Xobin’s Platform Features

It’s not just finding the best, it’s about finding the best fit for your team and discovering the hidden gems with the advanced features offered by Xobin, this process becomes an art of revealing talent intricacies. Xobin is the key to unlocking the full spectrum of talent that lies within your applicant pool.

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Turn Skills Into Your Competitive Edge

2 Million+ Test takers per year

Covering Multiple Industries with Preciseness

150000 + Extensive Question Library

World’s Largest Question Library

2500 + Premade

Mapped with Accurate Skills Ontology

How Xobin Helps You With Candidates Screening?

Automated Video Interview

Bid farewell to difficult scheduling and welcome smooth video interviews!

AI based scoring

Video to text transcribing


Create video-based job application forms, accept applications, & schedule assessments & interviews at the click of a button.

Get video responses

Segment candidates into different buckets

Applicant Tracking Software

Say goodbye to manual tasks and embrace streamlined efficiency in hiring with the best ATS software. Discover the future of recruitment!

Receive Job Applications with Xoforms

AI powered Automated & Live interviews

Integration With ATS

Free up your developers' effort, time, and tears with Xobin's APIs and Webhooks. Integrate your product with Xobin’s Assessments.

Custom APIs

Save your developers 3x time

AI-Based   Web Proctoring

Candidates are tracked while taking the exam through video proctoring and browser monitoring. Any unusual activity is captured for the test admins to view.

Web Proctoring with the help of AI

Browser monitoring


Advanced Coding Simulator

With a range of features, our Advanced Coding Simulator offers a real-time coding environment that guarantees an immersive experience.

Real-time coding environment

Auto-generated Coding Reports

Actionable  report

Get an actionable and concise 360-degree applicant report. Learn about and gain insight into the abilities & skills of your candidates.

360-degree applicant report

Customizable reports

AI Driven Communication Checker

Our AI Driven Communication Checker tool is designed to enhance recruiting with advanced communication with precision.

Analyzing written communication in real-time.

Auto detects grammatical errors.

One Platform for all your Assessment Needs

Extensive Question Library

With our vast question collection, dive into a vast pool of knowledge. There are more than 1,50,000+ Tech and Non Tech questions in Xobin's enormous question bank.

2000+ Pre-Built Skill Tests

Select an exam from a huge collection of 2000+ verified pre-built skill tests, including IT, Customer Success, Sales, Finance etc. of pre-employment assessments.

Unlimited Assessments

Unlike our competitors, we don’t restrict our customers with invites. In Xobin, all plans come with unlimited invites and assessments.

AI Evaluate

The hiring manager and recruiters have traditionally spent many hours reviewing applications. Xobin's AI Evaluate uses Modern Generative AI to intelligently automate this process.

Company Branding

Give your users a customized experience based on their reaction to your previous email marketing. You can nurture your leads into returning customers very easily.

Complete API Support

Save your developer's time, effort, and emotions. Concentrate on your primary service rather than building your assessment stack. Harness the strength of Robust Assessments.

How Xobin Prevents Cheating?

Prevent and identify rule breaches through a range of anti-cheating measures designed to deter and detect violations.

AI Webcam Proctoring

Enhance exam integrity with our AI-Based Proctoring, ensuring authentic test-taking experiences. Dive in for secure assessments!

Question Randomisation

Experience dynamic testing with "Question Randomization", which ensures that each candidate receives a different set of questions.

Browser Activity Monitoring

Maintain test integrity with our "Browser Activity Monitoring", which tracks all browser activities to guarantee a fair evaluation.

Internal Consistency Checker

Guarantee accuracy in data with our "Internal Consistency Checker", identifying and rectifying errors instantly. Click to improve the accuracy of your data!

Additional Features

More features to make your life easier

1. Multiple interview round
It is crucial to select the best candidate in the current competitive employment market. Multiple interview rounds have thus become an essential component of our hiring process. You can efficiently plan and schedule these rounds using Xobin, and you can also carefully compare candidate responses, qualifications, and aptitudes.
2. Collaborative Hiring
Collaboration isn't just a buzzword with our Skill Assessment Software—it's a reality. Our platform is built to support the addition of numerous users, enabling a recruitment process that is genuinely team-centric . To ensure that every viewpoint is heard during the hiring process, teammates can share insights, observations, and evaluations in real-time in addition to just viewing candidate information.
3. Large Scale Hackathon
Large-scale hackathon organization is made simple with Xobin. The platform provides powerful capabilities for coding challenges , in-the-moment collaboration, and immediate feedback. It is meant to handle and evaluate several participants at once. Utilizing this program, businesses may quickly access a talent pool of creative individuals, encouraging creativity, and recognizing exceptional technologists in a competitive yet cooperative atmosphere.
4. Diverse Range of Coding languages
It is crucial for businesses to find people who are knowledgeable in the exact coding languages that match the requirements of their projects in the quickly changing world of technology. This task becomes astonishingly simple using Xobin. Users can choose from a wide range of coding languages that are available on our platform, guaranteeing that assessments are perfectly suited to the requirements of the enterprise. Our platform gives you the freedom to tailor the assessment to your needs, whether you're looking for a specialist in specialized projects or specialized niche languages like Python or Java.
5. Auto-generated Data-driven Coding Reports.
Utilizing the power of data is essential for making informed decisions in today's tech-driven corporate climate. Xobin provides automatically created coding reports that include data-driven insights . Every time a coding evaluation is conducted, the program carefully examines the candidate's performance, rating not just the accuracy of their coding solutions but also their efficiency and originality. These reports offer a detailed analysis of a candidate's accomplishments, potential for growth, and general suitability for a particular position.
6. Export Reports
Our skill assessment software stands out by offering the capability to export actionable, data-driven reports. With just a few clicks, recruiters can access comprehensive insights on candidates' performance , drawing from a reservoir of analytical data. These reports not only streamline decision-making but also provide a tangible foundation for informed hiring, ensuring that talent acquisition is both strategic and precise.
7. Conduct Pair-Programming Interview
A ground-breaking feature for conducting pair-programming interviews is introduced by Xobin. Evaluators can evaluate applicants' teamwork and collaborative skills in addition to their individual technical prowess because of the platform's meticulous design, which enables dynamic, real-time coding collaborations between candidates. Our method makes sure that both individual coding skill and the capacity for collaborative creation are accurately assessed in the realm of software development, where team synergy is essential.
8. Generate Job Descriptions with Generative AI
By incorporating Generative AI to aid in the creation of job descriptions, Xobin goes above and beyond conventional evaluation measures. The platform specializes at conducting pair-programming interviews to highlight candidates' technical prowess and ability to work well with others. It also makes use of AI-driven algorithms to produce exact and customized job descriptions. This fusion makes sure that, as we find and evaluate the correct personnel, we also clearly and precisely describe the job duties, all inside one integrated platform.
9. Drag and Drop Candidates
Xobin has introduced a user-friendly interface that streamlines the candidate evaluation journey. With the intuitive drag-and-drop feature, recruiters can effortlessly move candidates from one assessment stage to another , visualizing their progress and ensuring a smooth, organized, and efficient hiring process. This tactile approach simplifies talent management and ensures that each candidate's journey is tracked with precision.
10. Test Timer
Precision and time management are crucial aspects of evaluating a candidate's aptitude in the dynamic world of skill tests. The 'Test Timer' function in Xobin improves the accuracy and impartiality of the evaluation process. This timer not only equalizes testing times for candidates, but it also provides information about how quickly and effectively a person can solve problems. The software makes sure that each candidate's ability to manage time-pressured circumstances is accurately tested by setting a uniform time limit for everyone, mimicking real-world professional demands.

Enjoy hassle-free interactive hiring with Xobin

Resumes don’t tell you everything! Xobin gives you the insights you need to hire the right people with skills assessments that are accurate, automated, and unbiased.


Our Customers are Biggest Ambassadors

2 Million Candidates Screened | 800+ Customers | 55+ Countries

Sujay S

Chief of Staff

Makes a Recruiter’s life easier. Xobin helps us use ready-to-ship tests for a the entire breadth of roles at our company. The tests and software does exactly what it says. We have executed over 500+ campus recruitment drives and we have the best experience so far.

Melanie Martin

Talent Acquisition Head

The best features of xobin is the ability to invite candidates in large numbers. They provide limitless invitation and evaluation. It is excellent for campus recruitment, and have excellent question pool. We also received a great response from candidates ends.

Ben Muller

Recruitment Operations Specialist

We were able to standardise our assessments for both on-campus and off-campus hiring thanks to Xobin. The assistance provided by team Xobin has been outstanding. They are constantly prepared to comprehend our problems and offer immediate assistance.

lakita g.

Talent Acquisition Executive

Support and assistance are excellent. Very prompt responses, and the question bank is excellent. Also, the proctoring feature is useful because it periodically takes pictures.

priyanka c.


We are able to conduct all kinds of tests, including technical, aptitude, and programming tests, on a single platform. The staff is very helpful.

Abhay K.

Fullstack Developer

We now have a far better understanding of the candidate's potential for product development because of Xobin. It was simple to use and offered a huge selection of assessments.