Automated Video Interview

Automated Video Interviews : Assess with precision, decide with confidence.

You’ll never have to worry about scheduling telephone screening rounds again. Give all candidates an opportunity to shine with on-demand and automated video interviews.

HR Teams at over 5000 companies,both big and small,are moving to Skill based hiring with Xobin

What’s an Automated Video Interview ?

An Automated Video Interview(AVI), also known as an on-demand video interview, is a method of interviewing where a candidate responds to a series of preset screening questions via video format. The interviewer watches this video recording rather than connecting with the candidate in real-time

Automated Video Interviews are all about convenience and flexibility. For both, the candidate and the hiring team. Telephonic Interviews and Round-1 Interviews take up a bulk of the time and effort. An automated Video Interview is similar to a traditional phone interview. But 20X faster and more convenient.

Why Xobin for Automated Video Interview ?

Let your brand shine and attract top talents

Showcase your brand to your candidates. Customize the appearance to represent your logo, your brand colors and brand identity. Provide a consistent brand experience for every applicant.

    Show your brand
    Customize your Logo
    Change brand colors
    Great brand experience

Where convenience meets assessment: zero setups & full flexibility

No setup. No clunky apps or downloads. Candidates can assess the test at a convenient time. Our Video assessments function smoothly on all major browsers. Anytime. Anywhere. Any device.

    No Setup Requied
    Timed Assessment
    All Browser Availability
    Smooth Functionality

Craft the perfect test every time with our Intelligent Question Generator

Can’t come up with the right question? Don’t worry. Use our Intelligent Question Generator and pick the right questions. Create Behavioral, Situation Judgement, or role-specific interview questions.

    Question Generator
    Role-Based Questions
    Plagarism Check
    Auto Disqualify

Interviewing made efficient: build once, scale endlessly

Build the virtual interview once. Subsequently, interview hundreds. Save 1000s of hours. Sit back and watch applicants complete the video interview process asynchronously.

    Track Off-Tab Activity
    Webcam Face Tracker
     Webcam Proctoring
    Easy To Use UI

Redefining fair play: equal opportunities for all

Give all candidates an equal opportunity to shine, regardless of their gender, or background. Xobin’s video interview software makes your hiring process compliant and structured.

    Get Unlimited Usage
    Reliable Support
    Provide Convenience
    Structured Process

How does Xobin’s One-way Video Interview work?

From Test Creation to Candidate Evaluation. The Xobin Platform facilitates Recruiters and Hiring Managers through the complete assessment process.

Setup a Video Interview

Build the digital interview customized for your job role. Use Xobin’s library of questions or add questions contextual to your company roles.

Share with Job Applicants

Send out your video interview tests to applicants via email to individual candidates, bulk invite or post them on a job board. Set up deadlines and notifications.

Evaluate Video Responses

Watch and re-watch candidate responses. Rate them using a pre-set interview scorecard or use AI-powered transcription to evaluate candidates.

Collaborate and Review

Review, shortlist, and share notes about your applicant video responses within your team. Make consensus-driven hiring decisions.

Our On-demand Video Interviews Drive Real Results

Hiring Remotely? Make it simple for candidates to apply, regardless of their location or time zone, by adjusting to the online world of today. When an applicant provides a video interview clip, distant hiring teams can easily select the right talent for your organization.

  Candidate Friendly
  No Setup
  Tangible Results


Decrease in time spent on each interview

2 days

Avg time to respond to video Interview

55 %

Increase in candidate engagement rate

Why Use Automated Video Interview Over Traditional Phone Interview?

Building trust with the most stringent data security measures in place

Building trust with the most stringent data security measures in place

The Best Pre-employement Testing Software

Leading review platforms have recognised Xobin's Pre-employement Testing Software as the best Pre-employement Testing software.

" "Set up is easy and fast"
" We have a common aptitude and psychometric test for the whole company and we use ad hoc skill test depending on the role we hire for. "
Oliver Smith
Training Manager
"Great product, great price and the usability is TOP."
"The setup is really easy for my company and the features are really well designed."
Daniel Rodriguez
Talent Manager
"Overall a very satisfactory experience with the Xobin and the team"
" The software is scalable, robust and meets all the requirements for Pre-screening job applicants."
Mark Campbell
Talent Acquisition Lead
"The tests and software does exactly what it says."
" We have flawlessly executed over 500+ tests and onboarded 30 candidates."
Maria Flair
Recruitment Operations Specialist
"Overall we're really really happy with Xobin."
"It's a huge improvement to our last assessment software and will be critical in our next stage of growth across Product, Data and Tech roles."
Charlotte Bailey
HR Manager
We've been able to collaborate in innovative ways
"I run Amplify (AMP's festival) on a really tiny budget. (Viostream) has been a great partner for many years."
Annalie Killian
AMP Wealth Management

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Get answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find answer what you were looking for in our FAQs.

What is an automated video interview ?
An automated video interview consists of pre-set questions that you can respond to whenever and wherever you choose with a recording.
What is a live video interview ?
Live online interviews take place with both the interviewer and the candidate present. They are frequently utilised as an alternative to in-person interviews. The applicant responds in real time to questions posed by the company.
What are the advantages of automated video interviews ?
Top benefits of automated video interviewing are Streamline high-volume positions, Reduce time-to-hire, Save on travel costs, Help hiring managers to understand the candidate better.
What is the difference between live and recorded video interview ?
Pre-recorded video interviews are a particular kind of interview in which recruiters design and record video questions and job candidates respond by recording their own video responses. Additionally, live video interviews are live video calls that are conducted in an interview setting.

Speeden up recruitment with Automated Interviews.

Preset once. Use multiple times. Let applicants record answer anytime.


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