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There are many platforms available on the market designed to assist recruiters in finding and hiring their ideal candidates. And unsurprisingly we happen to believe that Xobin is the best choice. In order to help you decide the best option for your team’s unique needs, we have gathered the data on the top Skill Assessment and Talent Screening solutions, based on over 6,000 G2 reviews.




HackerRank is a popular platform that offers coding challenges and assessments to help companies evaluate and hire skilled developers. It provides a wide range of programming languages and topics to assess candidates' technical abilities.

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TestGorilla is a comprehensive assessment platform that offers a variety of tests to evaluate candidates' skills, personality, and job fit. It includes cognitive tests, job-specific assessments, and even a video interview feature to streamline the hiring process.

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Mettl is an assessment platform that caters to various industries and job roles. It offers customizable tests and assessments to evaluate candidates' cognitive abilities, technical skills, and behavioral traits, helping companies make data-driven hiring decisions.

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iMocha is a skill assessment platform that provides pre-employment testing solutions for various industries and job roles. It offers a wide range of assessments, including coding tests, aptitude tests, and domain-specific assessments, to help companies identify top talent efficiently.

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TestDome is a platform that offers a diverse range of skill tests to assess candidates' technical and non-technical abilities. It covers programming languages, software tools, and job-specific skills, enabling companies to screen candidates effectively.

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Vervoe is an AI-powered platform that offers skill testing and candidate screening solutions. It provides customizable assessments and simulations to evaluate candidates' job-related skills and competencies, helping companies make objective hiring decisions.

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Adaface is a skill assessment platform that specializes in technical interviews and coding assessments. It offers a library of coding challenges and real-world scenarios to evaluate candidates' problem-solving abilities and coding skills.

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HackerEarth is a platform that offers coding challenges, hackathons, and skill assessment solutions for developers and technical hiring. It provides a community of developers, as well as tools for conducting coding assessments and evaluating candidates' technical capabilities.

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Meet The Features That Set Xobin Apart

While you are looking for Xobin alternatives, we’d be negligent if we did not at least mention Xobin's screening solution. Sure, all the aforementioned software solutions have their unique strengths and offerings; but Xobin offers the most holistic comprehensive screening solution that can be fully customized to fit the hiring preferences of any team in any industry.






Psychometric Testing Software

Having the appropriate person in the right position is invaluable. Employing the best psychometric tests for recruitment can provide you with insights into the personality and behaviour characteristics of candidates. Find your ideal candidate with Xobin’s Psychometric Testing Software.


A Video First Job Applicant Management platform. XoForms are the new way to receive Job Applications and manage their entire Journey. With a single click, create video job application forms, collect applications, and arrange Xobin assessments and interviews.

Coding Assessment Software

Looking for a coding genius? Employ the greatest Coding Assessment Software to quickly and easily screen the top developers. Streamline your tech hiring process and raise your tech hiring benchmarks.

Extensive Question Library

With our vast question collection, dive into a vast pool of knowledge. Xobin's vast question library contains more than 1,80,000+ Tech and Non-Tech questions.

Automated Video Interviews

With automated video interviews, you won't ever need to bother about making telephone screening rounds appointments again. Give every applicant a chance to shine by using automated and on-demand video interviews.

AI Evaluate

AI Evaluate is the exclusive LLM-based answer-evaluating system developed by Xobin. Hiring managers and recruiters have always had to spend several hours evaluating responses. Xobin's AI Evaluate uses state-of-the-art Generative AI to intelligently automate this process.

AI-Based Web Proctoring

Using video proctoring and browser monitoring, candidates are monitored while they complete the test. The test administrators can observe any suspicious activity that is recorded.

EyeGazer Based Proctoring

Elevate exam integrity with EyeGazer-based proctoring. This state-of-the-art equipment monitors eye movements to make sure test takers remain attentive and comply with exam rules. A game-changer for secure and trustworthy online assessments.

Browser Activity Monitoring

Maintain Test Integrity With Our "Browser Activity Monitoring", Which Tracks All Browser Activities To Guarantee A Fair Evaluation.

Advanced Coding Simulator

Packed with features, our Advanced Coding Simulator provides an immersive real-time coding environment that guarantees an immersive experience.

Actionable Report

Obtain a clear, comprehensive, and actionable 360-degree applicant report. Discover and get an understanding of the competencies and proficiencies of your candidates.

Collaborative Hiring

With our skill assessment software, collaboration is more than just a catchphrase; it's a reality. Our platform is designed to accommodate the inclusion of multiple users, making it possible for the hiring process to be truly team-centric. Coworkers may do more than just read candidate information during the hiring process; they can also instantly offer thoughts, observations, and evaluations to make sure that every perspective is heard.

Get more done

Pre-built Skill Assessment Tests

2500+ (Customizable) Skill assessment tests: Designed for any role, in any industry, Go beyond the resume. Let candidates showcase their talent and skill. Surface the best with automatic scoring and evaluation.

Centralize your work


Integrate Assessments with your product, save time, sweat and tears for your developer. Focus on your core offering, not on building your assessment stack. Harness the strength of Robust Assessments with Xobin APIs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of assessments does Xobin offer?
Xobin offers a wide range of assessments including coding assessments, psychometric tests, domain-specific assessments, skill-based assessments, job role based assessments and more.
Can I customize assessments according to my company's needs?
Yes, Xobin allows users to create custom assessments tailored to specific job roles and companies requirements.
Is Xobin suitable for small businesses as well as large enterprises?
Absolutely! Xobin caters to businesses of all sizes in all the industries, offering scalable solutions that meet the needs of companies at every stage of growth.
What kind of support does Xobin provide to users?
Xobin offers dedicated customer support to assist users with any questions or issues they may encounter, ensuring a smooth experience.
How can I get started with Xobin?
Getting started with Xobin is easy! Simply go to the Get Started page and fill up the form to book a free demo on our website and explore our range of assessment solutions tailored to your hiring needs.

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