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Improve and streamline your recruitment process and hire top talented candidates 3x faster. Get the best recruiting crm today for your team!

Revolutionize Your Hiring Process

Bring your job applications to life and understand candidates better with Video-First Job Application Forms.

Get video responses rather than subjective responses
Shortlist top talents 3X faster

Experience the power of AI in your hiring process

Say goodbye to scheduling hassles and embrace seamless video interviews today!

Screen 100’s in hours not days
AI based scoring and Video to text transcribing

Harness the Power of Pre-Built Skill Tests

Uncover top talent effortlessly with our ready-to-use skills test!

1500+ Pre-built skill tests
Skill tests based on different skills

Unlock Limitless Possibilities with Extensive Question library

Dive into a vast pool of knowledge with our extensive question library

1,20,000+ Tech and Non Tech Questions
Questions which are right for the Job Role

Get Access to high-quality assessments built by the best subject matter experts in the industry

❋ Python
✧ Java
✲ Devops
✧ Javascript
✲ AI and ML
✧ Data Science
✧ ios development
❋ Android
✲ Database Testing
❋ OOPs
✧ Angular Js
❋ Ruby
✲ Routing and Switching
✧ Data Structure
✲ Software Architecture
✧ Datacenter Management
❋ Ruby on Rails
❋ Problem Solving
✧ MS Word
❋ MS Excel
✲ MS Powerpoint
✧ Leadership
✲ Critical Thinking
✧ Team spirit
✧ Socializing Skills
❋ Job Ads
✲ Communication Skills
❋ Recruiting Software
❋ Organization Ability
✲ Payroll
✧ Applicant Tracking Systems
✲ Written Communications Skills
✧Verbal Communications Skills
✧ Interpersonal Skills
❋ Online and Offline Sourcing
❋ CRM Software
✧ Communication Skills
❋ Customer Service
✲ Presentation Skills
✧ Market research
✲ Leadership
✧ Strategic thinking
✧ Budgeting & Reporting
❋ Online Marketing & Advertising
✲ Negotiation Skills
❋ Problem Solving
✧ Interpersonal Skills
❋ Assertiveness
✲ ERP and CRM
✧ Analytical Skills
✲ Communication Skills
✧Forecasting Sales
✧ Statistical Analysis
❋ Organizational Skills
❋ CAD Software
✧ 3D Modeling Software
❋ Creative and Analytical skills
✲ Communication Skills
✧ Critical Thinking
✲ Problem Solving
✧ Industrial Design
✧ Wireframe Tools
❋ Creative
✲ Graphics Editing Tools
❋ Visual Elements
✧ Leadership
❋ HTML and Web Development
✲ Eye for Design
✧ 3D Modeling Software
✧ Illustrating
❋ Visual Elements
❋ Customer Success
✧ Organizational Skills
❋ Desktop Support
✲ Customer Relationship Management
✧ Conflict Resolution
✲ Troubleshoot
✧ Hospitality Management
✧ MS Office
✲ Help Desk Software
❋ Remote Support Tools
❋ Mobile Tools and Applications
✲ Presentation Skills
✧ Sales Skills
✲ Remote Desktop
✧ Negotiation Abilities
❋ Problem Solving
❋ KPIs
✧ Dexterity
❋ Accounting Knowledge
✲ Transport Management Systems
✧ Inventory Management Software
✲ Logistics Software
✧ Supervising
✧ Supply Chain Management
❋ MS Office
✲ Budgeting and Reporting
❋ Budgeting and Reporting
✧ Leadership Skills
❋ Key Performance Indicators
✲ Problem-Solving Skills
✧ Communication Skills
✲ Organizational Skills
✧Laws, Regulations, and ISO
✧ Logistics Software
❋ Customer Service
❋ Learning Management Systems
✧ Budgeting
❋ Full Training Cycle
✲ Devops
✧ Javascript
✲ AI and ML
✧ Data Science
✧ ios development
❋ Android
✲ Database Testing
❋ OOPs
✧ Angular Js
❋ Ruby
✲ Routing and Switching
✧ Data Structure
✲ Software Architecture
✧ Datacenter Management
❋ Ruby on Rails
❋ Operational analysis
✧ Financial analysis
❋ Payroll
✲ Indian Tax
✧ Bookkeeping
✲ Accounting
✧ MS Excel
✧ Management accounting
❋ Budgeting
✲ Corporate finance
✧ Tax accounting
❋ Accounts Receivable
✲ Cost accounting
✲ Quickbooks
✧ Operational analysis
❋ Mortgage Loan
❋ Quickbooks
✧ Finance Statement Analysis
❋ payroll
✲ Audtiting and attestation
✧ Finance
✲ Transaction recording
✧ Cost accounting
✧ Financial analysis
❋ Accounting
✲ Investment Decisions
❋ Corporate finance
✧ Risk analysis
❋ Risk management
✲ Budgeting
✲ Corporate Finance
✧Investment Decisions
✧ Loan Processing
❋ mortgage Processing
❋ Operations
✧ Organizational Skills
❋ Project Management
✲ MS Office
✧ Problem Solving
✲ Communication skills
✧ Operation management
✧ Time management
❋ Office management
✲ Negotiation skills
❋ Administration skills
✧ Computer literacy
❋ Management skills
✲ Decision-Making
✧ Conflict resolution
✲ Business management
✧ Interperosnal SKills
✧ MS Excel
❋ HR General
❋ Google analytics
✧ Digital Marketing
❋ Market Research
✲ B2C Sales
✧ Google Adwords
✧ Social Media Marketing
✧ Adobe Photoshop
❋ Wordpress
✲ Marketing Fundamentals
❋ OOPs
✧ Angular Js
❋ Ruby
✲ Routing and Switching
✧ Data Structure
✲ Software Architecture
✧ Datacenter Management
❋ Ruby on Rails

Want to know how Xobin’s Applicant tracking software is helping businesses in getting their ideal candidates?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) provides a wide range of solutions to help recruiters,from receiving job applications with Video first job application forms to assessments, automated and live interviews to selecting the best candidates.

Here's some features of Xobin's ATS software

Generate AI Descriptions: Generate the job description based on the provided job details.

Video first job application : Receive Job Applications with Video first job application forms.

Drag and Drop: Move the candidates from one stage to another by using drag and drop.

Automated Interview: No need of Human Interviewer, let the AI evaluate candidates based on their video answers.

Actionable Scorecard:Review the candidates based on different traits and skills.

Auto Advance: Automatically move candidate to the next stage defining certain criteria's.

Five Steps for Achieving Hiring Success

From Test Creation to Candidate Evaluation. The Xobin Platform facilitates Recruiters and Hiring Managers through the complete assessment process.

Define Job Role

Define essential Job Information such as Job Position Name, Employment type, etc. and generate job description with the help of AI.

Receive Applications

Customize the Xobin's form fields you want candidates to fill while submitting their applications.

Create Different Stages

Define distinct stages of your hiring process such as Applied, Hired, Rejected, Screening , etc.

Test Begins

Sit back while the candidates take the online test with AI Proctoring features which prevents cheating.

1-Click Shortlist

Lastly, use Auto-generated scores or manually score and shortlist top talented candidates with ease.

Additional Features of Applicant Tracking Software

Company Branding : Effortlessly customize your Brand name
Xobin’s application tracking software allows you to customize your company's name and logo. Create your own unique testing interface and your brand. Effective branding will help you draw in the ideal candidates and hire them effectively for your company. Learn More  

Integration With ATS :Integrate with Your Existing ATS
With the help of Xobin's APIs and Webhooks you can interface with your own product. In order to free up your developers' effort, time, and tears Xobin offers custom APIs so that your developers can concentrate on your core product. Learn More  

AI-Based Proctoring : Next-Gen Security with AI-Based Proctoring
Say goodbye to cheating and empower your assessments with AI-powered proctoring which checks and tracks the behavior of the candidates during the virtual test with the best application tracking system. Learn More  

Actionable Reports : Utilize an actionable candidate report
Get a 360 Degree actionable data driven report of each candidate. Gain insights into your candidate’s competencies. Utilize Xobin’s ATS to get in-depth analytics by customizing the reports according to your exact needs. Learn More  

Join over 10,000 recruiters in the innovative approach to nurture, attract, and hire great talent .

800+ Customers

Across 55+ Countries

1500 + Premade Tests

1,50,000+ Questions

800+ Skills

Across 25+ Industries

Building trust with the most stringent data security measures in place

Building trust with the most stringent data security measures in place

The Best Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)

Leading review platforms have recognised Xobin's ATS system as the best applicant tracking software. Schedule a demo today to learn why the best recruitment companies choose Xobin's ATS to speed up and streamline their hiring process.

" "Set up is easy and fast"
" We have a common aptitude and psychometric test for the whole company and we use ad hoc skill test depending on the role we hire for. "
Oliver Smith
Training Manager
"Great product, great price and the usability is TOP."
"The setup is really easy for my company and the features are really well designed."
Daniel Rodriguez
Talent Manager
"Overall a very satisfactory experience with the Xobin and the team"
" The software is scalable, robust and meets all the requirements for Pre-screening job applicants."
Mark Campbell
Talent Acquisition Lead
"The tests and software does exactly what it says."
" We have flawlessly executed over 500+ tests and onboarded 30 candidates."
Maria Flair
Recruitment Operations Specialist
"Overall we're really really happy with Xobin."
"It's a huge improvement to our last assessment software and will be critical in our next stage of growth across Product, Data and Tech roles."
Charlotte Bailey
HR Manager
We've been able to collaborate in innovative ways
"I run Amplify (AMP's festival) on a really tiny budget. (Viostream) has been a great partner for many years."
Annalie Killian
AMP Wealth Management

Are you curious how Xobin improves the hiring experience of users? See what they have to say

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Get answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find answer what you were looking for in our FAQs.

How to create a Track in Xobin?
Xobin Tracks ATS offers an integrated platform that combines tests, Xoforms (Video first job forms), interviews, and much more to streamline your hiring process. The three crucial parts of defining track specifics are Defining track particulars, Receiving job applications, and Establishing distinct track stages. For more details please read the step-by-step guide to create a Xobin Track.
How to Create an Assessment Stage in Tracks ATS?
Below are the steps to setup an Assessment Stage :

Step 1:   Accessing the Track Creation Page
Step 2:   Creating an Assessment Stage
Step 3:   Linking an Assessment
Step 4:   Customizing the Invitation Message
Step 5:   Select the AutoAdvance feature
Step 6:   Save and Complete
What is Preferred Answer in Tracks ATS? What is it's significance?
Preferred Answer is a valuable feature within Xobin Tracks applicant tracking software that allows you to improve the way you evaluate job candidates by identifying candidates who most closely match your needs or preferences.
It is an optional feature integrated into the Xobin Tracks form fields. It allows you to mark particular responses as "preferred" within certain types of form fields such as yes/no questions, multiple-choice questions, and dropdown fields.
Can I automatically generate Job Description in my new Track ATS?
Yes, you can automatically generate Job Description in my new Track. Creating a track in Xobin involves several important steps, including defining track information and job details. Writing a job description that accurately describes the position you're hiring for is an essential component. You can use the guide on automatically generate Job Description as a reference.
What type of questions can be created in Track ATS?
Xobin ATS offers a wide range of question types that you can incorporate into form fields within your tracks. Each question type serves a specific purpose in candidate assessment, providing you with the flexibility to gather relevant information from candidates. You can use the guide on question types available in Xobin Tracks and know about their applications.

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