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What is a Vacancy?

Vacancy refers to an open job position in the company. A vacancy is when there is a job position open for hiring in the company, a position for which no one is yet employed.

What causes a Vacancy?

Here are some of the reasons which vacancies occur in a company-

  • Employee leaves the company- one of the most common reasons for vacancies is when an employee leaves the company. The employee may leave the company due to a better opportunity, lack of growth, or any of a thousand reasons. However, an employee leaving the company means there is an open position and someone needs to fill it and do that job. So, when an employee leaves a company, a vacancy for that position occurs in that company. Some of the common reasons for employees leaving the company are- no growth opportunities, too much workload, a toxic environment, etc. 
  • Maternity/Paternity leavematernity or paternity leaves are yet another reason for the occurrence of vacancies. When an employee goes for their maternity/paternity leave, the company needs to hire someone for their job in the meantime. So, whenever an employee goes on leave, there arises a vacancy in the company.
  • New position– when a company expands or adds something to its existing operations, there arises a need to hire someone. With the expansion or addition, new job positions come to rise, which leads to vacancies. It means it leads to the occurrence of vacancies and there is a need to hire someone who matches the necessary job requirements. 

How to fill a Vacancy?

There are different ways to fill a vacancy in a company. 

Here are some of the most common ways to fill vacancies-

  • Internal Recruitment- It refers to the process of hiring for the vacant position from within the company itself. If you have an employee in your organization, who fits perfectly for that job, you can hire them from your organization itself. 
  • Job Advertisements- Another way of filling vacancies is to advertise the vacancy on different job boards and social media platforms. Jo advertisement helps in attracting a large pool of candidates for the job.
  • Temporary Staffing- Temporary staffing refers to hiring someone temporarily for your job requirements. It is an inexpensive method of filling vacancies.
  • Outsourcing- This is another way of getting the vacant job done. Instead of hiring a permanent employee to fill the vacancy, the company may decide to outsource the whole task. They may outsource it to some freelancer or a consultant. It relieves you of the burden of looking over that employee over and over again. You make the payments to the freelancers according to the work they do.

These were some of the most common ways of filling vacancies.

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