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Video Interview

Since the pandemic, everything has been shifted remotely and most of the business is being conducted through online modes. Video interviews, which were already really popular amongst recruiters, gained a lot more popularity in the recruitment processes. 

Today, video interviews have been adapted as the common way of interviewing all over the world. 

What is Video Interview?

As the name suggests, it is an interview that takes place on a video call. The interview takes place remotely and the interviewer and the interviewee connect through a video call. 

A video interview can be divided into two categories, i.e. live video interview and pre-recorded video interview.

How does a Video Interview drive business value?

Here are some ways in which video interviews help in driving business value-

Better analysis of candidates- Video interviews help companies in analyzing and tracking the candidates’ performance in a better way. There are a lot of pre-employment assessment tools in place which help in conducting video interviews smoothly and help in tracking their performance. Such software allows you to track the candidates’ performance and helps in identifying the top candidates.

Reduced Cost of Hiring- There is no doubt that video interviews help in reducing the cost of hiring for the companies. Since, interviews happen remotely, it also saves the candidates from going through the trouble of travelling so far. 

Ease of Scheduling- Video interviews minimize the hassles of scheduling interviews and dealing with all the complications. Video interviews allow interviewers to schedule the candidates in a much more easy and more consistent way.

Reduced Time for Hiring- Pre-recorded interviews helps in reducing the time for hiring and allow the interviewers to analyze and compare the candidates in real-time. It helps in fastening the hiring decisions and reduces the time involved in hiring someone. 

All of this helps the companies speed up their recruitment process and make it a lot easier. It also acts as a major factor contributing to the tiger employer brand, since candidates prefer giving interviews in the comfort of their homes. 

All this helps the companies in driving value for their business by improving the recruitment process and finding the right people for the jobs. 

What does Pre-recorded Video Interview measure?

A pre-recorded video interview is an interview that is shot in advance and the recruiter can see that interview later. 

Pre-recorded interviews are used for gathering more information about the candidate and getting to know the candidate in a better way.

Under this kind of interview, candidates are given a bunch of questions and the candidate is supposed to record their answers on a camera. The questions are usually aimed at the professional career of the candidate and allow the employers to get a deeper insight into the mindset of the candidate. It helps in identifying whether the candidate is a good fit for the job or not.

Best tools for Video Interviews

Here are some of the top tools for conducting video interviews- 

JobviteJobvite is an applicant tracking system that also provides one of the best video interviewing tools and allows you to share the candidates’ responses with your team members.

XobinXobin is a pre-employment assessment software that allows you to conduct video interviews on its platform with great integration processes. It helps in making the whole process a whole lot easier.

InterviewstreamInterviewstream is a video interview software. It comes with the options of interview scheduling as well as an interview on demands. It helps in finding the right people for your company and makes the process a lot easier.

MyInterview–  MyInterview is again a video interview software. It is one of the most professional yet easy-to-use software which helps in streamlining the recruitment process. The software uses machine learning to assess the candidate’s responses based on their reasoning, professionalism, clarity, etc.

However, these are not the only video interviewing tools on the market. There is many more extremely good video interviewing tools such as-

We hope this blog helped you in getting all the relevant information regarding video interviews. For more informative blogs;

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