Campus Recruitment Software

Campus Recruitment Software

Campus Hiring minus the Operational Hassles. Automate and Simplify your virtual campus recruitment process.
Use the leading online campus recruitment software to surface top talent

Trusted Partner for Virtual Campus Hiring

Campus recruitment software for end-to-end hiring

Choose from various Assessments for Campus Hiring

Cognitive Ability

Identify Cognitive Ability and Problem Solving skills of candidates.

Psychometric Tests

Identify culture-fit candidates on campus and bring-down your attrition rates.

Technical Skills

Use Coding Questions and code snippets to find strong IT Talent

Non-Technical Skills

You can assess candidates for competency in marketing, finance and other skills.

Core Engineering Test

Utilize Xobin's Core Engineering Test to find the ideal engineer for your company.

Blended Tests

Screen multiple skills all at once. Be it Aptitude, Technical, Coding Skills or soft skills.

Logical Reasoning

This test assesses candidates' ability to think logically and derive logical conclusions.

How Virtual Campus Hiring Tool Works

From Test Creation to Candidate Evaluation. The Xobin Platform facilitates Recruiters and Hiring Managers through the complete assessment process.

Select Test

Firstly, choose from our Library of job specific Pre-built tests. You can customize your own test too.

Invite Candidates

Secondly, Invite Candidates via Email, or Share the Url for the Pre-hire Assessment.

Testing Begins

Sit back while candidates take the online test. AI Proctoring features prevent cheating.

1-Click Shortlist

Lastly, use Auto-generated scores to Sort and Filter. Shortlist your top candidates with ease.

Why is Xobin the Preferred Campus Recruitment Software?

Choose from large Skill test Library

Pre-Built Skill Tests

Choose any assessment from a huge collection of more than 1500+ Pre-built skill tests including Customer Success, Technology, Marketing, Sales, Finance etc. of pre-employment assessments that have been validated. Simplify your recruitment screening using Xobin's online assessments and streamline your hiring process. Remove prejudice from your pre-employment testing. Make sure that your pre-employment testing is bias free.

Coding Test with Auto Evaluation

Coding Questions with Auto Evaluation

Xobin’s campus recruitment software has evaluated more than 1.5 million applicants. Utilize our efficient coding compilers to carry out error-free tech assessments in programming languages such as C, C++, Java, C#, JavaScript, Python and other programming languages.

Choose from wide Question Library

Extensive Question Library

There are more than 120,000+ questions in Xobin's enormous question bank in the campus hiring software, which covers both technological and non-technology domains. Our subject matter specialists from this library make sure that all the assessments and tests are specifically customized and are right for your job description.

AI-based Automated Video Interview

Automated Video Interview

Scheduling phone screening rounds won't ever be a concern again. Xobin's Automated Video Interview Software uses AI based scoring which will automatically evaluate the Video answers of the candidates by transcribing the video answers to text and provide you potentially good fit candidates for your job description.

Instant Campus Hiring Reports

Actionable Campus Hiring Reports

Get a 360-degree applicant report that is both concise and actionable. Gain knowledge, insights of the skills of your candidates. Use Xobin's detailed analytics by customizing reports to meet your specific requirements. Make recruiting decisions data-driven and based on facts.

Use Ai-Based Proctoring

AI-Enabled Proctoring

The video proctoring and browser monitoring tracks candidates during a remote proctored exam. Any suspicious activity or behavior is flagged for Test Admins to view.

Additional features to make your Campus Hiring Experience Seamless

Company Branding

Effortlessly customize your brand name and logo in Virtual Campus Hiring Tests.Customize your testing interface to reflect your brand. Attract and hire the right people for your organization with effective branding.


XoForms are the new way to receive Job Applications and manage their entire Journey. Build Video first job application forms, receive applicants, schedule Xobin Assessments and interviews at the click of a button.

Integration With ATS

In order to interface with your own product, Xobin offers APIs and Webhooks. So using Xobin's custom API's Save time, sweat and tears of your developers and focus on your core offering.

One Platform for all your Campus Hiring Needs

Customisation Option

Give your users a customized experience based on their reaction to your previous email marketing. You can nurture your leads into returning customers very easily.

Seamless Integration

Give your users a customized experience based on their reaction to your previous email marketing. You can nurture your leads into returning customers very easily.

24/7 Customer Support

Give your users a customized experience based on their reaction to your previous email marketing. You can nurture your leads into returning customers very easily.

Expert Consultation

Give your users a customized experience based on their reaction to your previous email marketing. You can nurture your leads into returning customers very easily.

Unlimited Assessment

Give your users a customized experience based on their reaction to your previous email marketing. You can nurture your leads into returning customers very easily.


Xobin's Campus Recruitment Software is used by various Universities & Colleges

Xobin’s Campus Recruitment Software has been used to screen freshers at over 400+ Universities, MBA Schools, Engineering Colleges & Other Colleges

Our Customers are Biggest Ambassadors

2 Million Candidates Screened | 800+ Customers | 55+ Countries

Sujay S

Chief of Staff

Makes a Recruiter’s life easier. Xobin helps us use ready-to-ship tests for a the entire breadth of roles at our company. The tests and software does exactly what it says. We have executed over 500+ campus recruitment drives and we have the best experience so far.

Melanie Martin

Talent Acquisition Head

The best features of xobin is the ability to invite candidates in large numbers. They provide limitless invitation and evaluation. It is excellent for campus recruitment, and have excellent question pool. We also received a great response from candidates ends.

Ben Muller

Recruitment Operations Specialist

We were able to standardise our assessments for both on-campus and off-campus hiring thanks to Xobin. The assistance provided by team Xobin has been outstanding. They are constantly prepared to comprehend our problems and offer immediate assistance.

lakita g.

Talent Acquisition Executive

Support and assistance are excellent. Very prompt responses, and the question bank is excellent. Also, the proctoring feature is useful because it periodically takes pictures.

priyanka c.


We are able to conduct all kinds of tests, including technical, aptitude, and programming tests, on a single platform. The staff is very helpful.

Abhay K.

Fullstack Developer

We now have a far better understanding of the candidate's potential for product development because of Xobin. It was simple to use and offered a huge selection of assessments.

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FAQs about Campus Recruitment Software

What is campus hiring software?

Xobin’s campus recruiting software is a series of assessments focused on the specific talent or a need that the organization requires. These assessments can be customized according to the needs as and when required.

How does Xobin help campus recruitment?

Xobin is a virtual hiring tool that reduces the time involved in mass hiring while handling recruitments for humongous universities. It streamlines the hiring process with structured assessments, making recruitment hassle-free.

Will campus recruitment software be a feasible option?

Yes, compared to the traditional methods of the ongoing recruitment process, Xobin’s time campus recruitment software reduces the time and energy spent which is definitely an economically feasible option.

How frequently can the software be used for campus drives?

There are no restrictions on the usage of software for campus drives , as the Xobin’s assessment platform provides packages for all requirements.

Do the students need a laptop for accessing the assessment tests?

Xobin is a multiplatform application, that does not require any specific device. All that is required is a stable internet connection.

Can candidates resume & other details be retrieved by the campus recruitment software?

Yes, you can retrieve the candidate data using the option called custom fields. You can create multiple custom fields to retrieve different types of candidate data.

What is the benefit of using Xobin Campus Recruitment Software for campus hiring?

Xobin Campus Recruitment Software make it easier to look beyond a candidate’s academic skills and hire based on knowledge of basic tools and techniques. You can also use the platforms to assess domain-specific knowledge, behavioral traits, communication skills, and more.

What types of tests can be conducted on xobin campus recruitment software?

You can conduct any type of assessments on xobin platform. You can customize domain-specific and other online aptitude tests for Campus Recruitment with multiple-choice questions, multiple answer questions, fill in the blanks, Coding questions, and more.

Still have a question ?

If you cannot find answer what you were looking for in our FAQs. write to us at  [email protected]

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UI/UX Online Test To Assess Designing Skills

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Xobin General Aptitude Test | Pre-hire Assessment

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Associate Product Manager Online Test Assessment

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Finance Assistant Test | Pre-hire Assessment

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