Online Assessments | How Corporates Are Embracing Them

In 2019, over 80% of the Fortune 500 companies use Online assessment platforms. The primary value is derived at entry-level hiring. But the screening wasn’t always so easy. Till the early 2000s, the only HR Software used in organizations used to be clunky ERP solutions that managed Payroll and Employee data. But this is not the case further.


Because today all the sets of HR tools, including factoHR and other similar solutions, are upgraded with advanced, intelligent, integrated, and cloud-based technology. This helps to conduct all the workforce management and assessment processes in a much simplified and streamlined manner.

But sadly, very few organizations seemed to care about validating skills. Even lesser went beyond the resume to understand cultural fit. The final call of recruiting an employee was based on the pedigree and performance during a personalized interview.

However, with the democratization of skills and a new generation entering the workforce, enterprises have been forced to deeply care about an unbiased recruitment process. More importantly, an opportunity to infuse a culture of constant learning and meritocracy.

It is here that organizations have begun to see Online Assessment Platforms as a solution for their recruitment bottlenecks. Since it may not be ideal to invite every applicant for an interview, online assessment platforms have been used as a screening method to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Conventional paper-based pre-hire tests have become a thing of the past. Today over 76% of all organizations with 100 or more employees are partnering with a Professional Online Assessment Platform like Xobin. A killer recruitment strategy should embrace automation in the recruitment process, thereby improving the candidate experience, reducing the drop-off ratio, and also increase the hiring velocity.

Here are the top reasons why mid-market and enterprise-size companies see a strong use case and proven ROI for a professional online assessment platform (and you should too!).

With the introduction of AI in recruitment processes, online assessments powered by AI is constantly proving to act as a swiss army knife to tackle recruitment problems.

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Online Assessment for Campus Hiring

While on one hand campus hiring months to seem exciting for senior employees and hiring managers as they get to meet and attract fresh talent, on the other hand hiring managers feel the ugly side campus recruitment process as moderately intimidating experience as the process by itself is a huge investment (at times simply an unsolicited expenditure) taking the costs associated with travel, logistics, and administrative tasks into consideration.

Also, the campus recruitment process has become more of a rejection process rather than objective hiring.

Here is where online assessments serve as a cost-effective crystal ball in the recruitment process. Large corporates are now cutting the costs, monotonous administrative tasks and also are able to reduce unconscious bias by incorporating online assessments. You can now send assessment invites to multiple candidates at once from your office.

Once the candidates finish the assessment the AI-enabled proctor produces a report with regards to your candidates’ eyeball movement and browser activity.

Here are a few exclusive campus hiring assessments of the Xobin assessment platform that are designed and validated by leading industry professionals.

  1. Cognitive ability Assessment
  2. Fresher Aptitude Assessment
  3. Programming Ability Assessment for Freshers
  4. Algorithm Design Assessment for Freshers
  5. Customer Service Ability Assessment for Entry Level Customer Service Professionals

Online Assessment for Lateral Hiring

One of the major differentiation between hiring at startups and Enterprises is that the latter ones look for specialists who possess expertise in specific fields while hiring for mid-senior level roles. They are highly focused on the technical or job-specific skills of the candidate. As a matter of fact, it is a more tedious process while screening senior employees.

Bottlenecks to be considered while hiring for senior roles:

  • The senior position demands thoughtful consideration of both technical skills as well as leadership skills.
  • The level of difficulty of the assessment should be challenging for the potential applicants.
  • Enhanced candidate experience during the recruitment process ( remember, your potential candidate is always eyed on by your competitors).

Tailor-made assessments with customizing options, varying levels of difficulty and an in-build video interviewing tool is the ideal way with which corporates are recruiting for their senior positions.

Here are a few tailor-made assessments exclusively for mid-senior level roles.

  1. Xobin Finance Executive Assessment
  2. Xobin Import Export Manager Assessment
  3. Techno-Functional Consultant Assessment

Online Assessment For Learning And Development

Corporates are using Online Assessment Platforms for fostering a Learning and Development culture in an organization. Here are the major 3 use cases of Learning and Development!

  1. Online Assessment To Identify The Training Needs

Custom-designed assessments help to measure the specialized knowledge or skills of existing employees and compare them with the expected competencies to identify the skill gap. To get the best ROI out of training modules, organizations need to clearly emphasize and analyze ‘whom’ to train and ‘why’ to train.

2.  Online Assessment To Measure Training Effectiveness

Custom-made post-training assessments help to measure training effectiveness and evaluate if the skill gap has been bridged. In such a case, online assessments act as a stand-alone tool to analyze the impact of training modules on the employees’ performance on the job and also business objectives and goals.

3.  Behavioral Psychometric Assessment To Form Synergic Teams

Although Behavioral Psychometric Assessments (MBTI Assessment) are not recommended during the hiring process, they are ideal during training sessions as they aid to understand the behavioral traits of individuals and in building synergic teams.

Online Assessment for Succession Planning

Organizations are always on the lookout for future leaders and emerging leaders. A major part of HR teamwork is to understand, identify, and fast-track high-performing employees. Succession Planning at mid and senior management levels is critical.

Apart from skills, online assessments and psychometric assessments are used to understand behaviour traits and leadership styles. The training, mentoring, and honing of future leaders are done on the basis of internal reports and online psychometric assessments. HiPo employees innately possess the right attitude, drive, and niche skills that enable them to soar up to leadership positions that eventually increase the ROI of the business.

One of the best ways to retain a high-performing candidate is to clearly chalk out a career trajectory, assess their existing competencies, train for other key competencies required for the job. Organizations rely on the data-backed customized assessment reports to work on performance appraisals and succession planning.

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