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Job requisition is one of the essential steps of any hiring process. It helps the companies to prioritize their hiring requirements and streamline the whole process. 

With the implementation of job requisitions, the recruiters get a better idea from the application process to the job position details like salary and contract details. 

Here we look into job requisitions, why is it important, and how to write them. 

What is a Job Requisition?

 A formal document that is used by department managers to request the hiring of new employees is known as a job requisition. It serves as a formal request for a new position. 

It is used to request a hire, explain its need, and determine the available budget for the same. 

What is the importance of Job Requisition? 

It helps to keep the documentation of the process. The HR audit helps to determine if the companies’ recruitment process complies with the fair employment laws or not. 

A job requisition contains the job title, filling date, the requisites, and qualifications for the job, which helps in creating an accurate job posting. In addition, it explains the requirements and ensures the position is filled to the satisfaction of the hiring manager.

It also helps assess the efficiency of recruitment efforts and determine if outsourcing of the recruitment process is required. If the amount of staff time required can be decreased, then cutting back on the requirement team can be an option. 

How to write a Job Requisition? 

  • Give a detailed and clear description of the job duties of the new role to the HR and finance department. 
  • Explain why the role is essential for the organization. Provide an explanation of why the company needs the role and its benefits.
  •  Seek inputs from other managers and HR staff; you can also ask them to evaluate your department’s need to increase the requisition’s approval. 
  • Make sure that your job requisition contains the following:
    • Position title 
    • The department and team the role would belong to
    • Type of employment 
    • Preferred start date 
    • Salary range
    • New and updated job description
    • Budget options
    • Justification of the hiring

You can go through some sample formats #1, and #2 to understand what is required in the requisition. 

Job requisition vs. Job description vs. Job posting

Job requisitionJob descriptionJob posting
A job requisition is an internal document used to state a need for a job position in the organization or department.

It contains information about the job position and the budget.
A job description is an internal document that is used to describe the job. 

It contains the detail about the job positions. 

A job posting is an external advertisement used to sell a job.

It contains a description of the position, company, and benefits. 

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