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Pre-recorded Video Interview

Before the coronavirus outbreak, 70%of well-known employers had started to use video interviews in their recruiting process. And the pandemic has led to a 67% spike from the previous numbers.

As the recruitment process becomes automated, interview, one of its aspects turns towards digitization too. 

What is Pre-recorded Video Interview?

In a pre-recorded interview, also known as the asynchronous interview, no interaction occurs between the candidate and recruiter. Instead, the candidate is asked several pre-recorded questions, and their response by them gets recorded and later on is analyzed by the recruiter. 

A pre-recorded interview is usually open at a set time, and the candidate records their answer during the specified amount of time. 

How is it different from video interviews? 

In a video interview, live interaction between the candidate and recruiter takes place, unlike a pre-recorded interview. The elimination of interaction in the interview saves time and makes the process efficient in pre-recorded interviews. 

Pre-recorded interviews are used during the screening process, while a live video interview is done as a replacement for the one-on-one interview. 

How does Pre-recorded Video Interview drive business value? 

Bringing pre-recorded in action in your recruitment process can help in driving the value by the following:

  • Scheduling becomes easier. As the interview becomes remote, the restriction of time gets eliminated from the equation of the hiring process. It gives the candidate freedom in terms of their response, and the recruiter can go through the recordings according to their schedule. 
  • Increases the consistency in questions. As the questions are recorded, every candidate gets the same set of questions. Hence all of them are evaluated on the same basis. 
  • With the whole procedure becoming mobile, the travel cost allotted to the candidates gets removed.
  •  It showcases that the organization is working in a digitalized environment and is trying to implement the new technology in the market. This helps in improving the employer’s brand. 

What does Pre-recorded Video Interview Measure? 

Firstly it helps in measuring the candidate’s command over technology. As every job position times needs some work to be done with the help of automation, and by using a pre-recorded interview, you can test the candidate’s basic level of tech handling skills.

It also depends on the questions being asked you, and the questionnaires help evaluate the candidate based on that. 

It gives you a chance to evaluate the candidate’s communication without the actual presence of a real person, and it tests their preparedness and quick thinking skills.

Top Pre-recorded Video Interview Tools

Some of the most popular and recent video interview software are:

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