Top 15 HR YouTube Channels for Recruiters to Follow in 2023

Top 15 HR YouTube Channels for recruiters to follow in 2023

It can be difficult to keep up with the rapidly changing trends and needs of recruitment. For the same reason, we have HR Influencers to share valuable information with their followers.

Moreover, YouTube allows influencers to create videos that can be easily accessed and viewed by a wide audience, making it an effective platform for sharing information and engaging with their followers.

In particular, these are the HR YouTube influencers who share valuable information and insights with their followers.

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Likewise, continue reading to understand the HR industry better, As we have created a list of the top 15 HR YouTubers you should follow in 2023.

1. Tom Haak

Run by Tom Haak who is the director of the HR Trend Institute. More specifically, this channel talks about various HR trends and HR Plans to act on.

Likewise, In this channel of Tom Haak, you will find videos about HR Trends that follows and encourages trends in the people and organization domain and related areas.

One of my personal favorites on his channel is a video titled -“From adaptation to transformation”. 

What’s on the channel: HR trends, Recruitment Guides, Blogs and books on HR trends, and many more.

2. Workology

In WORKOLOGY Jessica Miller Merrell tells stories in human resources, recruiting, and careers. 

At Workology, She helps HR professionals and workplace leaders access resources, information, training, and support to elevate themselves personally and professionally. 

In addition, on her YouTube channel, she shares video resources in the areas of human resources management, and HR certification prep for HRCI, and SHRM.

My favorite video to learn from her channel is the HR tech segment. Evidently, each episode in the HR Tech Insights series features three 7-10 minute interviews with different HR tech and service providers.

What’s on the channel: Content on the channel includes human resources, hr, human resources management, SHRM, HR certification, HR podcast, DEI training, HR technology, New Hiring processes, and more.

3. HRGirl411

Yonica McDowell helps you navigate the HR space by sharing tips, strategies, and trends in Human resource management and the fields around it.

So far she has covered a lot of topics around HR technology and HR domain enthusiasts. For instance, in one of her videos she spoke about work-life balance after the pandemic. However, we believe Yonika’s channel is your go-to channel for information on candidate retention or HR career guidance.

Above all, she also provides 1:1 HR Career Coaching and Mentorship. So for anyone who wants to work in the HR domain do visit her channel.

4. David Malan

David Malan is an HR Professional from Australia. Importantly, his videos talk about helping people with their career search and growth by sharing tips and insights.

Likewise, On his channel he briefly talks about the Human resource career series where he shares his experience. 

On the other hand, he talks about HR roles, organizational development, personality profiling, and many more topics. In other words, If one wants to have a brief understanding of the HR roles on different levels one must visit this channel.

5. The Millionaire Recruiter

Brianna Rooney is the CEO and Founder at TalentPerch and Thriversity. To begin with, This channel is for anyone who feels undervalued or burnt out in their current job and wants to start a side business.

Brianna is a pioneer in the field of recruitment. She has over 200 videos. Most importantly, Her content includes strategic recruitment processes and challenges in recruitment.

On the other hand, she pushes HR leadership roles. Notably, she uses short snackable videos to address her subscribers’ frequently-asked questions in order to make her content more interesting. I’m sure anyone who visits this channel will like the content. 

What’s on the channel: Tips for building a positive attitude despite work, Sourcing strategies, and steps in recruitment.

6. Shane McCusker

This channel, which has over 200 videos and has been active since 2009, contributes a lot to providing valuable information about staffing.

Critically, Shane McCusker develops software for recruitment agencies, writes a recruitment blog, and runs regular webinars on best practices in recruitment. 

Shane recently began uploading videos about data privacy, a crucial topic for recruiters. Overall, this channel is a blessing to anyone who wants to start a new career in the recruitment industry. 

What’s on the channel: Beginners guide on recruiting, Recruitment tools and software, etc.

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7. Recruit with Azhar

With near to 60 videos, Azhar Khan in his channel makes it easy for recruiters to understand the nuances of Recruitment.

In his videos, he talks about Hiring, Interview processes, Linkedin Sourcing, and Job Portal Training. 

His channel is highly useful for recruiters who have just started their careers in the domain. Firstly, these videos include various topics on the effective hiring process, Job postings and candidate sourcing. Additionally, Azhar also includes videos that help candidates with Interview preparation. Sweet!

8. AIHR – Academy to Innovate HR

AIHR’s mission is to ensure that recruitment remains sustainable. For these goals, they are providing the best online education for staffing professionals and those who want to go into recruitment. 

With AIHR people in recruitment can learn top-notch skills by following programs. Especially, Their videos are short and right to the core of the topic with in-depth research.

I personally liked their “HR Congress”. It is there to revoke lost confidence in those who feel a career in recruitment is a lost cause. 

What to Expect: HR trends, micro-learning programs, Diversity, and inclusion, How HR builds a successful employer branding, etc.

9. HR University

Josh Fechter is the founder of HR University. What we love is the fact that Josh is building the world’s most trusted resource for human resources. Moreover, He connects with thousands of global members from 500+ companies around the world. No wonder Josh has been featured by Forbes. 

In his channel, he discusses various topics on HR-related work like basic roles of HR, onboarding process, Talent acquisition and analytics, and many more topics. 

What to expect: HR roles and responsibilities, Recruiters’ career path, etc

10. Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin is a global HR Analyst, founder of Bersin by Deloitte, and the fast-growing Josh Bersin Academy. 

In particular, through his channel he brings together his insightful thoughts and videos on business leadership, recruiting, and corporate L&D for HR leaders around the world. 

Josh shares the content on professional development in corporate HR, advice on talent management and leadership. Moreover, he also provides the best recommendations for hr technology.

11. HR Party Of One

HR Party of One is your human resources guide on many topics in HR trends, people management, and HR basics managed by 

Likewise, the videos on these are an engaging discussion on the latest human resources issues facing fast-growing small businesses and startups. 

Each episode provides captivating, actionable insights on topics including hiring, culture, employee benefits programs, offboarding, retention, etc.

12. Rubberduck Recruiter

I must say the owner of the channel Tim Wilkins has mastered the skill to explain the ideas in a crisp way. 

Rubberduck Recruiter was established in July 2018 to help recruitment professionals create a successful hiring process through useful videos. Importantly, this channel focuses primarily on tech recruitment and its strategies.

What to watch: Learn about candidate sourcing methods, building recruitment funnels, tools, and KPIs, etc.

13. LinkedIn Talent Solutions

With around 1200 videos, this channel is updated regularly with interesting content. It keeps recruiters updated with the trends and stats in the market.

LinkedIn Talent Solutions helps companies around the world strategize their recruitment process to find, attract and hire the best possible talents.

Their series “Talent Streams” is a must-watch for all recruiters. Especially, in this series HR leaders around the world share their stories and inspire teams to grab every opportunity presented to them and lead.

Likewise, in these videos they talk about topics ranging from business development strategy to inclusive workforce and elevating the talent strategy and many more for the viewers to watch.

What to watch: Current Global HR trends and stats, Industry forecasts, and interviews with the HR leaders.

14. Recruitment Training

Recruitment Training is a global leading recruitment training provider. With over 700+ videos on their site from industry-leading recruitment trainers to help maximize your business’ potential. 

In their recruitment channel, they talk about the strategies to make successful sourcing. Additionally, they cover topics on maximizing performance and internal recruitment strategy.

Their series of topics on successful headhunting is a must-watch for all recruiters. In the same series of webinars, they talk about referral programs and high-engagement methods. Therefore, this channel is a must-watch for all who are willing to take a step ahead in their career.

15. Self-Made Millennial:

This channel is known for diving deep into what makes a successful career from the perspective of HR herself Madeline Mann. 

Furthermore, she also has a signature approach called the “Story Toolbox” that helps you with career success. More specifically, how to be assertive with wants and needs.

Self Made Millennial has been featured on ABC, Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal. No wonder, she is named a “Top 10 YouTube Channel for Job Seekers,” and a “Top 5 Career YouTube Channel.”

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