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Empower Your Decisions with the best Pre-Employment Testing Software

Hire top candidates based on skills and data driven reports. Simplify and optimize your recruitment process with the best cloud-based Pre-employment Testing Software.

HR Teams at over 5000 companies,both big and small,are moving to Skill based hiring with Xobin

Why is Xobin the Preferred Pre-Employement Testing Software?

Revolutionize Your Hiring Process

Say goodbye to scheduling hassles and embrace seamless video interviews today!

    AI based scoring
    Video to text transcribing

Experience Next-Gen Security with AI-Based Proctoring

Say Goodbye to Cheating: Empower Your Assessments with AI-Powered Proctoring

    100% cheating detection with AI-based proctoring
    No-tab activity

Harness the Power of Pre-Built Skill Tests

Uncover top talent effortlessly with our ready-to-use skills test!

    1500+ Pre-built skill tests
    Skill tests based on different skills

Unlock Limitless Possibilities with Extensive Question library

Dive into a vast pool of knowledge with our extensive question library

    1,20,000+ Tech and Non Tech Questions
    Questions which are right for the Job Role

Utilize an actionable candidate report that is data-driven

Transform data into action with our actionable report, driving results like never before

    360-degree applicant report
    Customizable reports

Get Access to high-quality assessments built by the best subject matter experts in the industry

❋ Python
✧ Java
✲ Devops
✧ Javascript
✲ AI and ML
✧ Data Science
✧ ios development
❋ Android
✲ Database Testing
❋ OOPs
✧ Angular Js
❋ Ruby
✲ Routing and Switching
✧ Data Structure
✲ Software Architecture
✧ Datacenter Management
❋ Ruby on Rails
❋ Problem Solving
✧ MS Word
❋ MS Excel
✲ MS Powerpoint
✧ Leadership
✲ Critical Thinking
✧ Team spirit
✧ Socializing Skills
❋ Job Ads
✲ Communication Skills
❋ Recruiting Software
❋ Organization Ability
✲ Payroll
✧ Applicant Tracking Systems
✲ Written Communications Skills
✧Verbal Communications Skills
✧ Interpersonal Skills
❋ Online and Offline Sourcing
❋ CRM Software
✧ Communication Skills
❋ Customer Service
✲ Presentation Skills
✧ Market research
✲ Leadership
✧ Strategic thinking
✧ Budgeting & Reporting
❋ Online Marketing & Advertising
✲ Negotiation Skills
❋ Problem Solving
✧ Interpersonal Skills
❋ Assertiveness
✲ ERP and CRM
✧ Analytical Skills
✲ Communication Skills
✧Forecasting Sales
✧ Statistical Analysis
❋ Organizational Skills
❋ CAD Software
✧ 3D Modeling Software
❋ Creative and Analytical skills
✲ Communication Skills
✧ Critical Thinking
✲ Problem Solving
✧ Industrial Design
✧ Wireframe Tools
❋ Creative
✲ Graphics Editing Tools
❋ Visual Elements
✧ Leadership
❋ HTML and Web Development
✲ Eye for Design
✧ 3D Modeling Software
✧ Illustrating
❋ Visual Elements
❋ Customer Success
✧ Organizational Skills
❋ Desktop Support
✲ Customer Relationship Management
✧ Conflict Resolution
✲ Troubleshoot
✧ Hospitality Management
✧ MS Office
✲ Help Desk Software
❋ Remote Support Tools
❋ Mobile Tools and Applications
✲ Presentation Skills
✧ Sales Skills
✲ Remote Desktop
✧ Negotiation Abilities
❋ Problem Solving
❋ KPIs
✧ Dexterity
❋ Accounting Knowledge
✲ Transport Management Systems
✧ Inventory Management Software
✲ Logistics Software
✧ Supervising
✧ Supply Chain Management
❋ MS Office
✲ Budgeting and Reporting
❋ Budgeting and Reporting
✧ Leadership Skills
❋ Key Performance Indicators
✲ Problem-Solving Skills
✧ Communication Skills
✲ Organizational Skills
✧Laws, Regulations, and ISO
✧ Logistics Software
❋ Customer Service
❋ Learning Management Systems
✧ Budgeting
❋ Full Training Cycle
✲ Devops
✧ Javascript
✲ AI and ML
✧ Data Science
✧ ios development
❋ Android
✲ Database Testing
❋ OOPs
✧ Angular Js
❋ Ruby
✲ Routing and Switching
✧ Data Structure
✲ Software Architecture
✧ Datacenter Management
❋ Ruby on Rails
❋ Operational analysis
✧ Financial analysis
❋ Payroll
✲ Indian Tax
✧ Bookkeeping
✲ Accounting
✧ MS Excel
✧ Management accounting
❋ Budgeting
✲ Corporate finance
✧ Tax accounting
❋ Accounts Receivable
✲ Cost accounting
✲ Quickbooks
✧ Operational analysis
❋ Mortgage Loan
❋ Quickbooks
✧ Finance Statement Analysis
❋ payroll
✲ Audtiting and attestation
✧ Finance
✲ Transaction recording
✧ Cost accounting
✧ Financial analysis
❋ Accounting
✲ Investment Decisions
❋ Corporate finance
✧ Risk analysis
❋ Risk management
✲ Budgeting
✲ Corporate Finance
✧Investment Decisions
✧ Loan Processing
❋ mortgage Processing
❋ Operations
✧ Organizational Skills
❋ Project Management
✲ MS Office
✧ Problem Solving
✲ Communication skills
✧ Operation management
✧ Time management
❋ Office management
✲ Negotiation skills
❋ Administration skills
✧ Computer literacy
❋ Management skills
✲ Decision-Making
✧ Conflict resolution
✲ Business management
✧ Interperosnal SKills
✧ MS Excel
❋ HR General
❋ Google analytics
✧ Digital Marketing
❋ Market Research
✲ B2C Sales
✧ Google Adwords
✧ Social Media Marketing
✧ Adobe Photoshop
❋ Wordpress
✲ Marketing Fundamentals
❋ OOPs
✧ Angular Js
❋ Ruby
✲ Routing and Switching
✧ Data Structure
✲ Software Architecture
✧ Datacenter Management
❋ Ruby on Rails

Four Steps for Achieving Hiring Success

From Test Creation to Candidate Evaluation. The Xobin Platform facilitates Recruiters and Hiring Managers through the complete assessment process.

Select Test

Firstly, choose from our Library of job specific Pre-built tests. You can customize your own test too.

Invite Candidates

Secondly, Invite Candidates via Email, or Share the Url for the Pre-hire Assessment.

Testing Begins

Sit back while candidates take the online test. AI Proctoring features prevent cheating.

1-Click Shortlist

Lastly, use Auto-generated scores to Sort and Filter. Shortlist your top candidates with ease.

Additional Features To Make Your Hiring Experience Seamless

Company Branding : Effortlessly customize your Brand name
Xobin’s Pre-employement Testing software allows you to customize your company's name and logo. Create your own unique testing interface and your brand. Effective branding will help you draw in the ideal candidates and hire them effectively for your company. Learn More  

Integration With ATS :Integrate with Your Existing ATS
With the help of Xobin's APIs and Webhooks you can interface with your own product. In order to free up your developers' effort, time, and tears Xobin offers custom APIs so that your developers can concentrate on your core product. Learn More  

AI-Based Proctoring : Next-Gen Security with AI-Based Proctoring
Say goodbye to cheating and empower your assessments with AI-powered proctoring which checks and tracks the behavior of the candidates during the virtual test with the best application tracking system. Learn More  

Actionable Reports : Utilize an actionable candidate report
Get a 360 Degree actionable data driven report of each candidate. Gain insights into your candidate’s competencies. Utilize Xobin’s ATS to get in-depth analytics by customizing the reports according to your exact needs. Learn More  

Choose from various Assessments for Pre-Employement Testing

Aptitude Test

It gauges a person's proficiency in verbal, numerical, and logical thinking. Problem-solving exercises and testing one's critical thinking in diverse circumstances can be used to assess competency.

Functional Skills Tests

Companies can assess candidates to check if they have the abilities they might need in working for the desired job role and professional lives by taking a functional skills assessment.

Psychometric Tests

It is an assessment created to evaluate a candidate's potential for success in a particular job role or career by measuring cognitive capacity, personality, work behaviour, etc.

Coding Tests

Coding tests are evaluations created to assess a developer's aptitude and coding ability. They can be used in a variety of contexts, such as the hiring process for a new position, to assess a developer's current skill level, etc.

Technology Tests

Create test for technical roles by adding coding questions with a mix of code snippet based MCQ's. Create subjective question to evaluate candidate's understanding about a technology and evaluate them with the power of AI.

Custom Assessment

Create your own customize test by adding your own questions in the form of MCQ, Coding Questions, Subjective Questions, etc in it. Or create an assessment by mixing different kinds of Questions in a single assessment.

Building trust with the most stringent data security measures in place

Building trust with the most stringent data security measures in place

The Best Pre-employement Testing Software

Leading review platforms have recognised Xobin's Pre-employement Testing Software as the best Pre-employement Testing software.

" "Set up is easy and fast"
" We have a common aptitude and psychometric test for the whole company and we use ad hoc skill test depending on the role we hire for. "
Oliver Smith
Training Manager
"Great product, great price and the usability is TOP."
"The setup is really easy for my company and the features are really well designed."
Daniel Rodriguez
Talent Manager
"Overall a very satisfactory experience with the Xobin and the team"
" The software is scalable, robust and meets all the requirements for Pre-screening job applicants."
Mark Campbell
Talent Acquisition Lead
"The tests and software does exactly what it says."
" We have flawlessly executed over 500+ tests and onboarded 30 candidates."
Maria Flair
Recruitment Operations Specialist
"Overall we're really really happy with Xobin."
"It's a huge improvement to our last assessment software and will be critical in our next stage of growth across Product, Data and Tech roles."
Charlotte Bailey
HR Manager
We've been able to collaborate in innovative ways
"I run Amplify (AMP's festival) on a really tiny budget. (Viostream) has been a great partner for many years."
Annalie Killian
AMP Wealth Management

Are you curious how Xobin improves the hiring experience of users? See what they have to say

Dominating the Pre-employment assessment industry globally.

4000+ Customers

Across 55+ Countries

1500 + Premade Tests

1,50,000+ Questions

800+ Skills

Across 25+ Industries

Evaluating Pre-employement Testing Tools?

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Get answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find answer what you were looking for in our FAQs.

What is pre-employment testing software?
Pre-employment testing software is a tool embedded with ready to use tests that enable recruiters to swiftly, effectively, and perfectly analyze the candidate’s skills for the particular job role. Generally, candidates are called remotely to test and prepare a deep analytical report. Xobin’s pre-employment testing software is systematically designed to test participants based on – aptitude, psychometric, and skills. Our software facilitates recruiters to make the vital hiring decision based on logistics. This software test covers all the recruitment tests, so no matter your company’s needs are, we have unique tests for you.
Why is pre-employment testing important?
The pre-employment testing software is loaded with numerous benefits – from easing out the employee selection process to improving the business turnover. However, at Xobin, we advocate the use of pre-employment testing software for the four primary reasons – 1. Accelerate business productivity with good hire. 2. Employees’ retention rate can be dramatically improved with the reduction in hiring and training costs. 3. The efficient hiring process can be generated with less time-consuming features. 4. Improved defensibility of the recruitment process through the use of objective and validated metrics.
How are the Pre-employment tests created ?
Xobin’s pre-employment tests are created by Subject Matter Experts. The test for each job role is mapped to a competency matrix. Questions for the online assessment are chosen based on the following parameters : Knowledge – Functional, Domain or Industry knowledge needed for the job role. Skills – Competency in core concepts and tools. These are related to skills required in day-to-day work activities. Attributes – Behavioural and Personality Attributes needed to succeed in the job.
Are the Pre-employment tests reliable and validated ?
Yes. These tests are EEOC Compliant. The online tests provided by the pre-employment testing software are reliability and validated. Reliability referes to consistency, while Validity to the accuracy of the test. In other words, Xobin’s test can correctly measure the efficiency of candidates. Moreover, you can depend upon the outcome generated by the software.
What are the different kinds of questions that may be asked in the Pre Employment Assessment ?
Questions for a specific online assessment depend on the industry and job role. The Question Type may include : Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Diagramatic Questions Subjective Questions Coding Questions Case Study based questions. Video Based Questions Assignment and Work Sample Questions.

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