5 Ways to Simplify Campus Hiring with Recruitment Technology

Placement drives are a physically consuming activity, from attracting talent to, carrying out assessments, conducting interviews. The whole process requires a huge amount of the workforce’s time and the company’s money. 

And the campuses where the companies conduct the drive are rarely organized and add to the errors. This sometimes may lead to the hiring of undeserving candidates or missing out on some of the good ones which ultimately hurts the quality of the workforce of the company.

This is where virtual campus recruitment comes to the rescue. It not only allows screening, assessment, and hiring of candidates from college/university campuses online, but it also helps in time while improving the quality of hiring.

Virtual campus hiring during the Covid-19 pandemic has also been one of the reasons companies chose campus recruitment software to carry out the recruitment process during the pandemic. According to a study conducted in 2020, an online proctoring company switched from having 100 customers per year to 120 customers per day. 

Here 5 simple steps which will help you and your company to simplify the campus hiring process using recruitment technology.

#1 Automated scheduling 

Automation helps in saving time. Shortlisting candidates based on the job requirements, sending mails to contact candidates, assessment and interview scheduling everything can be done using one simple tool.

The tools like automated interview scheduling of a virtual recruitment tool help in streamlining the campus recruitment teams’ workloads. It also allows for greater flexibility, automated administrative functions, and improved efficiency. 

Whether sending automated emails or scheduling interviews, the automated scheduling ensures the process is optimized for all participants. This feature of campus recruitment software helps in eliminating candidate loss caused by unnecessary back-and-forth emails and phone calls.

#2 Pre-hiring assessments 

A pre-hiring assessment tool helps recruiters test and then identify the potential candidates from the talent pool. In these assessments, the candidates are evaluated based on their skills, knowledge, etc. 

For these assessments, the candidates are invited and then tested, evaluated, and selected based on the real-time results. 

If we count the benefits of pre-hiring assessment then firstly, it helps in speeding up the process. Secondly, it helps in accelerating the process by better assessing candidates’ skills and quickly filtering the suitable candidates than any hiring manager and recruiters. It also reduces the burdens of the hiring manager. 

The campus recruitment software also helps in replacing the manual methods to provide a better overview of a candidate’s abilities. The risk of human error gets minimized too.

Based on the different assessments that a pre-employment testing software consists of, the candidate’s skills are measured based on the :

  • Aptitude test. 
  • Programming test
  • Emotional intelligence test
  • Skills test

#3 Remote proctoring 

With the use of online remote proctoring, no one can question the authenticity of the process and the integrity of the final assessment.

Advanced remote proctoring systems provide a technology-driven alternative to in-person exam invigilation that works well in the current virtual environment. Some key benefits of online remote proctoring include:

  • Flexible:

It provides the candidate options to choose any time slots in a specific window which avoids any inconvenience and enables test-givers to give the examination when fully prepared.

  • Objective Assessment:

Online remote proctoring ensures that the candidate cannot switch between different tabs and also verifies candidate authentication.

  • Quick Reports:

Campus recruitment software enables the proctors to get a real-time report of candidates’ performances in the examination. Which in return makes the entire process completely transparent and effective.

  • No Location Constraint:

This software removes the location restrictions and allows the candidates to take the examinations from any remote location in the world.

#4 Video interviews 

Video interviews help companies in analyzing and tracking the candidates’ performance in a more reliable way. A lot of campus recruitment software helps in conducting video interviews smoothly and helps in tracking their performance. Such software can allow you to track the candidates’ performance and help in identifying the best among them.

The video interviews also help in reducing the cost of hiring for the companies. Since the interviews happen remotely, it saves the candidates from going through the trouble of traveling so far. 

Video interviews minimize the troubles of scheduling interviews and dealing with all the complications. They allow the interviewers to schedule the candidates in a much more easy and consistent way.

#5 Hiring the best candidates with the help of predictive learnability

The learnability quotient is the measure of the potential, and ability to understand and learn of a candidate. With learnability assessments, you can discover the candidates who have the potential to become lead performers and prospective leaders.

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