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What is Inclusion?

Inclusion refers to a state of the environment in work where everyone feels that they belong there. It means when all the employees of your company are treated respectfully and equally. 

The employees have a voice in your company and their opinions and suggestions are actually listened to by the management.  Inclusion is when all the employees are given room to thrive and they don’t feel excluded from the company. 

Diversity vs Inclusion

Diversity refers to the workforce consisting of employees from different cultures, different ages, different backgrounds, religions, genders, etc. In simple terms, diversity is different people with a unique identity working together in a workplace.

Inclusion on the other hand refers to an environment where everyone feels like they belong to that company. In simple terms, inclusion means all the employees of the company being treated equally, and their opinions and suggestions are listened to. 

Diversity refers to the uniqueness of every employee in the company.It states the policies and a work environment where every employee of the company feels included. 
It respects the uniqueness of every employee and respects the differences.Inclusion allows the employees to feel valued.
It is building your workforce in such a way that it consists of varied individuals.It is necessary for diversity to work.

Importance of Inclusion

Inclusion in a workplace is really necessary for the betterment of your employees as well as your company. 

Employee Retention

Inclusion is one of the most essential elements for employee retention. Employees are more likely to stay at their workplace if they feel included in their company. An inclusive work environment makes the employees feel that their suggestions are heard which increases employee retention in the company.

Employee Productivity

When employees feel included in the company, they are more likely to engage in their work. It helps in increasing their efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Employee Engagement

An inclusive work environment allows the employees to engage in their job in a better way. It motivates them and allows them to work with more efficiency and engage better in their job.

Diversity and Inclusion Statistics

Here are some of the top diversity and inclusion statistics-

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