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Recruiting Agency Software

We handle the hectic work by helping you in choosing the right candidate for the right company with the apt skill set.

Build your reputation of becoming the ideal recruiter with our assessments in looking for the applicants that the companies search for.

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Highlighted Feature

Complete Branding Solution

Xobin’s white labeling feature allows you to effortlessly customize the testing interface according to your needs, your own logo, and your company’s name.

Actionable Reports

Xobin’s in-depth analytics provides you with a 360-degree report on each candidate that gives you insight into their technical as well as interpersonal competencies.

Extensive Question Library

With over a million questions that encompass technological and non-technological avenues, Xobin’s extensive library offers you a one-stop solution for recruiting into all domains.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning recruiting agency software?

Xobin provides recruitment software for other recruitment agencies which use the software to their convenience for the recruitment process.

How is Staffing Agency Software beneficial for recruiters?

Establish yourself as an ideal recruiter by taking on the driver’s seat, while framing assessments for various job requirements.

Does Xobins software allow customization?

Yes, Xobin’s questions can be customized depending upon the job specification as well as you can replace the logo of Xobin and insert your logo and name so that the candidates taking up the test knows in what industry they are attending assessments.

Does Xobin support video introspect?

Yes, Xobin allows the candidate to record a sixty-second video of themselves where they introduce themselves which helps in identifying the right candidate without the need for a direct interview.

How diverse is Xobin’s assessment platform?

Xobin’s assessment platform has questions ranging from all streams of engineering, sales and marketing, finance, logistics, human resource, coding, programming languages, etc.