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Pre-Employment Testing Software

Companies usually like to minimize the time, effort, and funds spent on conducting pre-hire assessments. One solution for this is using comprehensive pre-employment testing software. 

If you as a recruiter want to conduct an efficient and customizable pre-hiring assessment, you can look at Xobin’s work for candidate evaluation. 

What is Pre-Employment Testing Software? 

A tool that helps recruiters test and then identify the potential candidates from the talent pool is called pre employment software. The candidates in this assessment are evaluated based on their skills, knowledge, etc. 

For these assessments, the candidates are invited and then tested, evaluated, and compared based on the real-time results. 

How does Pre-employment Testing Software drive business value? 

First, it helps in speeding up the process. Second, it helps accelerate the process by better assessing candidates’ skills and quickly filtering the unsuitable candidates than any hiring manager and recruiters. 

It also reduces some burdens on the hiring manager. A pre-employment assessment software helps replace manual methods to provide a better overview of a candidate’s abilities. 

The risk of human error gets minimized too. For example, sometimes, a recruiter may accidentally overlook something questionable in the candidate’s CV or a dodged question in the interview due to getting impressed by a candidate. But the system doesn’t skip any of the shortcomings and hence finds the best candidate. 

What does Pre employment testing software measure? 

Based on the different assessments that a pre-employment testing software consists of, the candidate’s skills are measured:

  • Aptitude test: It tests critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to apply new information. 
  • Programming test: It tests the coding skills of the candidate. The questions can be customized based on the type of coding skills required.
  • Emotional intelligence test: It helps assess emotional intelligence for job positions that require a great deal of interpersonal interaction. 
  • Skills test: It tests categories like verbal, maths, and communication skills. Sometimes, programming tests are also counted in this category. Skills like literacy, numeracy, attention to detail, etc., act as an effective predictors of job performance. 

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