoring

Remotely monitor the activity of the candidate, with our facility that records and allows you to view the candidate’s activity. Review the behavior of the candidate with Xobin’s log sheet that records each and every movement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is campus hiring software?

Xobin’s campus recruiting software is a series of assessments focused on the specific talent or a need that the organization requires. These assessments can be customized according to the needs as and when required.

How does Xobin help campus recruitment?

Xobin is a virtual hiring tool that reduces the time involved in mass hiring while handling recruitments for humongous universities. It streamlines the hiring process with structured assessments, making recruitment hassle-free.

Will campus recruitment software be a feasible option?

Yes, compared to the traditional methods of the ongoing recruitment process, Xobin’s time campus recruitment software reduces the time and energy spent which is definitely an economically feasible option.

How frequently can the software be used for campus drives?

There are no restrictions on the usage of software for campus drives, as the Xobin’s assessment platform provides packages for all requirements.

Do the students need a laptop for accessing the assessment tests?

Xobin is a multiplatform application, that does not require any specific device. All that is required is a stable internet connection.

How fair is the hiring software?

Xobins assessments are strictly proctored that do not allow the candidate to look on either side or shift tabs during the progress of the exam ensuring a fair result.

Hiring remotely? Screen your candidates with Xobin Online Assessments

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