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Xobin Assignment

Test your candidates in the required areas with real-time application based assignments that are directly useful in your company.

Xobin Interact

Forget old time consuming video interviews, use Xobin Interact to test the cognitive skills of the candidate in real-time, while interviewing the person on video.

Roll out offer Letters

Once you see someone you like, all you have to do is then roll-out the offer letter to that candidate. It is as simple as that. No hassles. We get you job ready candidates from day Zero.

Xobin Assignment

With Xobin assignment, we test the candidates based on their real-time application skills, in the technologies that you require them to be proficient in. Xobin assignments not only test the application skills, but also ensure that the candidates that are screened have a sound conceptual sense, above the industry fundamentals, in the technologies that are present in your stack. A mix of application and conceptualization so proper, it is hard to miss the best candidates.

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Xobin Scores

With the perfect mixture of results from both the fundamental concepts, and the application based knowledge of the candidates, Xobin Score presents a unique and simple opportunity for the recruiter to assess the candidate's technical know-how. The Xobin Score is a simplistic representation of the degree of the depth of the candidates perception and ability. It is really as simple as looking at the score and knowing that the higher the score, the better the candidate.

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Xobin Interact

Change the convention around time consuming and ineffective video interviews, switch to Xobin Interact, where you not only get to interview the candidates, but also test their cognitive skills with real-time applications. While interviewing the candidate, you watch the candidates solving the problems you give them, or create something you ask them to. Our platform provides the unique ability for you to observe the candidate working as well as make them write code, thanks to the inbuilt compiler. Converse and see them work the magic, closest thing to a white board interview you will ever get on video. Remove the arbitrariness that is usually associated with the traditional video interviews, make the educated decision with all the information you need. Don't take our word for it, try and see for yourselves.

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Have taken up the various assignments that have been put up on the site. These candidates have been evaluated and shortlisted based on their Xobin Scores.



Sent by the companies to various candidates. The companies can choose to exercise this option of sending out invites or let interested candidates apply via Xobin.



Have chosen to be smarter about their technical hiring, and chose Xobin.



Have been rolled out to the shortlisted candidates post the interview process.

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Save 70% of your hiring time.Be more Productive. .