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Integrate Assessments with your product

Save time, sweat and tears of your developer. Focus on your core offering, not on building your assessment stack. Harness the strength of Robust Assessments with Xobin APIs.

HR Teams at over 1200+ companies,both big and small,are moving to Skill based hiring with Xobin

Xobin Integration Overview

Xobin integrate seamlessly with almost all key third-party solutions in the HR/organizational


Zoho Recruit

Xobin seamlessly integrates with Zoho Recruit, allowing you to send assessments to candidates with just a click.



Get Notification in slack when candidate completes an assessment, fills up a form, or finishes an interview.



Create automated workflows to invite candidates and fetch their reports by connecting Xobin with 100+ applications using Zapier.


Send out assessments or xoforms to applicants and receive their reports automatically within Greenhouse.


Send out assessments or xoforms to applicants and receive their reports automatically within Greenhouse

Google Sheets

Get Notification in slack when certain action is triggered in Xobin.


Get Notification in slack when certain action is triggered in Xobin.

Usecases For Xobin API Integration

Businesses in different industries are maximizing their potential by integrate their Products seamlessly with Xobin

For ATS and HRIS

Get integrated with Xobins assessments, and see a surge of shortlisted top candidates for desired job role.

    Get scores, candidate rankings, and more right within your ATS/HRMS.

    No more hassle in finding top candidates and get ease-of-use with Xobin.

    Save tremendous time in early screening resulting in a highly efficient recruitment.

For EdTech Companies

Assessments are the most significant part of the education system as it gives an accurate picture to the students of where they stand.

    Assessments acts as a catalyst and positive reinforcement to learners.

    Integrate Xobin’s Assessment onto your platform & grasp students’ interest.

    Grow your business 3x faster with the help of generative AI and Xobin.

For LMS ( Learning Management Systems)

Track organizational goals, ensure that your eLearning course design is truly effective, and stay on top of compliance certifications

    Monitor online training goals, objectives, and outcomes that matter most to your organization

    Say goodbye to time-consuming testing formats for your online training program

    Xobin’s assessment APIs allows you to cater to different needs and personal preferences

Teach Programming

Enable tutors and students to reach their maximum capacity inside a “learn to code” environment

    Get a real-life scenarios involving latest software development frameworks

    Integrate with Xobin’s APIs to get automated assessment & programming challenges

    Choose preferred coding language and evaluate students based on Multiple Test Cases

Increase collaboration across your team and application

   Simplify you Task and Workflows

   Integrate your product with Xobin API in seconds

  Create Custom Workflows and save 3x more money and time

Workflow on using API's to run Xobin

 A-Z of tech recruiting
Featured blog

Xobin announces its Integration with Leading ATS provider Greenhouse

Transparent proctoring. Authentic results. Right here on our talent assessment platform!

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How Xobin APIs Benefits?

With Xobin's API save your money, time and sweat by Integrating it with your Product

Save 3x more time

Save your and your developers time spent on reinventing the wheel with Xobin and let your developer complete some other task.

Save 3x more money

Save your money on unnecessary expenses by creating an in-house assessment solution and invest your money at the right place.

Create Custom Workflows

Xobin’s API support allows all the Xobin's functionalities to work cooperatively/smoothly with your core applications.

24/7 Customer Support

Global Multi-Channel Support is available in Xobin With Best-in-class Turnaround Time. Xobin Team is available 24/7.

Get Rid of mutiple Vendors

Why have multiple vendors to assess and get your ideal candidates when you have all-in-one assessment platform.

Unlimited Invites

Unlike our competitors, we don’t restrict our customers with invites instead all our plans come with unlimited invites.

Building trust with the most stringent data security measures in place

Building trust with the most stringent data security measures in place

The Best Skills Assessment Software

Leading review platforms have recognised Xobin's Coding Skills Assessment Software as the best Coding Skills Assessment software.

" "Set up is easy and fast"
" We have a common aptitude and psychometric test for the whole company and we use ad hoc skill test depending on the role we hire for. "
Oliver Smith
Training Manager
"Great product, great price and the usability is TOP."
"The setup is really easy for my company and the features are really well designed."
Daniel Rodriguez
Talent Manager
"Overall a very satisfactory experience with the Xobin and the team"
" The software is scalable, robust and meets all the requirements for Pre-screening job applicants."
Mark Campbell
Talent Acquisition Lead
"The tests and software does exactly what it says."
" We have flawlessly executed over 500+ tests and onboarded 30 candidates."
Maria Flair
Recruitment Operations Specialist
"Overall we're really really happy with Xobin."
"It's a huge improvement to our last assessment software and will be critical in our next stage of growth across Product, Data and Tech roles."
Charlotte Bailey
HR Manager
We've been able to collaborate in innovative ways
"I run Amplify (AMP's festival) on a really tiny budget. (Viostream) has been a great partner for many years."
Annalie Killian
AMP Wealth Management

Are you curious how Xobin improves the hiring experience of users? See what they have to say

Dominating The Skill Assessment Industry Globally.

1200+ Customers

Across 45+ Countries

2500 + Premade Tests

180,000+ Questions

1500+ Skills

Across 25+ Industries

Switch to the Best Skill Assessment Software

See Xobin in action.Ask about Xobin's products,pricing,implementation,or anything else.


Get answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find answer what you were looking for in our FAQs.

Is there an iframe integration?
No iframe integration, but if they are an enterprise customer, we can provide a higher level of whitelabelling, where we can set up a custom domain of their choice for the candidates to take up the test in.
What Url does candidate see?
What happens in case of internet failure?
Candidate will be notified that their internet has been disconnected. Test will be paused unless connection is re-established.
What happens in case a candidate dropsoff?
Candidate will be allowed to resume the test for a stipulated amount of time, after which their candidature will be marked as Not Completed. However, this behaviour can be configured for enterprise level customers.
Can candidates see the score after the test?
Candidates are not shared their score. That is left upto the recruiter.

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