Xobin is recognized as the top skill screening software   Know more

  Xobin is recognized as the top skill screening software
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Solutions – Technical Screening

Technical Screening

Technical skill assessment software for developers

See who comes out with the best responses to the questions that are specific to your requirement.

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Technical Screening


Analyze a wide array of talents

Choose from our wide options of technical questions or tailor your own.

Be time-efficient

Reduce the time spent on in-person interviews by identifying the right candidate from technical screening who are ranked according to their responses.

Highlighted Feature

Complete Branding Solution

Xobin’s white labeling feature allows you to effortlessly customize the testing interface according to your needs, your own logo, and your company’s name.

Actionable Reports

Xobin’s in-depth analytics provides you with a 360-degree report on each candidate that gives you insight into their technical as well as interpersonal competencies.

Advanced Coding Evaluation

Xobin’s interface facilitates the candidates a hands-on coding test, that can be evaluated to check on their proficiency with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is technical screening?

Screening the candidates according to the needs of the job and the organization with preloaded and customizable questionnaires.

What is Xobins role in technical screening?

Xobin’s repository holds numerous questions that are just focused on the technical skill screening of the candidate from various engineering and non-engineering streams.

How does Xobin help in identifying the right candidate?

Xobin’s technical skill assessments have tailored questions fit for the job description that removes the glitch while looking for a specific skill set.

How does Xobin test the proficiency in coding assessments?

Xobin apart from proving MCQs also provides an interface where the candidates are given a coding test where the candidate has to code as per the questions and the progress of the candidates can be tracked down to each keystroke.

Can the tests be reused?

The technical assessment tests can be redone numerous times depending upon the size of the recruitment.

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