How to Launch a Virtual Campus Recruitment Strategy

With the placement season in full swing, it is time for every company to start working on its campus recruitment efforts. And the pandemic making the world choose alternate options for usual processes. Hence, in a tech-savvy world, it becomes important you go for technical advanced options in campus hiring too, which is virtual campus recruitment. 

According to recent data, approximately 99% of the Fortune 500 companies use one or another kind of recruitment software. Hence the planning and implementation of launching a digital campus recruitment strategy is something every company looking to hire freshers should start working on. 

In this article, we will help you to understand the ways how can you launch a digital campus recruitment strategy. 

#1 Choose & shortlist universities carefully 

If you are an organization that regularly recruits fresher, then you might have an engagement with some colleges/ universities. There might be some colleges/ universities which you would like to recruit from. To plan “how to recruit”, you first must be clear with “where to recruit”. 

You can plan and categorize the campuses based on the following categories:

  • Must visit: The colleges which you definitely want to visit, because of their ranking among top institutions or other benefits can be classified under this category.
  • Safe schools: Here the colleges/universities in which you have the highest acceptance rate can be listed. 
  • Backup: The colleges/universities where the company has been recruiting for a long period of time can be listed here. 

#2 Plan your hiring

To plan the recruitment process, firstly you need to check with all the internal teams. Decide on the total number of roles and positions you need to hire for based on the discussions and requirements. 

Check your historical acceptance rate in campus recruitments and hire to the accept ratio. Let’s take a hypothetical situation if you have an acceptance rate of 25% and you need to hire 50 freshers for an entry-level job you need to make offers to at least 200 students for the same. 

Based on the requirements and acceptance ratio, plan the number of offers to be rolled out during the whole campus recruitment process. Make sure to diversify the hired candidates too. 

#3 Build a strong recruitment team 

Building a recruiting team and specifically, a campus recruitment team requires several full-time recruiters. If an organization has a dedicated team of recruiters, then it will make sure their attention is not split. 

Hence to build a strong recruitment team, follow the given below step: 

  • Set goals 
  • Decide and divide team roles
  • Divide teams according to requirements
  • Set team-based targets and goals

#4 Have consistent campus presence

Campus recruitment is built on strong relationships so getting to know the colleges/universities at your key schools is extremely important. After establishing a relationship, it’s important to stay connected. 

Keep in touch with the team at regular intervals. This can be a great way to build a long-lasting relationship and to let the institutions know about the organizations changing recruitment needs. 

With an ongoing presence on campus, you can build a strong employer brand, and it can help in attracting the right talent. Attending campus events is a good way to establish this kind of presence. 

By having a constant presence you can make sure the students of the particular university are aware of the company’s recruiting process. This helps during the actual process of virtual campus recruitment and campus recruitment in general. 

#5 Student referral/ambassador program

Use the available resources to the best of their efforts. By asking your employees to give referrals you can increase the chance of hiring a trustworthy new employee. According to CareerBuilder, 82% of employers rate employee referrals above all other sources for generating the best return on investment (ROI).

Referrals can also help in reducing the time spent on different processes in the virtual campus recruitment process, and the budget can be saved too by this. 

To build an effective campus ambassador program you require the proper organization to ensure that your efforts are well channeled, that referrals are done properly.

If you invest in a campus ambassador program it will help in gaining some quality interns and recent graduate hires. Regularly update and grow your program every year to improve brand recognition and attract eager students and top-notch entry-level employees.

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