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We’re looking forward to sharing some exciting announcements with you at Xobin. We’re highlighting several highly requested feature updates.

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Candidate Test UI

Candidate Test UI now has horizontal pagination. Horizontal pagination allows more questions to be visible at once, thus improving the accessibility of all questions. The loading and submission times have also been significantly reduced

Candidate Test UI now has horizontal pagination

Functional and DebugPro questions

They are a new form of coding assessment. It is a necessary skill for every programmer to debug another person’s code and create modular programs, and that was not being tested in a normal coding assessment.

Functional and DebugPro questions



Xobin and Zoho Recruit together can expedite your recruitment process. Once you create your assessments in Xobin and made the connection to Zoho Recruit, you can send any candidate any Xobin assessment of your choice straight from Zoho Recruit and, better yet, you can see the status and results of the candidate’s assessment right within Zoho Recruit as well. You don’t have to jump between your ATS and the Xobin Assessment platform anymore.

Unstable Internet Support

Unstable Internet Connection Pop-up Disclaimer
  • Candidates may sometimes have an unstable internet connection. This must not cause any issues to their test-taking experience so we now have a popup that comes up when they lose internet connection, and it will stay there until the connection has been re-established to the server. Candidates should not worry because the timer will be paused until then. They should just not reload.
  • Many candidates have expressed concern over submitting a section, saying that they don’t have visual feedback of whether their answers are being submitted or not. Now there is a loading bar just for that purpose. Candidates do not need to panic or reload the page.

Question Library UI

Xobin Question Library UI

It has been overhauled. Categories and filters are now multi-level i.e, each filter is within a group, and a parent contains multiple groups. All of the filters are arranged by common sense so any new user can come in and pick the filters that they want to access our 40k something questions. For experienced users, they shouldn’t worry, because there still is a search filter option and they can search for their favorite questions from there quite easily.

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