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So what’s Xobin Talk all about?

We are currently in our 3rd season of Xobin talk and webinars series. Get guidance on people operations, recruiting, and retention strategies from functional experts. Consider this a free HR resource from folks with operational expertise. We cover diverse topics – from handling bulk-hiring to university recruitment or role-specific hiring techniques. Fine-tune your hiring process and recruitment strategy by connecting with experts and learning the best practices.

   Xobin Talk 3.0
   Xobin Talk 2.0

Key Speaker

Mr. Arun Karthik

AVP HR, Equitas


Virtual Campus Recruitment 🎓

In our Xobin Talk 2.0 Episode 01, we discussed and enlightened on virtual campus recruitment with Arun karthik. And the questions that were encompassing the important areas of recruitment like employee retention, upskilling, talent acquisition and management.In this talk we discussed the hiring for a small number of roles to mass recruitment.

Key Speaker

Mr. M. Unni

Practice Director - Microsoft Solutions Delivery


Making Campus Recruitment Effective 🎯

In Episode 02 of Xobin Talks 2.0, we discussed how to make effective campus recruitment. Mr. Madhavan Unni, Practice Director at Wipro Technologies who shared his insights on on-campus recruitment and how fresher hiring is evolving in recent times.To shoot out to him on various aspects like, why hiring freshers is important? And many more topics.

Key Speaker

Teju Nageshwari

Founder & CEO ,nSmiles


Mental Health and Wellbeing at Workplace 😇

In Episode 03 of Xobin Talks 2.0, we celebrated mental health week at Xobin. Our theme was to “Make mental health for all a global priority”. On this occasion, we interacted with Teju Nageshwari on the topic of mental health and wellbeing at the workplace.

Key Speaker

Neha Kothari,

HR manager , Applicate AI


Setting up a Consistent 💼 Hiring Process

In our last episode of Xobin Talks 2.0, we had a discussion, with Ms. Neha Kothari, HR manager of Applicate AI, on setting up a consistent hiring process.The hiring process is tedious for both employer and candidate.Talent Acquisition and conflict management employee relations were some of the domains that the speaker in this episode 4 touched on.

Key Speaker

Anu Dudhat

Associate Director of Customer Success, Syndigo


Building a sustainable Customer Success Team

In our first episode of Xobin Talks 3.0, Anu Dudhat Associate Director of Customer Success at Syndigo, shared us insights on How to Build a Sustainable Customer Success Team?. The role customer success plays in to boost key metrics like customer retention, renewal rates, and loyalty and lower churn.

Key Speaker

Pratibha Wadhwani

Senior Customer Success Manager,Birdeye


Decoding customer experience through Customer Success Team

In episode 02 of Xobin Talks 3.0, Our key guest was Pratibha Wadhwani, Senior Customer Success Manager at Birdeye. She shared her insights on What metrics help to boost customer retention, renewal rates, and loyalty and lower churn.Customer experience is the impression that customers have of your brand as a whole.

Key Speaker

Chirabrata Das

Head of Customer Success,CogniSaaS


Customer Success: Hiring, KPIs and Metrics in Saas Industry

The customer success team in any organization is important. Making them an essential part of the organization. This is our last episode in the customer success segment. In this episode we discussed various metrics the Customer Success team should follow in the SaaS industry. What KPIs and metrics are set by the Customer Success Manager? And many more interesting insights from our guest.

Key Speaker

Andre Oentoro



Employer Branding: Role of Video, Metrics & Setting a budget | Xobin Talks🎙️3.0

Videos are playing a crucial role in defining the employer brand and promoting the company's culture. In our latest podcast, Andre Oentoro from Breadnbeyond provided his thoughts and expert opinion on video's in employer branding. Also, what role do videos play and other metrics & KPI's to follow in it.

Key Speaker

Sharmilaa K



AI in Recruitment: How to implement AI in your HR Team? | Xobin Talks🎙️3.0

In today’s rapidly evolving job market, the role of #ArtificialIntelligence (AI) in recruitment has become increasingly prominent. AI is revolutionizing how organizations find and evaluate talent. Sharmilaa shared her thoughts and insights on how AI is used in recruitment activities, the role AI plays in hiring a culture fit team as well as how to implement AI in your HR team.

Key Speaker

Deepika Pundir

Human Resource Manager


Cracking the Code of Startup Hiring: HR Manager's Role in Driving Success | Xobin Talks🎙️3.0

Discover the secrets of startup hiring and learn how HR managers play a pivotal role in driving success, building company culture and setting the right budgets in hiring top quality candidates. Deepika Pundir shared her thoughts, learnings and experiences as an HR professional.

Key Speaker

Daniela Herrera

Director,Recruitment Operation


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Unveiled: Enhancing Workplace Culture | Xobin Talks🎙️3.0

Diversity and inclusion are crucial aspects for organizations to thrive today. In our episode 7 of Xobin Talks, we featured an expert in the domain of DE&I. In this talk Daniela explained these aspects and how they help you build a strong company culture that is diverse and provides opportunities to each individual in the company.

Key Speaker

Mike Cohen

Founder,Wayne Technogies


How Chat GPT is Revolutionizing Hiring Processes: Power of AI-Driven Recruitment | Xobin Talks🎙️3.0

AI is playing a crucial role in the recruitment industry, and Chat GPT is the frontier technology helping businesses get success 3x faster in recruitment. In our latest episode of Xobin Talks, we featured an expert recruiter and sourcer, Founder of Wayne Technologies, Mike Cohen. The discussion revolved around the role of AI in recruitment, especially Chat Gpt in particular.

Key Speaker

Su Patel

Executive and HR Coach


Empowering Employees & HR Professionals to Embrace Their Worth | Xobin Talks🎙️3.0

HR professionals need a change in mindset by embracing their worth and grabbing every opportunity that comes their way. To reach the top, you need a proactive and positive mindset. Leadership can be learned through these decisions. Su Patel, HR Coach discussed around how Human resources should be the center of all different departments in the organization.

Key Speaker

Julie Turney,

Founder & CEO, HR@Heart Consulting Inc.


The Secrets to Creating a High-performing Team | Strategies for Team Building | Xobin Talk🎙️3.0

This particular Xobin Talk episode is about the secrets to building a high performing team within an organization, featuring an HR Coach, HR Mentor, and Founder of HRatHeart Consulting Inc, Juile Turney. This episode talks about how to create a high performing team as an HR professional and how HR can contribute towards this particular goal.

Key Speaker

Enrique Rubio

Head of Global Community,Transform


Elevating your Career Growth | Becoming an Intrapreneur and Setting Career Goals

This particular Xobin Talk episode talks about how individuals can elevate their career growth within an organization with the power of intrapreneurial thinking. We had a great conversation with the Founder of Hacking HR, Enrique Rubio, with our Co-founder, Amrit Acharya, as the host. In this talk, the discussion revolves around how HR professionals need to change their mindset, have innovative approaches to their work, and set the right career goals.

Key Speaker

Govind Negi

Global Head of Talent Management,3Pillar Global


Boosting Organizational Growth with The Power of Modern Recruitment and Workspaces | Podcast

In this Xobin Talks episode, we featured an Expert and Head of Talent ( Europe & India) of 3Pillar Global, Govind Negi with our Lead Enterprise Advisor, Manjit Kaur, as the host. In this talk, they discussed how human resources as a department is seeing key shifts happening in current times. HR professionals need to leverage technology to build great recruitment strategies and much more.

Key Speaker

Swechha Mohapatra

Head Research & Consulting- Digital HR Transformation,hrtech


Transforming HR: Leveraging and Recruiting with Generative AI | HR Podcast

Discover how organizations are harnessing the potential of generative AI, an innovative technology, to revamp their HR processes and elevate their recruiting strategies. From streamlining talent acquisition to optimizing workforce management, generative AI is at the forefront of HR innovation. In this episode of Xobin Talks, we featured the HR Thought Leader and Head of Research & Consulting at HRTech, Swechha Mohapatra with our Lead Enterprise Advisor, Manjit Kaur, as the host.

Key Speaker

Ben Eubanks

Chief Research Officer,Lighthouse Research & Advisory


Role of Generative AI in the Future of Work | Generative AI Applications | HR Podcast

In this episode our Founder, Guruprakash Sivabalan and Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, Ben Eubanks discuss the innovative applications and transformative potential of Generative AI within the realm of human resources and workforce management.Whether you're an HR professional, a business leader, or simply curious about the future of work, this podcast offers valuable insights into the dynamic synergy between AI and the workplace.

Key Speaker

Finian Toh,

Managing Director,ChapmanCG


Navigating HR's in Fulfilling Career in Talent Management| Redefine your HR Career | HR Podcast

Discover the keys to unlocking a fulfilling career in Talent Management as we guide you through strategic insights and practical wisdom. Redefine your HR career by mastering the art of cultivating and maximizing talent within your organization. In this episode of Xobin Talks, we featured the HR Expert and Managing Director at Chapman CG, Finian Toh with our Lead Enterprise Advisor, Manjit Kaur, as the host.

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