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Screen top developers with Xobin's Coding Assessment Software

Seeking coding brilliance? Use the best Coding Assessment Software which allows you to screen the very best developers with ease. Simplify your Tech hiring & elevate your tech recruitment standards.

HR Teams at over 5000 companies,both big and small,are moving to Skill based hiring with Xobin

Why is Xobin the Preferred Coding Skill Assessment Software?

Unravel the Coding Journey Step-by-Step

Experience the evolution of coding firsthand with Xobin's Code Playback

    From start to finish, capture it all
    Decoding made visual and dynamic

Experience Next-Gen Security with AI-Based Proctoring

Say Goodbye to Cheating: Empower Your Assessments with AI-Powered Proctoring

    100% cheating detection with AI-based proctoring
    No-tab activity

Diverse Coding Languages at Your Fingertips

Choose your preferred coding language of choice from our diverse range. Customize your coding experience today!

    Choose from Multiple Languages
    Evaluate based on Multiple Test Cases

Unlock Limitless Possibilities with Extensive Question library

Dive into a vast pool of knowledge with our extensive question library

    1,20,000+ Tech and Non Tech Questions
    Questions which are right for the Job Role

Decode Skills with Data-Driven Insights

Unleash the potential of data-driven insights with our Auto-generated Coding Reports. Effortlessly evaluate coding proficiency and make informed decisions

    Evaluate every code on Multiple Test Cases
    Instant insights on coding performance

Get Access to high-quality assessments built by the best subject matter experts in the industry

❋ Javascript
✲ Bootstrap
✲ jQuery
✧ Vue JS
✧ Angular JS
❋ React JS
✲ Popper.JS
❋ Flutter
✧ UX Fundamentals
❋ Angular 7
✲ Backbone.js
✧ Typescript
✲ Angular 13
✧ GraphQL
❋ Javascript Build Tools
❋ Javascript
✲ Bootstrap
✲ jQuery
✧ Vue JS
✧ Angular JS
❋ React JS
✲ Popper.JS
❋ NodeJS
✧ Python
✲ Ruby
✧ Java
✲ C
✧ C++
✧ Servlets
❋ Spring
✲ Hibernate
✧ MongoDB
❋ SQL Server
✲ Cassandra
✲ Sybase Developer
✧ Couchedb
✧ RDBMS Design
❋ Oracle SQL
✲ Postgresql
❋ Infomatica
✧ SQL Server DBA
❋ Teradata DBA
✧ Oracle Database 19c
❋ SQL Server
❋ CAD Software
✧ 3D Modeling Software
❋ Creative and Analytical skills
✲ Communication Skills
✧ Critical Thinking
✲ Problem Solving
✧ Industrial Design
✧ Wireframe Tools
❋ Creative
✲ Graphics Editing Tools
❋ Visual Elements
✧ Leadership
❋ HTML and Web Development
✲ Eye for Design
✧ 3D Modeling Software
✧ Illustrating
❋ Visual Elements
❋ Customer Success
✧ Organizational Skills
❋ Desktop Support
✲ Customer Relationship Management
✧ Conflict Resolution
✲ Troubleshoot
✧ Hospitality Management
✧ MS Office
✲ Help Desk Software
❋ Remote Support Tools
❋ Mobile Tools and Applications
✲ Presentation Skills
✧ Sales Skills
✲ Remote Desktop
✧ Negotiation Abilities
❋ Problem Solving
❋ KPIs
✧ Dexterity
❋ Accounting Knowledge
✲ Transport Management Systems
✧ Inventory Management Software
✲ Logistics Software
✧ Supervising
✧ Supply Chain Management
❋ MS Office
✲ Budgeting and Reporting
❋ Budgeting and Reporting
✧ Leadership Skills
❋ Key Performance Indicators
✲ Problem-Solving Skills
✧ Communication Skills
✲ Organizational Skills
✧Laws, Regulations, and ISO
✧ Logistics Software
❋ Customer Service
❋ Learning Management Systems
✧ Budgeting
❋ Full Training Cycle
✲ Devops
✧ Javascript
✲ AI and ML
✧ Data Science
✧ ios development
❋ Android
✲ Database Testing
❋ OOPs
✧ Angular Js
❋ Ruby
✲ Routing and Switching
✧ Data Structure
✲ Software Architecture
✧ Datacenter Management
❋ Ruby on Rails
❋ Selenium
✧ JUnit
❋ Test Planning
✲ Maintenance and Troubleshooting
✧ Automation Testing
✲ Manual Testing
✧ Penetration Testing
✧ API Testing
❋ Selenium Testing
✲ Jmeter
✧ Cucumber
❋ Usability testing
✲ Software Testing
✧ Performance Testing
✲ Database testing
✧ Appium
❋ Cypress
✧ Puppets
❋ Nagios
✲ Docker
✧ Git
✲ Jenkins
✧ Networks
✧ Kubernetes
❋ Ansible
✲ Azure
❋ Google Cloud
✧ Rabit MQ
❋ Celery
✲ Devops Fundamentals
✧ Logstash
✲ Ubuntu
✧ Unix
❋ Batch Scripting
❋ C#
✲ Microsoft BI
✲ Power BI
✧ .NET 3.5
✧ Active Directory
❋ Office 365 migration
❋ Microsoft Dynamics 365
✧ Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
❋ Microsoft Visio
✧ .NET Framework 4.6
✲ .NET Core 5.0
✧ Microsoft Dynamics NAV
✧ Microsoft Power Apps
❋ NodeJS
✧ Python
✲ Ruby
✧ Java
✲ C
✧ C++
✧ Servlets
❋ Spring
✲ Hibernate
❋ Struts
❋ Ruby On Rails
✲Java Web Services
✧ Go
✲ Postman
✧Embedded C
✧ Express
❋ Creativity
✧ Communication
❋ Leadership
✲Critical Thinking
✧ Adaptability
✲ Collaboration
✧Active Listening
✧ Work Ethic
❋ Problem solving

Streamline Recruitment Through Diverse Coding Assessments For Various Tech Roles

120,000+ Technical Questions

Explore our vast test library of 120,000+ technical questions designed to test and hone your technical prowess.


Xobin I/O - Advanced Coding Simulator

Our Advanced Coding Simulator provides a real-time coding environment with variety of features, ensuring an immersive experience.


Conduct Large Scale Hackathon

Conduct large-scale hackathons, utilizing a platform that is capable of seamless collaboration, competition and innovation among a vast pool of candidates.


Conduct Pair-Programming Interview

Facilitate dynamic pair-programming interviews with our platform, ensuring effective evaluations of teamwork and technical skills.


Four Steps for Achieving Hiring Success

From Test Creation to Candidate Evaluation. The Xobin Platform facilitates Recruiters and Hiring Managers through the complete assessment process.

Select Test

Firstly, choose from our Library of job specific Pre-built tests. You can customize your own test too.

Invite Candidates

Secondly, Invite Candidates via Email, or Share the Url for the Pre-hire Assessment.

Testing Begins

Sit back while candidates take the online test. AI Proctoring features prevent cheating.

1-Click Shortlist

Lastly, use Auto-generated scores to Sort and Filter. Shortlist your top candidates with ease.

Additional Features To Make Your Hiring Experience Seamless

Company Branding : Effortlessly customize your Brand name
Xobin’s Pre-employement Testing software allows you to customize your company's name and logo. Create your own unique testing interface and your brand. Effective branding will help you draw in the ideal candidates and hire them effectively for your company. Learn More  

Integration With ATS :Integrate with Your Existing ATS
With the help of Xobin's APIs and Webhooks you can interface with your own product. In order to free up your developers' effort, time, and tears Xobin offers custom APIs so that your developers can concentrate on your core product. Learn More  

AI-Based Proctoring : Next-Gen Security with AI-Based Proctoring
Say goodbye to cheating and empower your assessments with AI-powered proctoring which checks and tracks the behavior of the candidates during the virtual test with the best application tracking system. Learn More  

Actionable Reports : Utilize an actionable candidate report
Get a 360 Degree actionable data driven report of each candidate. Gain insights into your candidate’s competencies. Utilize Xobin’s ATS to get in-depth analytics by customizing the reports according to your exact needs. Learn More  

How Xobin Prevents Cheating?

Prevent and identify rule breaches through a range of anti-cheating measures designed to deter and detect violations.

AI Webcam Proctoring

Enhance exam integrity with our AI-Based Proctoring, ensuring authentic test-taking experiences. Dive in for secure assessments!

Question Randomisation

Experience dynamic testing with "Question Randomization", which ensures that each candidate receives a different set of questions.

Browser Activity Monitoring

Maintain test integrity with our "Browser Activity Monitoring", which tracks all browser activities to guarantee a fair evaluation.

Internal Consistency Checker

Guarantee accuracy in data with our "Internal Consistency Checker", identifying and rectifying errors instantly. Click to improve the accuracy of your data!

 A-Z of tech recruiting
Featured blog

A HR’s Guide to Cracking Tech Recruitment With Coding Skill Tests

Transparent proctoring. Authentic results. Right here on our talent assessment platform!

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Building trust with the most stringent data security measures in place

Building trust with the most stringent data security measures in place

The Best Coding Skills Assessment Software

Leading review platforms have recognised Xobin's Coding Skills Assessment Software as the best Coding Skills Assessment software.

" "Set up is easy and fast"
" We have a common aptitude and psychometric test for the whole company and we use ad hoc skill test depending on the role we hire for. "
Oliver Smith
Training Manager
"Great product, great price and the usability is TOP."
"The setup is really easy for my company and the features are really well designed."
Daniel Rodriguez
Talent Manager
"Overall a very satisfactory experience with the Xobin and the team"
" The software is scalable, robust and meets all the requirements for Pre-screening job applicants."
Mark Campbell
Talent Acquisition Lead
"The tests and software does exactly what it says."
" We have flawlessly executed over 500+ tests and onboarded 30 candidates."
Maria Flair
Recruitment Operations Specialist
"Overall we're really really happy with Xobin."
"It's a huge improvement to our last assessment software and will be critical in our next stage of growth across Product, Data and Tech roles."
Charlotte Bailey
HR Manager
We've been able to collaborate in innovative ways
"I run Amplify (AMP's festival) on a really tiny budget. (Viostream) has been a great partner for many years."
Annalie Killian
AMP Wealth Management

Are you curious how Xobin improves the hiring experience of users? See what they have to say

Dominating The Coding Skills Assessment Industry Globally.

4000+ Customers

Across 55+ Countries

1500 + Premade Tests

1,50,000+ Questions

800+ Skills

Across 25+ Industries

Switch to the Smartest Coding Skills Assessment Software

See Xobin in action.Ask about Xobin's products,pricing,implementation,or anything else.


Get answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find answer what you were looking for in our FAQs.

What is a Coding Skill Assessment Software?
A Coding Skill Assessment Software is a cloud based solution used for IT Recruitment. The software comes with a built-in questions library and Coding Environment to assess IT Professionals. Hiring managers administer these Online Coding Tests. They are primarily used to screen Developers, QA Engineers & many more Roles. With autogenerate test reports, hiring teams can quickly shortlist the best candidates for the role.
How can Online Coding Test be used by HR Managers and Recruiters to screen candidates ?
Screening of developers by recruiters and HR Managers from non-IT background is surprisingly tough. With a Coding Skill Assessment Software, they can easily administer online coding test. Gain insights into the proficiency of job applicants. Moreover, the test results are auto evaluated. Hence, organizations can make efficient hiring decisions with ease.
What type of compilers and languages does the Online Coding Assessment support?
Here are some of the coding languages supported by Xobin Online Coding Tests : C, C++ ( Multiple Versions), Java ( Multiple Versions), Python ( Multiple Versions), C#, Javascript ( Multiple Versions), Node JS, PHP, Furthermore, other Languages and compilers can be included upon request.
How are the candidates solutions assessed in an Online Coding Skills Test ?
For each problem statement, the candidate’s code is run against multiple test cases. This is done to verify their correctness. Significantly, the scores are automatically allocated depending on the correctness of the code.

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