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Frequently Asked Questions for Candidates

Do you have any doubts or questions before starting the assessment? Or are you facing any technical issues while taking our assessment? Don’t worry, we’ve got all your problems covered. This page is your guide and a quick source to get your answers.

Quick on the doubt you have and dropdown will guide you through the solution.

Equipment & Connectivity Related Questions

Can I use a mobile device to take the assessment?

Not advisable. Tests must be given only through Laptop/desktop.

Can I take the assessment on a tablet?

Yes. You can take up using a tablet.

Although my assessment includes video questions, I don't have a webcam. What should I do?

You can skip the question if it is in the required category. If given in the required category, you need to switch to the device that has a webcam and microphone facilities to record a video.

I was disconnected from the internet. When I reconnected, my test was finished. What should I do?

Your test won’t get submitted until you have closed the tab on internet disconnection and tried to reopen it. In case of internet failure, switch to other options; if you are using WiFi, switch to hotspot and do not close the tab. It will resume on an internet connection, or else you can just reload the page and start from where you left off.

My camera display is blank/black.

Check for webcam permission in browser settings. Switch it on and reload if not given. If already given, just reload the page and click the “Check compatibility” button once. Also, make sure you clear your browser history to avoid cache issues.

Either my exam is frozen or the questions are loading slowly.

Slow internet may be the cause of questions loading slowly, and for screen freezes, there might be an issue with the device on which you are taking the test. Switch to faster internet on another device.

Which browsers can I take the test in?

Xobin relies on data-driven results, rather than the nativity and ethnicity of the people which ensures fair and unbiased reports on the candidates, which makes Xobin a leader in pre-employment software solutions.

Screening and Assessment Related Questions

Can I go back to a previous question after completing any question?

Yes, you can go back to the previous question at any time before submitting the section.

Can I try the assessment again?

No. If you want to try the assessment again, you will have to contact the recruiter.

The link says "The assessment is no longer available" or "The assessment is currently unavailable" after
I click it. What should I do?

In such cases, reach out to the recruiters

I need more time to complete my assessment. What should I do?

Online tests generally don’t have grace periods like pen-and-paper tests. The duration for the assessment is decided by the recruiter. So, candidates should complete it within the test time.

What happens if I run out of time?

The test will be automatically submitted. You can reach out to your recruiter in that case for further requests.

Why did the timer continue counting after I exited the test?

After finishing the test, all you see is the feedback page. If you're seeing a timer, you’re still inside the test and have completed only a section. The timer is active only when you are taking the assessment.

Error Related Questions

Please wait. Test is a loading message. Why?

Please check the internet connection once. Switch to fast internet connection. Refresh the page and try once. Otherwise, you can reach out to the recruiters who shared the test with you.

The test is not yet active. What should I do?

You have missed taking up the test at the scheduled time. Tests that have timers will be promptly informed by the recruiter about the scheduled date and time. Candidates are expected to follow the instructions and attempt the test at the scheduled time. If you missed taking the test, you can reach out to the recruiters who shared it with you.

Blocking you from taking up the test. What should I do?

Do not attempt to take up the same test again. A candidate can take up the test only once. If you want another chance for the same test, reach out to the recruiter for the test link.

Practice Test Related Questions

Can I take a Practice test before giving the final test?

No. This is a skill assessment platform. Xobin doesn't have practice tests or courses for applicant’s.

What kind of questions would be in my test?

The type of questions in the test is decided by the recruiters and they will give a gist on the motto behind conducting this test and also about the job role. If you did not get any information about it prior to the test, please reach out to the recruiter.

Privacy and Data Related Questions

Why do you need access to my webcam?

Webcam proctoring - an anti-cheating feature, helps the recruiter to track down the candidate from the moment they start the test, until they finish it. So, being an integral part of the test, without giving access to a webcam, you can’t start the test.

Is my data secured with Xobin?

Yes. We have some security policies under which we maintain and archive the data.

Why do I need to provide my data in Xobin?

Xobin doesn't really collect any data. It’s the recruiter who collects the required information from the candidates for hiring purposes. Eg: Resume, college marks, etc.

Application and Feedback Related questions

Can I get feedback on my application?

No. Your feedback will be sent via email or phone.

Can I see my results after completing the assessment?

No. Only recruiters have access to the results.

Can I get in touch with the company I applied for?

No, we won't be able to help you with that. We suggest you reach out to the recruiter who shared the link to this test with you.

The public invitation URL I'm using won't accept my email address. Why?

All domains are allowed, and there might be a typographical error in the email address given.

I have completed my assessment. What happens next?

Your recruiter will get in touch with you based on the results.

I haven't received my email invitation. What should I do?

Mail or call the recruiter who had a prior conversation with you regarding the test link. They can send the test link if your email address has been missed.

Other Questions

Can you help me find a job?

Xobin is a pre-employment skill assessment platform that helps recruiters find the best candidate for their job role. Since it is an assessment platform, our plans and pricing are designed for companies and not for people who are in search of a job. To apply and work at Xobin, you can mail your resume to [email protected].

For my employment, I need a personality test, a PAR, and a certificate of language competency.

Xobin is a pre-employment skill assessment platform that helps recruiters find the best candidate for their job role. Since it is only an assessment platform, it doesn’t provide course facilities or certification for courses.

Why am I unable to log in or make an account?

Xobin is a pre-employment skill assessment platform that helps recruiters find the best candidate for their job role. Since it is only for recruiters, candidates cannot use the platform.

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