How Xobin Prevents Cheating In Online Assessments

How Xobin Prevents Cheating In Online Assessments

Organizations have been using manual take-home assignments to screen talent for over a decade. This method, however, caused major heartburns for recruitment teams. A major flaw being the rampant cheating and impersonation.

As a leader in online assessments, Xobin has become a “must-have” tool for modern recruitment teams. Over 300 organizations are able to efficiently screen talent without worrying about plagiarism and cheating.

We’ve often been asked how reliable are they?

What measures do online assessment platform developers take to prevent test-takers from cheating?

To check for malpractices like cheating, Xobin assessment come with automated proctoring system. This proactively ensures integrity and authenticity of the test-taker and notifies recruiter about any cheating or malpractice.

Here is what Xobin does!

1. Preventing Cheating by Webcam Proctoring and browser activity monitoring

Quite often you may be skeptical about your candidate’s integrity and fairness while taking an online assessment.

Xobin removes this cloud for you.

Here is How. We use AI to good effect. A proctored Xobin Assessment tests typically involves monitoring your candidates during an online assessment. This involves both webcam based proctoring and browser monitoring

While taking up the assessment, the candidate is requested to keep the webcam switched on. The AI enabled proctor observes the student’s eye movements or other behaviours that amount to signs of cheating.  We also have a browser activity monitoring system in place.

In terms of broswer monitoring, Xobin’s our AI enabled proctoring platform can detect if the candidate opens another browser during a test. At the end of the test, it generates a comprehensive report that explains a test-taker’s activity during every minute of the examination. This provides conclusive evidence of any cheating activity by the candidate.

This is how an ideal proctored test looks like.

AI Web proctoring

2. Prevent Cheating and Impersonation by Verification via OTP

Here is how you invite a test-taker to take the assessment. You can add custom fields to gather specific information from your candidates.

Multi Fields

With the advancement in technology, online assessment platforms ensure that the test platform is safe and secure. After you send the invite, the candidate has to complete a pre-authentication procedure before he/she begins the test.

The person needs to authenticate that he/she is the one who was scheduled for the assessment by using an OTP sent to the registered mobile number.

OTP option

3. Psychometric Internal Consistency Checker

With emotional intelligence becoming a more important factor in the success of businesses, organizations are now running behind psychometric assessments.

But what if candidates outsmart psychometric assessments. Any sane person would definitely want to show a favourable light about himself or herself.

Xobin is a step ahead and counters fake responses.

We have designed the questionnaire in a way that counters and detects the candidates’ attempt to outsmart the test. Our psychometric assessments have certain questions that check the internal consistency of the system.

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4. Cheating prevention using randomized questions

It’s often noticed that assessments questions are found on popular sites such as Glassdoor and Reddit. Hence later test takers are at an advantage when answering them. Remember a time in school and college when the examination committee would have come up with various seating arrangement strategies to deter cheating?

But, at Xobin, we have gracefully handled this!

Custom Rules

The smart assessment platform can be customized to choose a small set of questions from a larger pool of questions. All this, while maintaining the same level of difficulty and randomizing the order of question appearance. Hence the probability of any 2 candidates being given the exact same set of questions is mathematically insignificant!

Here is how custom rules in the Xobin Assessment Platform help devise an assessment with random questions.

Its easy-peazy. Choose from a vast library of questions with various levels of difficulty.

So when you invite a large number of candidates using our assessment platform, each test-taker will get a unique questionnaire of the same difficulty.

Concluding thoughts .  .  .

Break out from the monotony of writing questions!

You can now send the assessment questionnaire in the matter of a single click!

Finally what you get is Xobin Verified Assessment Result!

Here is how it works .  .  .

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