Online Remote Proctoring


No more manual invigilation. Use AI for online remote proctored assessments and exams


Off-Tab Activity

Remote proctored assessments warn candidates from moving outside the test tab. Automated disqualification of individuals with suspicious activity.

Webcam Proctoring

Record candidate activity using Webcam. Play candidate test video to view candidate activity. Moreover, check logs to track behavior during remote proctored assessment.

OTP Authentication

Multi-factor authentication using OTP. Once the recruiter sends the assessment invite to the candidate, Xobin Assessment Software generates an OTP. The candidate needs to pass the OTP Authentication to start the test.

Randomized Questions

Creates a unique questionnaire for each candidate. Online Proctored Assessments come with ability to randomize questions and difficulty levels for candidates.

Consistency Checker

Prevent candidates from faking answers in Psychometric Assessments. Internal consistency checking questions are deployed to check a candidate’s consistency and truthfulness in the assessment.

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FAQs about Online Remote Proctoring

What is Xobin’s proctored Test?

Xobin’s remote proctoring test or assessment refers to an online assessment using advanced monitoring software to invigilate the test-taker. It involves using a combination of video and browser tracking to avoid any objectionable instances. A proctored exam allows students to take their exams remotely, including in their homes, provided it is a complacent environment.

What is online remote proctoring?

Online proctoring refers to a digital form of invigilation using advanced monitoring software. A proctored test allows the invigilators to invigilate remotely. They use audio, browser tracking, and various leading anti-cheating features to maintain the test’s integrity, ensuring its credibility and authenticity.

What are the advantages of online remote proctoring?

Remote proctoring, especially automated proctoring, is easier, flexible, foolproof, and economical as compared to traditional proctoring.It also- 1. Makes international education more accessible 2. Favors all candidates irrespective of the location 3. works for all types of tests

How do proctored online assessments work?

The following four steps are required in order to conduct webcam proctored test from a remote location: 1.A capable device(Desktop PC/Laptop).  2.Good internet connection.  3.An effective webcam and a microphone.  4.Modern browsers compatible with PC/Laptop