XoForms: A Video first Job Applicant Management platform

XoForms are the new way to receive Job Applications and manage their entire Journey. Build Video first job application forms, receive applicants, and schedule Xobin Assessments and interviews at the click of a button.

XoForms Dashboard

Video Forms to Interact with the job Applicants

XoForms is the novel video first job application form designed to engage with job applicants across all platforms, that enhance the application rate. It gives you the freedom to share it across all platfroms, that enhance the application rate. It gives you the freedom to share it across all social media platforms to reach out and source and shortlist the best-fit candidates. XoForms are tightly integrated with Xobin’s skill assessments and psychometric assessment frameworks, which allow you to build a complete profile of the candidates based on their skills in a streamlined fashion.

Segment candidates info different buckets

Based on the responses, candidates are automatically grouped into different buckets based on the skill set, either technically or psychometrically. XoForms also allows the user to group candidates also based on their specific requirements and are customizable.

Rate, Review and understand candidates

With the individual candidates’s scores in the assessments in front of you, rate each candidate on your own criteria. XoForms, at the end of assessments, gives a detailed data-driven report, sort out the best-fit candidate that you are looking for.

Get video responses

XoForms, allows the candidates to record a self-introduction video, or allows the candidates to give their responses in the form of video, rather than subjective responses. This feature benefits you by cutting down the time taken for in-person assessments and the interview process.

Personalize your career page with Xoforms

Customize your career page with XoForms where candidates fill up the applications and get assessed with personalized assessments from Xobin’s assessment platform & hire 3X faster.

Shortlist talents 3X faster

With video responses, automated ratings, and data-driven reports, that eliminate the time and finances consumed in in-person interviews thereby shortlisting candidates three times faster than the traditional recruitment processes.


XoForms enables you to customize your own brand with the unique white labelling feature that showcases you as a credible employer. Empower yourself with customized branding, since Xobin allows you to take the limelight

Raise individual queries

XoForms gives you the liberty to raise queries to any specific candidate, which eliminates the time taken by the interview committee in understanding the candidates further after the assessment reports.

How XoForms work?

XoForms allows you to build personalized forms based on your requirements and offers you the liberty to share them across diverse platforms, which enables a greater outreach in sourcing candidates. It also offers you to raise personal queries and get responses personally, which enhances the hiring experience.

Build customized XoForms

Build customized XoForms

XoForms allows you to create your personalized page with its white labelling feature, enabling you to showcase yourself as a credible employer.

Enable XoForms with other platforms
Enable XoForms with other platforms

Enable on other platforms 

Xoforms allows you to embed with other social media and job portals by capacitating greater reach among applicants.

Screen candidates with ease with XoForms

Screen with ease

Filter a huge number of applicants, with personalized and focused assessments with Xobin assessments that offer assessments ranging from technical skills to interpersonal skills.

Screen candidates
Smart Tags the candidates with XoForms
Bucket candidates

Bucket candidates

Made decision-making a hassle-free process by segmenting candidates with smart tags based on data-driven results from Xobin assessments.  

XoForms Query Wizard

Personalized queries

Asynchronously send queries to candidates from XoFroms, reducing the interruptions that allow the candidate to respond at their convenience. 

XoForms Query Wizard
Hire job fit candidates
Hire job fit candidates

Hire job-fit candidates 

Entrenching the responses of XoForms along with data-driven results from Xobin assessments, zero in on the right candidate.

Interact with Candidates Effortlessly

Enjoy hassle-free interactive hiring with XoForms.