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How AI Can Positively Improve Recruitment

Artificial Intelligence (AI), an ability of a computer program to think and learn with the help of algorithms designed by mankind. This invention seems to be dominating the world for the past few years. Although there is a never-ending debate over ‘AI will be stealing our jobs in the future, let’s not deep-dive into this. Let me take you through how companies use AI in recruitment.

For now, we shall learn to embrace the ambiguity of the future, take advantage of AI to perform our repetitive tasks, and try to leave the office on time. 😛

Here is how AI is influencing the recruitment cycle.

Harness AI to create effective job descriptions

AI enabled JD

A substantial amount of data is created in each cycle of the recruitment process. When organizations need new talent, they post a job, source candidates, and screen them. Eventually, pick the right ones.

But how to make an interesting job posting to attract a wide range of candidates?

Textio, an augmented writing platform uses an algorithm that ingests 10 million job openings a month. It looks for language patterns and using them to generate scores that predict how quickly a job will fill and how prevalent gender-biased language is in the post. Companies now seek out Textio to make gender-neutral job descriptions.

Proven research on how the tone of writing the job description influences the gender diversity of applicants.

Job description for recruitment
Job description for recruitment
Source: Textio


Resume Screening using AI

AI enabled resume screening during recruitment

Recruiters and hiring managers must be tired of the monotony of resume screening, which is the pivotal part of the recruitment process. According to Glassdoor, on average, a job posting attracts about 250 resumes. But, only 2% of the candidates are called for the interview.

Although recruiters and hiring managers to deploy recruitment software into their recruitment process, they may miss out on candidates whose resumes are not ‘algorithm friendly’. A common way recruiters filter resumes in recruitment software is by searching for key skills and titles.

Candidates who can predict the correct ‘resume keywords‘ will have the greatest chance of being included in recruiter search results. They can stuff the resume with the right keywords and trick your recruitment software.

Ideal, a Canadian-based startup leverages AI to automate the tedious and time-consuming resume screening processes. Their software integrates with your recruitment software and tries to find more insights about an applicant beyond their resume. Virtual assistant is already trained on “millions of past hiring decisions”. So it can quickly adapt to each new client’s recruitment process. Thereby, the process can screen a wider set of applicants resulting in higher satisfaction for the recruiters.

AI-enabled chatbots

A chatbot is software that is designed to perform automated and repetitive tasks.

AI enabled chatbot for recruitment

Although enhanced customer service is achieved by using Chatbots, they are now used for enhanced recruitment experience for both the recruiters and the applicants. A chatbot is an application to interact with candidates.

They make the first impression on the candidates on behalf of the company. Chatbots create a positive impact on the recruitment system by keeping the candidates updated about the recruitment process. They answer the queries of the applicants about the organization.

Paradox is an Artificial Intelligence company aiming at enhancing the recruitment process to users through its AI-enabled virtual assistant called Olivia.

Olivia engages with job applicants through the web, mobile platforms, and other social channels. She interacts with the candidate to know more about them and also takes care of the scheduling part of the recruitment process. she also updates the applicants about the status post-interview.

Proctored Assessments

Are you skeptical about your candidate’s integrity and fairness while taking an online assessment?

Deter your candidates from cheating by conducted proctored assessments with Xobin.

AI-enabled proctored tests typically involve monitoring your candidates during an online assessment. This is possible with the help of a webcam, mic, and access to the screen of the candidate. Therefore, AI-enabled proctor observes the student’s eye movements or other behaviors that amount to signs of cheating.  AI can detect if the candidate opens another browser during a test. It generates a comprehensive report that explains students’ activity during every minute of the examination.

This is how an ideal proctored test looks like.

AI proctored test for recruitment
AI-enabled proctored assessment using Xobin Interact

And finally! AI for video interviews

Video interviews are the new trend!!

They are rapidly becoming a pivotal part of modern remote recruiting. Think twice before you lie in your next job interview. Yes, you read it right. AI watches your face’s every move assessing the honesty of your answers and your emotions. They can detect facial expressions to capture their moods and further assess their personality traits.

The software, provided by a company called Xobin, helps you to interact with your candidate along with notes from the AI about what it has observed in each candidate. This is most beneficial for both the recruiters and the candidates. It greatly saves the time and cost associated with campus recruiters as they can design their own schedules while selecting a huge number of candidates. The candidates need not worry about the hassle of going for an on-site interview.

The icing on the cake… An unbiased recruitment process

Leave alone recruitment. We as human beings embrace and feel happy for any system that is straightforward and unbiased.

In some cases, we are convinced by our instincts and feelings unconsciously.

AI takes the privilege here. By taking feelings out of the hiring decision, AI can focus on the key skills needed and rank performance metrics to match better candidates for jobs, thereby making the process unbiased.

So, is AI going to take over the entire Recruitment Functional?


Thou shalt worry not!

AI may be great at dealing with processing and objectively evaluating data. But it cannot replace the human element. AI will only be lowering the complexity of the recruitment cycle by taking control of the repetitive tasks. The hiring managers can now enjoy more ‘human time’ with the candidates. The final decision of selecting a candidate still lies in the hands of hiring managers.

AI is going to makes our lives faster, easier, and way more comfortable than earlier!

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[First Published: 27th September 2019]