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Coding Skill Assessment Software

No more white-board challenges. Simplify your Tech hiring using Coding Skill Assessment Software. Conduct Online Coding Tests to screen and hire the best developers.

Coding Skill Assessment Software

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DevOps Engineer Test on Xobin's Coding Skills Assessment Software

DevOps Engineer

How Coding Skill Assessment Work

From Test Creation to Candidate Evaluation. The Xobin Platform facilitates Recruiters and Hiring Managers through the complete assessment process.

Step 1 on Xobin's Coding Skills Assessment Software

Select Test

Firstly, choose from our Library of job specific Pre-built tests. You can customize your own test too.

Step 2 on Xobin's Coding Skills Assessment Software

Share with Candidates

Secondly, invite Candidates via Email, or Share the Url for the Coding Assessment.

Step 3 on Xobin's Coding Skills Assessment Software

Testing Begins

Sit back while candidates take the online coding test. AI Proctoring features prevent cheating.

Step 4 on Xobin's Coding Skills Assessment Software

1-Click Shortlist

Lastly, use Auto-generated scores to Filter applicants. Moreover, you can view code using Code Playback.

Why Xobin is the Preferred Coding Skill Assessment Software?

Code Playback on Xobin's Coding Skills Assessment Software

Code Playback

Don’t just see the final output. Use Code playback to understand the thought process of the candidate during the coding assessment. Enables hiring managers to view each keystroke of the candidate.

Online Coding Test on Xobin's Coding Skills Assessment Software

Online Coding Test

Choose from 100+ Online Coding Tests and Programming Skills Tests. Scale your IT Recruitment with High-Quality Coding Assessments. Interview applicants that qualify the Coding Assessments.

Autogenerated Coding Reports on Xobin's Coding Skills Assessment Software

Autogenerated Coding Reports

Make data-backed hiring decisions using Coding Assessments. Each solution by the candidate is validated against test case to auto-generate a report and score.

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Customer Reviews

It’s been close to 3 years since we started using Xobin. We’ve assessed over 2000 candidates and hired many freshers. Xobin is an integral part of our team.

Arun Kumar Ganesan, Associate Director @ Ideas2IT

Arun Kumar Ganesan

Associate Director, Ideas2IT

Xobin platform worked well for campus hiring. Great support by the team. Moreover, they are always ready to understand the issue and provide a comprehensive solution.

Akhil Sikhri, Co-founder @ ZoloStays

Akhil Sikhri

Co-founder, ZoloStays

Rated as a Leader by Customers & Experts

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Straight from the Editor’s Desk

Hiring the right tech talent for your startup

Hiring the right tech talent for your startup

Best practices while using Coding Skill Assessment Software to hire IT professionals

How to screen for programming ability

How to screen for Programming Ability

IT Recruitment for non-IT recruiters is hard. Here is how you can screen using coding assessment software.

Top HTML and HTML5 Interview Questions

Top HTML And HTML5 Interview Questions

If you are looking for HTML interview questions, here is the list of the most important questions.

FAQs about Coding Skill Assessment Software

What is a Coding Skill Assessment Software ?

A Coding Skill Assessment Software is a cloud based solution used for IT Recruitment. The software comes with a built-in questions library and Coding Environment to assess IT Professionals. Hiring managers administer these Online Coding Tests. They are primarily used to screen Developers, QA Engineers & many more Roles. With autogenerate test reports, hiring teams can quickly shortlist the best candidates for the role.

How can Online Coding Test be used by HR Managers and Recruiters to screen candidates ?

Screening of developers by recruiters and HR Managers from non-IT background is surprisingly tough. With a Coding Skill Assessment Software, they can easily administer online coding test. Gain insights into the proficiency of job applicants. Moreover, the test results are auto evaluated. Hence, organizations can make efficient hiring decisions with ease.

What type of compilers and languages does the Online Coding Assessment support ?

Here are some of the coding languages supported by Xobin Online Coding Tests : C, C++ ( Multiple Versions), Java ( Multiple Versions), Python ( Multiple Versions), C#, Javascript ( Multiple Versions), Node JS, PHP, Furthermore, other Languages and compilers can be included upon request.

How are the candidates solutions assessed in an Online Coding Skills Test ?

For each problem statement, the candidate’s code is run against multiple test cases. This is done to verify their correctness. Significantly, the scores are automatically allocated depending on the correctness of the code.

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