Virtual Campus Recruitment Process

Virtual Campus Recruitment Process

The pandemic has impacted human life, and lockdown and social distancing measures have made everything slower. Hiring and especially campus recruitment have felt the burn of the same too. To tackle this, organizations must adapt to urgent developments to stay updated with new regulatory changes. 

This includes the end of traditional workplaces and campuses and a quick transition to online learning and remote working. Virtual Hiring during the Covid-19 pandemic has brought important changes in recruiting methods, including campus drive.

This article provides an overview of campus hiring and some helpful tips for boosting your virtual campus recruitment efforts.

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Plan Strategy

To plan the recruitment process, first, you discuss with all the internal teams the number of roles vacant or required. Decide on the total number of positions that require hiring based on the discussions and requirements. 

Steps to build a strong Virtual Campus Recruitment

Review your previous acceptance rate in campus recruitment and hire to the accept ratio. For example, if you have an acceptance rate of 30% and want to hire 90 freshers for an entry-level job you need to make offers to at least 300 students for the same. 

First of all, assess companies’ requirements and acceptance ratio. After this plan for the number of offer letters to roll out during the whole campus recruitment process.

Make sure to diversify the hired candidates too. Not only does it help in ensuring legal obligations of equal opportunities, but in addition, it also enables hiring the best candidate for the job without stereotypes getting in the way.  

Build Team    

Building a recruiting team and particularly, a campus recruitment team requires several full-time recruiters. If your organization has a dedicated team of recruiters, then it makes sure their attention is not split. 

To build a recruitment team, follow the given steps: 

Set goals
Decide and divide team roles
Divide teams according to requirements
Set team-based targets and goals

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Approach Universities with a Virtual Campus Recruitment Solution   

If your organization routinely recruits freshers, then you may have engaged with some colleges/ universities. There might be some colleges/ universities which you would like to recruit from. To plan “how to recruit”, you first must be clear with “where to recruit”. 

You can plan and categorize the campuses based on the following categories:

Must visit: The colleges which you surely want to visit, because of their ranking among top institutions or other benefits can be classified under this category.

Safe schools: Here the colleges/universities in which you have the highest acceptance rate can be listed. 

Backup: The colleges/universities where the company has been recruiting for a long period of time can be listed here. 

As interact with the colleges/universities is extremely important. Hence, after establishing a relationship, it’s important to stay connected. 

Keep in touch with the team at regular intervals. With an ongoing presence on campus, you can build a strong employer brand, and it can help in attracting the right talent. 

A constant on-campus presence can make sure the students of the particular university are aware of a company’s recruiting process. This helps during the process of virtual campus recruitment and university hiring in general.

Early Sourcing   

If you have wanted to hire graduate students, then you should start sharing your open roles early to have access to top talent. 

Another option to plan for the longer term is to recruit a larger number of summer interns during the placement season to spot and secure a great talent pipeline for the future as well. Share your roles via a jobs page so interested graduates can view and apply for openings conveniently.

Use easy-to-deploy Campus Recruitment Software   

This period of virtual campus hiring during the Covid-19 pandemic is the best time to adopt a digital-first campus hiring strategy. And there are plenty of options available today to choose from. 

Choose recruitment software that allows tracking of top talent which provides tools to avoid challenges in sourcing, screening, automate response management, scheduling interviews, etc. in your hiring. Hence, choose enterprise-level software that can be customized as per your recruitment requirements. 

Technology-advanced solutions and AI-driven platforms which are new in the market work instantly and are cost-effective. Therefore, select intuitive and easy-to-use solutions. Hence, anyone who is in the recruitment process will work in collaboration with it.

Data-driven Approach to Optimize the Process

Use analytics and insights to make sure your efforts are paying off from campus recruitment and to measure where your efforts are paying off. Some of the metrics we recommend paying close attention to improve your campus hiring strategy for the future are: 

Number of hires from every campus
The offer-to-acceptance ratio
Talent retention rate post a year from the start date 

Benefits of Virtual Campus Recruitment

These metrics will give you valuable insights into the quality of your campus hiring process and the opportunities for further improvement. 

Campus hiring provides an opportunity for companies who are looking for opportunities to accelerate their business. Hence companies need to adopt ways to source, engage and hire graduates virtually and carefully. 

Virtual campus hiring is unlikely to be a short-term trend and as companies start applying technology to hire virtually and conveniently, they are expected to start acknowledging the improvement in hiring quality and hiring productivity.

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