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Solutions – Training and Upskilling

Training and Upskilling

Upskilling for the digital world

Identify priority areas that require upskilling with Xolearn.

Choose or create questionnaires with skills that are essential for the continual development of your organization.

Use questionnaires for training budding engineers to become job fit when they graduate.

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Training and Upskilling


Highlighted Feature

Pre-built Skill Test

Explore our vast library and choose from our meticulously built assessments that fit your need. Make your recruiting process hassle-free by screening numerous applicants in a short time span

Actionable Reports

Xobin’s in-depth analytics provides you with a 360-degree report on each candidate that gives you insight into their technical as well as interpersonal competencies.

Webcam Proctoring

Ease the process of monitoring a huge number of candidates simultaneously as Xobin’s proctoring feature does the job for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are training and upskilling assessments?

Xobin’s team extensively studies the new avenues of engineering and non-engineering fields, finding the skill gap and carefully structuring assessments that are essential for the needs of tomorrow.

How does Xobin help in training and development?

Xobin offers a one-stop solution for the training and development of the existing employees of the organization by testing their knowledge of the new skills and identifying the candidates who require training.

How credible are the test results?

Xobin’s assessments not only focus on the soft skills, but also on the domain skills, and the reports are always data-driven which can never go wrong as they are 100% unbiased.

How does Xobin help in skill development and training?

Once the skill gaps are identified, the candidates who have undergone training can take up another focused assessment just of the skills obtained to test their proficiency in the skills obtained.

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