Online Coding Tests

Online Coding Tests

Evaluate developers beyond their CVs using Xobin’s Online Coding Tests

Use cases of Online Coding Assessment Platform.

Campus Hiring

Use Xobin’s Coding Tests to evaluate programming skills of tons of candidates at once. Shortlist the students who meet your minimum requirements with our online coding assessments and provide a seamless candidate experience to create strong brand recall.


Conduct hackathons to encourage creative problem solving, drive innovation, and build brand awareness using Xobin coding platform. Instead of going through tedious rounds of interviews, assess potential candidates based on their performance in a hackathon. Recruit talented professionals at a lesser cost than traditional recruiting methods.

Lateral Hiring

Using Xobin’s Coding Tests, Instantly assess a candidate’s programming skills. The test results are auto evaluated, and the detailed test reports provide valuable insights on code simplicity, readability, and other crucial assessment parameters. This not only helps organizations make efficient hiring decisions in less time but also makes it easy for recruiters from IT and non-IT backgrounds to administer coding tests online.

Evaluate for any Developer role.

One Platform for all your Assessment Needs


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Benefits of Xobin’s Online Coding Tests

Proctored Environment

Proctored environment stops the candidates from getting involved in malpractices.

15+ Programming Languages

With over 15+ programming languages, Test candidates on all the major coding skills.

Top Candidates

Hire the top candidates throughout the globe.

Expert Consultation

Want us to create exclusive custom assessment? We Help You Set Up and Guide You Through the Process.

Reduce Costs

Reduce recruitment costs by 60%. Replace resume screening & reduce travel and operational hassles of recruiters.

Unlimited Coding Assessments

Unlike our competitors, we don’t restrict our customers with invites. In Xobin, all plans come with unlimited invites.

FAQs on Key Features of the Xobin Assessment Platform

Online Coding Tests are assessment solutions for hiring professional programmers. The tests have a timed, hands on coding format and can be taken from any computer with an internet connection. An assessment report is generated for each attempt, which help decide the right choice for the post.
Here are some of the coding languages supported by Xobin Online Coding Tests : C C++ ( Multiple Versions) Java ( Multiple Versions) Python ( Multiple Versions) C# Javascript ( Multiple Versions) Node JS PHP Furthermore, other Languages and compilers can be included upon request.
The HRs can share the test link to the candidates via email. The candidates then can input their name and email id and move forward with the coding test. Candidates can then choose the desired question and compiler and complete the test withing the given time limit.
The following four steps are required in order to conduct webcam proctored test from a remote location: 1)A capable device(Desktop PC/Laptop) 2)Good internet connection 3)An effective webcam and a microphone
Xobin online coding tests supports all browsers. Hence, The candidates can take up the test on any browsers without worrying.

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