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Frequently Asked Questions for Customers

Do you have questions regarding Xobin? Here, some of the most frequently asked questions are answered. The information provided below on this page is relevant to all the users. Simply click your question below and get the answer to your question.We make it a priority to clear all your doubts and questions hussle-free.

Xobin related Questions

Can Xobin be employed for instructional or training purposes?

Yes, Xobin can be employed for instructional or training purposes. Xobin is a platform that offers a range of assessment and testing solutions, including pre-employment assessments, skill assessments, and certification exams. These solutions can be used for instructional or training purposes, allowing trainers or instructors to evaluate their employees and candidates knowledge and skills.

If you are a new and want know what we offer get started with our demo on

Do you have affiliate or reseller rates?

As of now, we don't have affiliate or reseller rates.

How do I turn off proctoring measures?

Xobin allows you to switch off the browser monitoring feature according to the user's needs.

How to set an expiration date for an assessment?

Xobin's online assessment software allows recruiters to set expiration dates for assessments sent via email. In the dashboard, you will be able to make the needed changes.

Will our data be private and safe?

Yes, your data will be completely private and safe.

Can I add my own questions?

Xobin offers a variety of features that can help trainers and instructors in the instructional or training process. These features include customizable assessments, the ability to create and manage assessments in bulk, real-time tracking of candidate progress, and detailed reports on candidate performance.

Are there any APIs?

Yes, we provide our API integrations in our Standard and Essential plans. If you are a new and want know what we offer get started with our demo on

What job roles and skill tests does Xobin offer?

Xobin offers a wide range of job roles and skill tests making xobin the only platform to have the largest pool of tests. Tests that help assess a candidate's abilities and knowledge in various domains. Here are some of the job roles and skill tests that Xobin offers. Software Development, Data Science, Digital Marketing Sales and marketing IT Operations Finance and Accounting Human Resources and many more.

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What languages does Xobin support?

Xobin Supports English language mainly.
Platform Languages: Xobin is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Arabic, and more. This allows users to access and use the platform in their preferred language.

Are Xobin assessments scientific and validated?

YES, our Xobin assessments are scientific and research based and validated.

Billing related Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes we do offer a free trial Demo is available for 14 days.

Do you offer pay-as-you-go plans?

We have monthly, quarterly, and annual billing cycles. We have a free cancellation policy. Meaning you can cancel the plan whenever you want, and we wont charge you for the next billing cycle.

Do you have a quote or purchase order I can have?

Yes. We have two plans available as purchase orders. To know more about this plans please visit and get in touch with our product experts at

Do you offer discounts for non-profit organizations?

No, we don't offer any discounts for NPO’s. But we do offer a free trial for 14 days.

Candidate related Questions

Can a candidate take their assessment using a mobile device?

Not advisable. Tests must be given only on a laptop or desktop.

Can I find out how long it took my candidate to complete the test?

In Xobin, there is only a sectional timer. You can split the test to as many sections as you want and add the timer for each section. If you leave the sectional timer untouched, that particular section will have no timing.

How can I limit the applicants who use my public link?

Xobin online assessment software allows users to customize the assessment time window, which means the candidate can have access to the assessment link only in the stipulated time window.

Technical problems occurred with my candidate. Can I give them a fresh assessment?

In case of internet failure or technical issues, you can share a fresh invite to the candidate. The test won’t get submitted until they have closed the tab on internet disconnection and tried to reopen it.

What instructions does my candidate receive with the test link?

Xobin Online Assessment software allows you to edit the instructions of the test.
The following instructions will be received upon opening the test link.

How may applicants access technical assistance during a test?

No, applicants won't be able to access any technical support from our end during the test.

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