7 Benefits of Online Assessment Tools for Recruitment

Recruitment, one of the most important functions of a company, can become a really tedious process if not taken care of properly. Online assessment tools have gained a lot of popularity in recruitment, especially in the past few years.

Online assessment tools help in easing up the whole recruitment process. Read this blog further to understand what are some benefits of using online assessment tools for recruitment. 

What exactly are Online Assessment Tools

Online assessment tools are built to help recruiters assess the true potential of the candidates. Such tools allow hiring teams to test the aptitude, cognitive skills, and job skills of the candidates. 

The assessment software helps in finding out if a candidate is a right fit for your company. This is done by testing them on various job-related skills. 

In short, online assessment tools allow organizations to screen and filter candidates using a wide range of pre-hire tests. This helps in speeding up your overall recruitment process. 

Benefits of Online Assessment Tools

Over eighty percent of US Fortune 500 companies and over 75% of the Times Top 100 companies in the UK use some form of online tests in their recruitment. 

Here are some of the business benefits achieved after using them. 

#1 Speed up the recruitment process

One of the major benefits of online assessment tools is how it helps in speeding up the recruitment process. 

Online assessment tools allow you to administer the tests simultaneously to a large number of candidates, thereby reducing the overall time taken to conduct the assessment tests. Since everything happens remotely, it allows the recruiters to automate the repetitive task and focus on more administrative tasks which are of importance. Thus, online assessment tools help in speeding up the overall recruitment process. 

#2 Quality Hiring

Online assessment tools help in measuring the skills of the candidates in a better and efficient manner. Since these tools allow you to administer a variety of tests, it is only natural for you to test the candidates on the basis of the necessary skills required for the job.

Assessment tools help you in testing the candidates on the necessary skills and assess those skills in a more efficient manner. 

#3 Scalability

Online assessment tools help you in scaling up your recruitment process. While doing physical interviews, there is a limit to the number of candidates being screened every day due to the lack of physical space or less time for interview slots, etc. However, with online assessment, on the other hand, a recruiter can even conduct 50 telephonic interviews in a day and can assess a large number of candidates every single day. It helps in avoiding recruiter burnout.  Online assessment helps in assessing a large number of candidates every single day using creative assessment techniques using audio, video, etc. 

#4 Diversity

Online assessment tools help in eliminating any personal biases for/against a candidate and bring everything down to the actual skills. It is really easy to fake skills on a resume which may mislead the recruiters. However, with online assessment, it is not exactly easy to fake skills, personality. This helps in minimizing the personal biases and hiring people solely on their skills which eventually helps in improving the diversity in the workplace. 

#5 Reduces employee turnover

The most common reason for an increased employee turnover rate in a company is because the employees are not satisfied with their job, work, company, etc. 

Over the last five years, the cost of turnover due to workplace culture has totaled $223 billion dollars

However, online assessments play a major role in solving that issue. Online assessment tools help in making sure that the recruiters hire the best fit for the job. 

Online assessment allows the recruiters to find the best talent for the job by carefully analyzing them on all fronts. Since the hired candidates actually like what they do, the likelihood of them leaving their company is relatively less to people who don’t like what they do. 

#6 Remote Recruitment

Online assessment tools open up the world of opportunities to recruiters and allow them to recruit remotely. Online assessment helps in assessing people from anywhere in the world without any restrictions. In the offline recruitment process, recruiters had a lot of limitations but online assessment allows you to get the most talented people for the job, no matter where they’re from. 

Online assessment tools also offer anti-cheating features which allow you to conduct remote assessments and hire the most talented people for your company. 

#7 Automate Repetitive Tasks

Online assessment helps in automating simple and repetitive tasks, thereby reducing the overall time and increasing transparency. 

You can actually have a candidate redirect to a particular test after they apply for a job automatically. For eg: If a person applies for the position of graphic designer, they are directly taken to a test that tests the candidates on the relevant skills. 

This was all about online assessment tools and their benefits. We hope you got to learn something new regarding online assessment tools.

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