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  Top HR influencers and HR Leaders to follow in 2023 is Live
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Campus Hiring Recruitment Challenges

Campus Hiring Recruitment Challenges

College/universities are the pool of fresh talent. For companies looking for fresher recruitment, campus placements are the answer. Companies are actively going for virtual hiring when they are having campus hiring recruitment challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies that dominate campus hiring began exploring remote hiring to reach a bigger talent sourcing even before the pandemic hit. 

TCS, Infosys, and Wipro are said to hire more than 1 lakh freshers for FY22. With Infosys planning to hire 35,000 college graduates for FY22 globally. And TCS will be hiring over 40,000 freshers in the FY 2021-22. Wipro has said, the company will roll out over 30,000 offer letters this year for freshers to join in FY23.

College placement committees believe that the process of hiring remotely has become much more efficient. These are few campus hiring recruitment challenges.

#1 Limited time and staff 

The traditional on-campus recruiting campaigns have a fixed pattern. In which the companies visit universities with a small team that carries on the whole recruitment process. 

The number of employees is very low compared to the applicants, which creates a lot of problems managing the drive. Sometimes it also causes communication issues between the candidates and the recruitment.

These problems add up and make the whole drive extremely slow, and complicated.

#2 Higher volume of the talent pool 

Screening thousands of candidates in a few days when the hiring team is outnumbered by candidates brings a big challenge too. But, the screening process must be carried out properly to find the best talent. 

#3 Candidate experience 

The lack of a positive candidate experience has a much greater impact in the digital age than ever before. Students and candidates are quick to express their opinions when their expectations are not met. On the other hand, social media gives their voice to a significantly larger audience. It is just as important today to pay close attention to how and whom you are recruiting.

#4 Diversity in campus hiring

According to a Deloitte report, 83% of millennials are more engaged at work in an organization that actively nurtures a sense of inclusiveness.

A lot of times companies face the struggle to attract and hire diverse candidates and unconscious biases are often the reason. In addition to the legal obligations of ensuring equal opportunities, it also allows you to hire the best person for the job without stereotypes getting in the way.  

The best way is to establish a campus recruitment process that is completely unbiased and objective and which enables you to engage with the right audiences, no matter where they are located. 

#5 Resumes getting all the attention 

Difference between Traditional and Video Resume

It is very easy to lie on a CV. On the other hand, companies that deal with high volumes don’t have the time to process them completely. By using modern hiring technology, you can give students the opportunity to showcase themselves in a video resume or one-way video interviews.

The toughest truth to swallow about resumes is maybe that they are not make-or-break documents they are often considered by many. They are an important part of the recruitment process. Hence are critical to finding good jobs, but they are just words on paper. 

The truth is that candidates are much more complex and diverse and there are certain crucial elements to a good hire that recruiters simply can’t get from a resume.

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