Xobin Launches AI - Evaluate : Generative AI based answer checker    

  Xobin Launches AI - Evaluate : Generative AI based answer checker

Xobin’s Platform Features

Xobin Assessment Platform Features

Choose a flexible assessment platform with features for all your recruitment needs. From Pre-hire assessments to post-training skills tests and online proctored exams. Make your screening process, a walk in the park.

The Feature-Rich Assessment Platform

Pre-Built Skills Test

Choose from over vast library of validated Pre-Employment Assessments. Simplify recruitment screening using online assessments. Make your pre-employment testing bias free.

Extensive Question Library

Xobin’s vast question library consists of 35000+ questions covering all technological and non-technological domains. Xobin’s assessments are tailored to your job description by our subject matter experts from this library.

Webcam Proctoring

Record candidate activity using Webcam. Play candidate test video to view candidate activity. Moreover, check logs to track behaviour during remote proctored assessment.

Advanced Coding Evaluation

Scale your IT Recruitment with High-Quality Coding Assessments. Our interface takes testers through a hands-on coding evaluation, allowing you to easily assess whether their proficiency levels meet your requirements. Xobin’s platform is entirely automated, providing you with in-depth reports upon test completion with an email notification.

Complete Branding Solution

Effortless customization of company brand name and logo. Our white-labeling feature lets you customize your testing interface to reflect your brand. Upload your logo, customize the interface background, to your specifications.

Actionable Reports

Get a Concise and Actionable 360 Degree Report of each candidate. Gain insights into your candidate’s competencies.Utilize Xobin’s in-depth analytics by tailoring reports to your exact needs.Make data-backed hiring decisions.

Complete API Support

Create custom workflows using Xobin’s APIs. Custom API support allows Xobin’s functionality to work cooperatively with your core applications. Our custom APIs are specifically tailored for ATS’s and work seamlessly with all major LMSs.The API accepts calls via GET and returns all data in JSON format.

One Platform for all your Assessment Needs



Customization Options

Add a question, delete a question, modify our pre-built assessment, customize cut-off scores, customize timer, randomize question library.

Collaborative Hiring

Xobin enables you to add additional users to the platform. Collaborate and share reports with your teammates all at one place.

24/7 Customer Support

Global Multi-Channel Support With Best-in-class Turnaround Time. Xobin Team is available 24/7.

Career Page Integration

Don’t miss out on great candidates coming to your career pages. Get integrated with Xobin and make it seamless.

Test Timer

Xobin provides question-level customization so that you can measure how candidates perform under specific timelines.

Unlimited Assessments

Unlike our competitors, we don’t restrict our customers with invites. In Xobin, all plans come with unlimited invites.

Straight from the Editor’s Desk


Xobin Online Remote Proctoring Suite

List of Methodologies and measures taken to allow online remote proctored assessments and exams.


10 Myths about Pre Employment Testing

We break down some common myths, and misconceptions about pre-employments testing software.

FAQs on Key Features of the Xobin Assessment Platform

How are the pre-built tests created?

Xobin’s Pre-built assessments are tailored by our subject-matter experts from our library of 35000+ questions.

What is Xobin’s proctored Test?

Xobin’s remote proctoring test or assessment refers to an online assessment using advanced monitoring software to invigilate the test-taker. It involves using a combination of video and browser tracking to avoid any objectionable instances. A proctored exam allows students to take their exams remotely, including in their homes, provided it is a complacent environment.

Is white-Labeling done on plan basis?

Yes, white-labeling is done on plan basis. Discovery plan provides you with 10% white-labeling. Essential Plan provides you with 50% white-labeling. Enterprise Plan provides you with 100% white-labeling. To know more about the plans, visit- https://xobin.com/pricing/

How do proctored online assessments work?

The following four steps are required in order to conduct webcam proctored test from a remote location: 1)A capable device(Desktop PC/Laptop)  2)Good internet connection  3)An effective webcam and a microphone  4)Modern browsers compatible with PC/Laptop

What do you mean by unlimited assessments?

It means that you can conduct any number of tests under any plan. We don’t restrict you with invites. In Xobin we only cap the assessments on the basis of the number of test-takers. Essential Plan- 100 Simultaneous Test Takers allowed. Enterprise Plan- 1000 Simultaneous Test Takers allowed. To know more, Visit- https://xobin.com/pricing/

Conduct Remote Proctored Exams