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Xobin: Redefining How You Hire

The All-in-One Online Assessment Platform to Simplify the Hiring Process

With the most robust and powerful online talent assessment platform in the world, create skill assessments and video interviews quickly with ease. Xobin is a 100% customizable and user-friendly platform, you can produce high-quality outcomes more quickly.


Setup your branded careers page


Incorporate your employer's branding

You can seamlessly integrate your company's identity into your hiring process. Showcase your employer brand, attract top talent, and streamline candidate applications all in one place. Elevate your recruitment efforts with our customizable and user-friendly branded careers page solution


Add your employer branding

Tailor your tests with your brand's logo, backdrop picture, color palette, and text to improve applicant engagement, raise assessment completion rates, and increase brand recognition.

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Receive your Applicants data via XoForm


Video first Job Applicant Management

XoForms are the new way of managing job applications and their whole journey. With a single click, create video job application forms, collect applications, and schedule Xobin assessments and interviews.


Video Forms for Interaction with Job Applicants

XoForms is a cutting-edge, video-based employment application form that is intended to interact with candidates on all platforms and increase the application rate. You can distribute it freely on all platforms, which increases the application rate.

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Customize or Build Skill Assessments


Access our extensive library of more than 2,500 ready-to-take tests

Select from our wide range of skill-based or role-based tests designed for different roles and sectors. You may simply add, remove, or modify questions from our pre-made tests because they are fully customizable.


Create a Fully Customized Assessment in Just a Few Minutes

With Xobin's user-friendly platform, you can design your own questions, scoring, and time limits for a variety of question types, such as code, SQL, Excel, multiple-choice, video response, written response, etc., to create a custom assessment that is tailored to your specific hiring needs.


Upload the Existing test

Take advantage of our automatic scoring, anti-cheating tool, ATS integration, the ability to upload video responses, and much more by moving your company's current tests to Xobin.

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Share your Assessment with Candidates


Directly Send & Monitor Assessments from Xobin

Send tests to candidates in bulk straight from our platform to save time.


Use your ATS to send the assessment

Send assessments to prospects using your current applicant tracking system (ATS), and monitor recruiting team comments and outcomes.


Share the Assessment Link

It's simple to share your assessment with candidates. To share the assessment link, just copy it from our platform and paste it into an email template, job board, career page, or social media post.

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Engage your candidates with Video Interviews


Assess with precision, decide with confidence

You won't ever have to bother about making appointments for phone screening rounds. Give every applicant a chance to shine by using automated and on-demand video interviews.


Automated Video Interview

Hiring top talent will be easier and faster thanks to automated interview software, which also allows interviews to be conducted without a human interviewer. The hiring process can be sped up by 10 times.

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Automate a Seamless all-in-one Hiring process with Xobin Track


Applicant Tracking Software

With the best applicant tracking software, bid manual duties a fond farewell and welcome enhanced efficiency in hiring. Discover the future of hiring, receive applications using video instead of paper, gain access to more than 1500 pre-built tests, and instantly access AI-powered automated and live interviews with Xobin Tracks.

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Evaluate Candidates Results


Automatic Assessment Scoring

In order to remove unconscious human bias and concentrate on candidates with the best prospects for success in future employment, candidates are automatically graded based on performance with the help of generative AI.


Make Data-Driven Hiring Decisions

Get comprehensive performance reports on applicants so you can quickly make decisions that are supported by facts and are objective with ease. Establish standards, evaluate applicants, and create advanced performance reports.


Collaborate with your Team

Using Xobin, you can sync everything to your applicant tracking system (ATS), export detailed PDF/Excel reports, and share candidate results with your team directly.

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Identify and stop cheating using our smart tool

Full Screen Mode

Screen Recording

Record and store Candidate Screen Movements to ensure transparency and fairness during the assessment.


Tab Switch Tracking

Track the tab and window changes made by applicants during the assessment

Multiple devices

Locations Tracking

Receive alerts when a candidate completes an evaluation from different devices or locations

AI Based Webcam

AI Based Proctoring

We use AI Based Web Proctoring to detect and prevent candidates from cheating.

Suspicious Paste

ChatGPT Detection

Monitor and detect content copied from other websites, such as ChatGPT

Switch tabs

Question Randomization

Give candidates a variety of questions to answer so that they take a separate and unique test

Make your hiring procedure more modern for a world that is changing quickly

All-In-One Screening Platform

Evaluate personality, cognitive ability, and hard and soft skills on a single platform

Top-Rated Customer Support

Get the best possible assistance and service available

Assessments in any Language

Construct skill assessment tests in any language to maximize your global accessibility

100% Customization

You can customize any skill assessment test from the library or make one from scratch

Security and Privacy

We follow the strictest guidelines for privacy and security​

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go back to a previous question after completing any question?

Yes, you can go back to the previous question at any time before submitting the section.

I need more time to complete my assessment. What should I do?

Online tests generally don’t have grace periods like pen-and-paper tests. The duration for the assessment is decided by the recruiter. So, candidates should complete it within the test time.

Technical problems occurred with my candidate. Can I give them a fresh assessment?

In case of internet failure or technical issues, you can share a fresh invite to the candidate. The test won’t get submitted until they have closed the tab on internet disconnection and tried to reopen it.

What instructions does my candidate receive with the test link?

Xobin Online Assessment software allows you to edit the instructions of the test. The following instructions will be received upon opening the test link.

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