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According to recent data, about 99% of the Fortune 500 companies use one or another kind of recruitment software. Moreover, with the whole world becoming tech-savvy, businesses thrive on automation. Hence it becomes essential to understand and imply the systems like recruitment software too.

In this article, we will discuss recruitment software, what it covers, how it helps drive business, and the popular recruitment software in the market today. 

What is a Recruitment Software? 

Recruitment software is a system that makes the hiring process for any organization efficient. It helps in finding candidates for hiring and sending out offer letters. 

This software is often called an Applicant Tracking System or ATS too. But these two are not the same exactly. It is a broader category under which the ATS system comes too. 

How Does Recruitment Software Drive Business Value?

Here are a few of the aspects which make this software an invaluable resource to drive business value:

  • It helps in saving time as everything becomes just a click away. This in addition allows the hiring manager to dedicate more time to developing the business. 
  • It helps build a systematic pool of talent, which can then be sorted and analyzed later on. This, in return, gives the desired battlefield, where your target market can participate. 
  • The features of the ATS, like calendar integration and status of applications, etc., can help make the information easily accessible and centralized. 
  • The fear of losing data due to data corruption goes away, as all your work gets saved in the software itself. 
  • Cost-effective as you can save the expenditure from recruitment agencies, manual labour by HR employees, and vacancy advertisements. 

What does Recruitment Software cover? 

It covers a lot of the aspects of the basics of recruitment software. 

  • Finding candidates 
  • Evaluating candidates
  • Hiring report generation
  • Improves the hiring process using system integrations. 

Some Popular Recruitment Software

Some of the commonly used and popular recruitment systems in the current market are:

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