Xobin is recognized as the top skill screening software   Know more

  Xobin is recognized as the top skill screening software
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Solutions – Engineering Recruitment

Engineering Recruitment

Assess the candidate with a set of questions on a specific skill set for a specific job.

Choose questions from various aspects in diverse engineering streams to pick on the candidate with the expected set of technical knowledge.

Test the candidate for problem-solving abilities and critical thinking that might tell the goodness of fit for the job and the company.

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Engineering Hiring Software

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Highlighted Feature

Complete Branding Solution

Xobin’s white labeling feature allows you to effortlessly customize the testing interface according to your needs, your own logo, and your company’s name.

Advanced Coding Evaluation

Xobin’s interface facilitates the candidates a hands-on coding test, that can be evaluated to check on their proficiency with ease.

Webcam Proctoring

Remotely monitor the activity of the candidate, with our facility that records and allows you to view the candidate’s activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is engineering recruitment software?

Xobin’s vast library provides technical questions from various engineering steam to choose from.

How does Xobin help in mass recruitment?

Xobin plays an important role in mass recruiting engineering graduates, where any number of candidates take up Xobin’s time-based technical assessments, which the companies obtain from Xobin as data-driven reports and choose the right candidate based on the report.

What is the role of Xobin in hiring freshers?

Xobin’s tech team carefully studies all the subjects of the course and meticulously formulates questions that range from easy to hard on both technical and psychometric aspects.

How does Xobin grade candidates?

Xobin’s AI automatically grades the students based on their responses and gives the overall result that helps in selecting the right candidate.

How diverse is Xobin’s assessment platform?

Xobin’s assessment platform has questions ranging from all streams of engineering, sales and marketing, finance, logistics, human resource, coding, programming languages, etc.