An HR’s Guide on Building a Culture of Security in Hiring and Retention Efforts

An HR's Guide on Building a Culture of Security in Hiring and Retention Efforts

Building trust in the workplace has become a prevalent topic during the ongoing pandemic. However, with employees now working remotely, how can you successfully establish trust? A work environment plays a significant role in both employee morale and productivity. Enhancing trust with your employees and using a culture of security in hiring process can lead to increased employee engagement, confidence, and productivity. While you may not be able to control the level of trust throughout your organization, you have the power to influence it within your immediate work environment.

In this article we will guide you through building employee trust at a company level while promoting a culture of security in hiring practices, ultimately improving team relationships.

How HR Teams Contribute to Security in Hiring?

The company culture is molded by HR as they hold the responsibility of hiring top individuals. On the other hand, the creation of security policies falls under the jurisdiction of security teams. Nonetheless, it’s up to HR to implement these policies throughout the organization. In essence, HR has two key cybersecurity obligations.

Their primary duty is to promote a company culture of security in hiring and guarantee that every newly recruited employee, irrespective of their job function or department, poses a low risk to the company’s cybersecurity position. Using a culture of security in hiring encompasses undertaking precautionary measures and ensuring that new employees undergo adequate security training during their induction process. Additionally, HR must ensure the protection of employees’ personal data.

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Effective personnel security includes managing the employment life cycle with diligence. Establishing a culture of security in hiring and managing procedures like the ones listed below ensures this requirement is met.


To ensure the suitability of staff members, it is imperative for an organization to establish a proper culture of security in hiring and use specific employment screening solutions. These procedures encompass drug screening, background and credit checks, and security clearance requirements. By adhering to these procedures, organizations are able to make informed and appropriate hiring decisions and maintain privacy. 

Conducting background checks on newly hired staff is a highly effective method of ensuring the safety of internal systems and establishing a culture of security in hiring. Cyber attackers can easily disguise themselves as employees, which makes the investment of time and resources in background checks a critical security measure for businesses. While they can be costly, professional security firms offer outsourcing options that can conduct in-depth background checks beyond what a typical HR department can accomplish on its own. As such, utilizing these services is highly recommended for organizations that lack the necessary resources to perform effective background checks internally.

On the other hand, it will help companies use a culture of security in hiring practices and pre-employment testing. It’s not just employees that need a background check; partners and vendors do too. When entrusting third-party individuals with access to your systems, it’s crucial to establish their credibility through a comprehensive background check. Besides, companies can utilize a VPN for Windows to avoid getting tracked during this process. This diligent process ensures that the organization is partnering with trustworthy and reliable business partners.

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Employment Policies:

To safeguard the well-being of employees and organizations against potential dangers arising from employees, it is imperative for organizations to have potential hires sign crucial documents. It should be a part of your culture of security in hiring. Such documents include NDAs, conflict of interest policies, etc. By signing these documents, employees commit to the expected behavior and contribute towards protecting an organization’s vital information assets.

In addition to the standard pre-employment screening procedures mentioned earlier, organizations also include OIG sanctions checking as part of their hiring process. Screening potential hires against OIG sanctions is a critical step to ensure compliance and safeguard against potential risks.

Contract Termination:

The safety procedures implemented in the event of an employee’s termination include conducting an exit interview, reviewing the NDA as well as collecting and deactivating company IDs. Also, keys, and assets, disabling user accounts, changing passwords, and providing an escort off the premises. Ensuring a positive workplace atmosphere and utilizing a culture of security in hiring are crucial for fostering employee growth and loyalty.

As a result, detrimental or poisonous environment can breed discontented and unenthusiastic staff. Also, lackluster work outcomes, dissatisfied clients, and a high rate of employee turnover. A destructive work culture risks driving away top-tier talent from your organization, which is why companies should pay attention to their trust factor.

How To Minimize Risks By Improving Retention Rate?

Values serve as guidelines for employee decision-making. When these guidelines are clearly defined and comprehended, employees gain insight into how to achieve success, make meaningful contributions, and advance in their roles. This is why it’s crucial to pay attention to a culture of security in hiring processes. Empowering employees with the knowledge of how to succeed is key to boosting engagement and fostering workplace satisfaction.

How To Minimize Risks By Improving Retention Rate?

Clear Articulation:

In order for an organization to thrive, it must have a concise articulation of its company values. Using a culture of security in hiring involves identifying the shared values, beliefs, behaviors, and experiences that comprise the organization’s environment. By effectively communicating and showcasing this culture, employees are better equipped to comprehend and adopt these values, leading to a more positive and trustworthy work environment.

Streamlined Communication:

Using a culture of security in hiring is necessary. Culture that values sincere communication and proactive exchange of feedback can significantly improve employee retention. Holding periodic meetings, conducting surveys, and encouraging leadership involvement in receiving and applying employee feedback is essential in establishing an open, two-way communication flow. A transparent communication network can provide insight as to why employees contemplate quitting and exploring their concerns can help organizations rectify areas of dissatisfaction. Investing time in attentive listening and improving privacy can foster loyalty and greatly reduce turnover rates.

Management Practices:

To improve a trust factor, it is imperative that the leadership team’s style aligns with the company’s values. The leaders must pay attention to a culture of security in hiring processes and exemplify the organization’s values and vision in their behavior and communication. If there is a disconnect between management and company values, it can result in a culture of double standards. This can negatively impact employee trust in management and diminish the significance of the company culture.


In conclusion, establishing a culture of security in hiring is essential for any organization. By implementing the measures described above, companies can ensure the safety of their systems and build trust with their employees, leading to a more positive work environment that encourages growth and loyalty. 

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