Top 50 HR Professionals and HR Leaders to Follow in 2024

Top 50 HR Professionals and HR Leaders to Follow in 2024

We’re buzzing with excitement as we prepare to reveal the highly anticipated lineup for Xobin’s Top 50 HR Professionals and HR Leaders To Follow in 2024!

This year campaign has been a great and grand in its own way, with an overwhelming response of over 650+ nominations, this year’s selection process has been nothing short of phenomenal. It’s a testament to the exceptional dedication and talent within the HR community. Our team is hard at work shortlisting the top 50 HR Professionals and HR leaders who will be featured on our prestigious list, showcasing their outstanding contributions and achievements in the field.

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Recognizing top 50 HR influencers and leaders is significant because they serve as role models and sources of inspiration. Like previous years list of Xobin’s Top HR leaders in 2022 and Top HR influencers in 2023 these leaders possess a wealth of knowledge. Hence, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the nominees for their patience and support throughout this journey. Your commitment to excellence in HR is truly inspiring, and we’re honored to celebrate your achievements together. Get ready to be inspired by the best of the best in HR leadership! 🌟 #XobinTop50HRLeaders #HRExcellence #HRLeadership

Importance of HR Influencers and HR leaders:

We all know that with the rapid change staying updated with HR trends and industry expertise is essential. Whereas, HR professionals need to keep pace with the latest developments in AI based pre-hiring recruitment tools and best practices. Also, with the emerging technologies to effectively address the needs of their organizations and workforce. As the HR function continues to evolve, it becomes increasingly important to identify and learn from top HR leaders who are at the forefront of driving change and shaping the future of HR practices.

Top HR leaders not only inspire innovation but also play a pivotal role in driving change within their organizations. They are catalysts for transformation, driving initiatives that promote employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, talent development, and organizational culture. Their visionary leadership and ability to navigate complex HR challenges set benchmarks for excellence and inspire others to raise the bar in their own practices.

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Furthermore, recognizing top HR leaders helps to elevate the profession as a whole. By shining a spotlight on their achievements and contributions, we showcase the value that HR professionals bring to organizations and highlight the strategic role that HR plays in driving business success. This recognition fosters a culture of excellence and continuous improvement within the HR community, encouraging professionals to strive for excellence and push the boundaries of what is possible in HR management.

Why Should You Follow Xobin’s Top 50 HR Professionals and leaders?

Following our curated list of top 50 HR professionals and HR leaders offers a unique opportunity to gain invaluable insights. Also, it offers an expertise across various domains critical to modern human resources management. First and foremost, these HR professionals offer deep insights into the intricacies of employee engagement, a cornerstone of organizational success.

Therefore, by following them, you can glean proven HR strategies and best practices for fostering a positive work culture. Similarly from our HR professionals you can learn on enhancing employee morale and building strong employee culture. On the other hand, talent acquisition leaders will share their expertise in this area to cultivate a strong workforce.

Moreover, diversity and inclusion have emerged as key imperatives for organizations striving to create equitable and inclusive workplaces. So, our top 50 HR professionals and leaders are at the forefront of championing diversity initiatives. Furthermore, strategic HR tricks and traits are essential for staying ahead in today’s competitive business environment. So, strategic HR practices from these experts can offer valuable insights into talent management, succession planning, performance evaluation, and more. By following them, you can learn practical tips and HR strategies and best practices for aligning HR initiatives with business objectives, driving organizational growth, and achieving sustainable success.

Hence, following our top 50 HR professionals and HR leaders can bring immense value by providing insights recruitment process. Also, their insights on employee engagement, diversity, and strategic HR practices will help a lot.

Xobin’s List of Top 50 HR Professionals and HR leaders 2024:

Luigi Bellopede, VP of HR & Organization, Prysmian Group

Luigi believes that,”The more diverse we are the more..”


Luigi Bellopede is a seasoned HR executive with over 20 years of experience in leading human resources and organizational development initiatives across the Asia Pacific region. Currently serving as the Vice President of HR & Organization for Prysmian Group, he plays a pivotal role in driving the people strategy across various countries in APAC. With a strong focus on diversity and employer branding, Luigi ensures that Prysmian's workforce is equipped with the skills and support needed to thrive in a dynamic business environment. His expertise spans a wide range of HR functions, including talent management, performance evaluation, leadership succession, and organizational development.

Rachel Cupples, Senior Recruiter, Textio

Her motto in her career is,”My drug of choice is Inclusion”.


With over a decade of recruitment experience, Rachel Cupples is a seasoned HR professional known for her exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Currently she’s a Senior recruiter at Textio, her passion for empowering candidates, hiring teams, and clients is evident in her innovative recruitment programs aimed at driving organizational success. Rachel's influential contributions have earned her numerous accolades, including being named on Xobin's Top HR Influencer list for Diversity and Inclusion 2023 and again in 2024 she is one of our Powerful Women Leaders in HR.

Vidya Prabhu, Associate Director, Kyndryl - IBM

Her motto is,“Empower, include, support”.


Vidya Prabhu is a dynamic leader with over two decades of experience in recruitment, currently serving as the Associate Director and Global Delivery Leader at Kyndryl. With a passion for fostering diversity and inclusion, Vidya leads various initiatives, including serving as the Location Transformation Leader for Kyndryl Chennai and spearheading the Women Diversity Inclusion network. She is also dedicated to empowering women in technology through her role as the Lead for the Tech Skilling pillar and as the Location SPOC for the Society of Women Engineers. Vidya's commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion has earned her recognition across her domain. As a keynote speaker and board advisory member, Vidya continues to make a significant impact on the recruitment and HR community.

Daniela Herrera, Talent and DEI Consultant, Speaker & Trainer, Kay and Partners

Daniela believes in,“Empowering people through diversity and inclusion”.


Daniela, also known as Dani, is a bilingual and award-winning Latina Immigrant with over 17 years of global experience in Talent Operations, Recruitment, DEI, and Leadership. She specializes in designing tailored consultancy services, workshops, talks, and training sessions to foster inclusion, equity, and accessibility in workplaces. With a natural inclination towards intentional inclusion, Dani mentors historically excluded talent and advocates for inclusive hiring practices. Her expertise has been featured in publications like Forbes, Business Insider, and BBC. Dani has received numerous accolades, including being named among Xobin's Top 50 HR professionals and Leaders in 2023

Velpandiyan S, Head of HR (Ennore & Kattupalli Ports), Adani Ports and SEZ

His motto is simple and clear."Inspired to Inspire"


Velpandiyan S is an accomplished HR professional with a wealth of experience spanning over a decade, marked by significant contributions across various industries. With a strong foundation in HR business partnering, talent management, and employee relations. Velpandiyan has demonstrated a remarkable ability to navigate organizational changes spurred by globalization, technology, and market trends. His key competencies in labor relations, policy creation, performance management, and corporate social responsibility underscore his multifaceted approach to HR operations and management. As the Head of HR for Ennore & Kattupalli Ports at Adani Ports and SEZ, he spearheads HR initiatives that drive organizational success, focusing on employee engagement, DEI, and CSR.

Tanya Chaitanya, CEO, Her Circle & President, Reliance

Tanya believes, “Diversity and Inclusion are the key springboards for any organization to be a truly global, far-sighted, impactful and future-friendly entity.”


Tanya Chaitanya is an innovative and accomplished leader with over two decades of experience across diverse industries, from media to digital strategy. With a proven track record as Editor-in-Chief at Femina for 13 years and now serving as CEO of Her Circle & President of Digital-Diversity at Reliance. Her extensive background in digital, broadcast, print, and on-ground platforms, coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit, enables her to spearhead initiatives that harness inclusivity and empower diverse voices. As a dynamic leader, Tanya is poised to drive impactful initiatives that champion diversity, equity, and inclusion, leveraging her expertise in building values-driven businesses and fostering inclusive digital communities.

Juhi Sharma, Head - Amazing team, Confidential

Juhi’s motto is to, “Drive business growth talent strategies and build culture through employee engagement.”


Juhi Sharma is an accomplished HR and TA leader with over 15 years of extensive experience in driving business growth and performance through strategic talent management and fostering culture and employee engagement. With a diverse background spanning Technology, SaaS, and Healthcare sectors. She has successfully led HR and TA functions across various geographies, including overseeing change management and organization development during acquisitions. Currently serving as the Head HR of Amazing Team at a confidential organization. She is dedicated to championing employee engagement related initiatives while empowering and developing talent.

Rufus Ravi Kiran. P, AVP - Human Resources, Unico Housing Finance Private Limited

Rufus’s motto in his career is, "Empowering People, Enhancing Organization."


Rufus Ravi Kiran is a seasoned HR professional with a robust skill set and extensive experience in Recruitment, Training & Development, Conflict Resolution, and Employee Engagement activities. His proficiency in policy-making, HRMS implementation, and ISO & ISMS metrics has led to significant improvements in HR processes. Skilled in US-HR and Immigration activities, Rufus excels in automating HR processes and aligning software/tools with organizational policies. Known for his effectiveness in reducing costs, absenteeism, and improving retention, Rufus is dedicated to fostering a positive work environment through employee engagement initiatives.

Jerryd Peter Marian Danny, Country Manager, Firmable

His Motto is as,"Empowerment through empathy and Growth fueled by inclusivity."


Jerryd Peter Marian Danny is a seasoned Talent Hunter with over a decade of experience in both Tech and non-Tech recruitment domains. Currently serving as Country Manager at Firmable, Jerryd is deeply passionate about fostering employer branding to connect with diverse talent pools. With expertise in candidate-company mapping, interview scheduling, and negotiation, Jerryd is dedicated to delivering top-notch recruiting services, particularly to tech startups. Known for building lasting relationships with hiring managers and candidates, Jerryd specializes in talent management, team building, and candidate management. Proficient in utilizing tools like LinkedIn Recruiter and job board sourcing, Jerryd excels in maintaining transparency and ensuring ideal matches between candidates and organizations.

Archana Chintagunta, Senior Manager - HR Business Partner, Recode Solutions

Archana's motto is simple and clear,"People First."


Archana Chintagunta is a seasoned Human Resources Professional with over 15 years of distinguished experience in HR, marked by commendable performance and tangible results. With a strong focus on people management, she excels in maintaining healthy employee relations and handling grievances to foster an amicable and transparent work environment. Archana has a proven track record of collaborating with senior management to undertake strategic HR planning aligned with corporate goals, as well as facilitating new business unit setups while liaising with various stakeholders. Currently serving as the Head of HR Business Partner at Recode Solutions Archana is dedicated to driving employee engagement initiatives that enhances employee satisfaction.

Shraddha Khadgunchi, HR Manager - Culture and Growth, Upsquare Technologies

Shraddha believes in,”creating a positive culture code, contributing to social responsibilities, and driving training and development initiatives”


Shraddha Khadgunchi is a dynamic HR professional with over 5 years of experience in Human Resource Management, currently serving as the HR Manager - Culture and Growth at Upsquare Solutions Pvt. Ltd. With a background in both HR generalist roles and specialized positions, she brings a wealth of expertise in onboarding, employee engagement, growth strategies, legal compliance, and recruitment. Shraddha is passionate about fostering a positive culture code, driving social responsibility initiatives, and spearheading training and development programs. Her dedication to organizational success, coupled with her role as an Animal Activist with the Sahyog Foundation, underscores her commitment to making a meaningful impact both within and beyond the workplace.

Anitha Madhivanan, People and Culture Officer, Siam Computing

Anitha wants to build a workplace which supports and believes,”employees do their best work and realize their true potential when they feel seen, connected, supported and proud.”


Anitha Madhivanan is a seasoned HR professional and a vital member of the leadership team at Siam Computing, where she spearheads Learning & Development, Employee Belonging, and Employer Branding initiatives. With a diverse skill set encompassing employee engagement, talent acquisition Anitha has successfully implemented various programs and policies aimed at fostering a positive work culture and nurturing talent. Her internal communications has been instrumental in shaping Siam Computing as a great workplace. Anitha's passion for people and her strategic contributions reflect her dedication to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all employees.

Ramakrishna Buddha, SVP, Head L&D, Global Business Learning Partner for Funds, CSC

Ramkrishna is dedicated to empowering individuals to reach their full potential


Ramkrishna Buddha is a seasoned Senior Vice President, Global Funds Learning for Funds at CSC. With over 22 years of extensive experience in building and leading talent functions across the financial services, technology, and software sectors. Ramkrishna excels in setting up and running technical training frameworks for fund solutions, ensuring employees possess the necessary skills and competencies to deliver high-quality services. With a proven track record in talent transformation, change management, and leadership development. He's one of India's Top 20 Most Impactful Microlearning Leaders. Passionate about creating a culture of learning and excellence, Ramkrishna is dedicated to empowering individuals to reach their full potential.

Udaya Sankar, National Lead - Academia & Government Relations, Nasscom

Udaya's motto is clear and simple,"Empower through learning."


Udaya Sankar is a seasoned HR professional with over 15 years of diverse experience spanning sales, business development, general management, customer success, HR, and business operations. Currently he's serving at NASSCOM. Udaya leads all sector skill council government relations nationwide and spearheads business development and program management for Skill India initiatives in the IT-ITeS sector. With a focus on identifying, training, and certifying individuals in legacy and emerging technology job roles, Udaya has played a pivotal role in driving collaborative efforts to bridge the skill gap between students, institutions, and employers.

Laurie Ruettimann, Founder, Punk Rock HR

Her vision is,"to reshape the working world."


Laurie is a seasoned HR professional with a career spanning over two decades, marked by transformative roles in renowned organizations like Leaf Candy Company, Monsanto, Alberto-Culver, Kemper Insurance, and Pfizer. Fueled by a passion for empowering individuals and challenging outdated workplace norms, Laurie transitioned from corporate America to become an influential author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Her commitment to advocating for progressive workplace practices and empowering individuals to take control of their careers has earned her recognition as one of the top career advisors in the United States by CNN in 2009. She is also the author of the acclaimed book "Betting On You: How to Put Yourself First and (Finally) Take Control of Your Career," published by Henry Holt & Company in January 2021.

Jim Stroud, Editor, SourceCon

His vision as an HR is to,"aspire and hire."


Jim Stroud is a distinguished HR professional with over a decade of expertise in sourcing and recruiting strategy, public speaking, and training. With a track record of consulting for industry giants such as Microsoft, Google, and Siemens, Jim has established himself as a trusted advisor in talent acquisition and development. Additionally, he is an accomplished author, having penned five HR-related books, and a prolific content creator, producing web series, podcasts, and a popular comic strip titled "The Recruiting Life." His passion for sharing knowledge extends to serving as an emcee at SourceCon and delivering keynote speeches at global conferences on sourcing and talent acquisition. Through his diverse portfolio and engaging platforms like "The Jim Stroud Show" and "The Jim Stroud Podcast," Jim continues to inspire and educate HR professionals worldwide.

Nobuaki Sato, Chief of HR&PR, CTW

Nobuaki focuses on building a diverse and inclusive team, fostering a positive and innovative culture.


Nobuaki Sato is an accomplished HR professional with over a decade of experience in HR and project management across diverse industries, including gaming, internet, logistics, and robotics. Currently serving as the Chief of HR&PR at CTW Inc. Under his leadership, the CTW Talent Acquisition team was recognized as a finalist for The Best Talent Acquisition Team in Japan 2022, highlighting his commitment to excellence in HR practices and global expansion efforts. Nobuaki’s expertise in team building, operations, and global talent acquisition has been instrumental in driving CTW Inc's success in the competitive gaming industry.

Sharmilaa Rajesh Kannan, VP-HR, Kensium

She believes in, “Taking care of your employees and your employees will take care of your customers.”


Sharmilaa Kannan is a highly experienced HR leader with a rich background spanning over 19 years across diverse industries including Life Insurance, General Insurance, IT Companies, and BPO/ITES. As a VP-HR at Kensium, she has expertise in Learning & Development, Operations, HR, Business Development, and Customer Success, Sharmilaa has distinguished herself as a dynamic leader known for her people-centric approach. Sharmilaa's strategic acumen, combined with her collaborative style and client-centric focus, has led to numerous professional accomplishments, including recognition as an HR 40 under 40 leader and expertise in setting up new business verticals. Her visionary leadership style, commitment to inclusive cultures, and focus on strategic workforce planning underscore her dedication to driving organizational success through transformative HR initiatives.

Honey Dev, Head of People and Function, Edvoy

Honey Dev thrives in building strong professional relationships.


Honey Dev is a seasoned HR professional with 12 years of expertise in talent acquisition and business partnering, boasting a proven track record of success in fostering strategic HR initiatives. From spearheading the entire gamut of people functions, including talent acquisition to exit experiences, to managing small teams and forming core design and product teams, Honey's journey exemplifies adeptness in workforce planning and strategic HR leadership. With a passion for networking and socializing, Honey thrives in building strong professional relationships, making him a valuable asset in any HR setting.

Vinod Pushppan, AVP & Head HR, Centaur Billing

His mission is to,”To be the most authentic of him and serve people to help them become the best they can be.”


Vinod Pushppan is a seasoned HR professional with over 14 years of comprehensive expertise in talent planning, acquisition, management, and development, specializing in end-to-end recruitment, social media sourcing, cost/resource management, and leadership hiring. With a keen focus on quality, compliance, and strategic HR initiatives, Vinod excels in fostering impactful relationships and leaving a legacy through his commitment to the next generation. His visionary approach, coupled with proficiency in HR operations, employee engagement, and business partnering, positions him as a strategic leader in workforce planning and HR management.

Abraham Rabinder, Head HR, Centena International Services Pvt Ltd

His motto is to, “Simplify & Transform Lives”.


Abraham is a Strategic & Innovative leader with implementing experience on all HR Processes. Collaborative leader with dedication to partnering with coworkers to promote engaged, empowering work culture. Currently he works with Centena Group as Head HR. Abraham has Documented strengths in building and maintaining relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders in dynamic, fast-paced settings. Experience in Service Delivery handling all support functions positions him as a strategic leader in workforce planning and HR management.

Fabian Figredo, Head of Talent Acquisition, Shell

As a HR professional, Fabian upholds four core principles: unbiased objectivity, diversity and inclusion, positive culture, and employee well-being.


Fabian Figredo is a dynamic HR leader with over 15 years of experience, currently serving as the Head of Talent Acquisition at Shell. With a focus on volume, capabilities, and diversity, Fabian leads a team of professionals in delivering strategic resourcing plans and fostering positive brand preference. Previously, as an Employee Relations and Industrial Relations Advisor at Shell, Fabian demonstrated expertise in complex case management and policy interpretation. Fabian's multifaceted experience positions him as a strategic leader in HR and workforce

Monica Divik Agarwal, Head of HR, MoneyHero Group

Her motto is simple to,"Foster the Growth."


Monika Divik Agarwal is a seasoned HR leader with 16 years of experience across diverse industries, including Banking, Financial Services, Technology, and FinTech. Monika excels in translating business visions into actionable HR strategies, driving performance, profitability, and employee engagement. Certified as an IHRP-CP and an Executive and Leadership Coach, Monika is recognized as a top HR leader for diversity hiring and talent management on social media. With a strong track record of establishing HR functions from the ground up and fostering high-performance cultures, Monika brings a global perspective to HR leadership through her multicultural work experience with global teams across the US, Europe, and Asia.

Shankar Srinivaasan, Head HR - India and Malaysia, Heidelberg India Private Limited

His vision is to, "Develop Leaders and drive Business results through them."


With twenty-three years of illustrious HR leadership across Sales, Manufacturing, Retail, and Information Technology sectors, Shankar Srinivaasan is a seasoned professional renowned for his strategic acumen and transformative leadership. Having held pivotal roles at Heidelberg in India and Malaysia, Shankar orchestrated international HR projects, fostering alignment with global objectives. His expertise spans a plethora of HR disciplines, including leadership, business partnership, change management, talent development, and HR analytics. Shankar's collaborative approach with leadership teams has consistently driven sustainable business growth, making him a stalwart in strategic HR and workforce planning.

Ria Shroff Desai, Vice President - People and Culture, Blume Ventures

She strongly believes that,” today's leaders need to be quick decision makers, strategic thinkers and also do good while doing good business.”


Ria Shroff Desai is a visionary HR leader dedicated to elevating homegrown Indian companies to global prominence. As the inaugural People and Culture head at Blume Ventures, she pioneers growth ecosystems fostering innovation and talent development to address India's critical challenges. With extensive international experience across multicultural environments and a track record of aligning strategic goals with actionable objectives, Ria excels in cultivating high-ownership cultures and leveraging human capital for sustainable business growth.

Kalika Solanki, Lead – People & Culture Team, Shenzyn

Her vision is to,"inspire growth, celebrating diversity, equity and inclusion: cultivating a thriving community


Kalika Solanki is a seasoned HR professional with a diverse background spanning over a decade, specializing in HR and people processes. With experience ranging from HR generalist roles to consultancy and management positions, Kalika has honed her expertise in recruitment, employee engagement, and administration. Currently she works at Shenzyn as a Lead - People and Culture. Her tenure includes strategic roles in various industries, demonstrating her adaptability and proficiency in driving organizational success through effective workforce planning and management. Kalika's comprehensive skill set and hands-on experience make her a valuable asset in navigating the complexities of HR leadership and strategic workforce planning.

Capt Partha Samai, VP & Regional Head of HR, Reliance Jio

His vision is to,"Develop Leaders to create amazing Organizations."


Capt. Partha Samai is a dynamic HR strategist renowned for his impactful career marked by pioneering initiatives and a relentless pursuit of excellence. With a proven track record in leading large HR teams across diverse industries in India and Southeast Asia, Capt. Samai specializes in driving workforce development and fostering a culture of transparency and inclusivity. Currently he is a VP & Regional Head of HR at reliance jio. His expertise spans the entire HR lifecycle, from manpower planning to talent acquisition, performance management, and leadership development, all while ensuring statutory compliance and alignment with corporate values. Capt. Samai's strategic acumen and data-driven approach make him a formidable leader in strategic HR and workforce planning.

Niyati Goel, Sr. Director Human Resources, Tatcha

She believes in, “building Resilience, friendship and connection with the organization and your colleagues.”


Niyati Goel is an accomplished HR leader with over 12 years of diverse experience and SPHR® certification. Armed with an engineering degree in Electronics and an MBA in Human Resources from XLRI, Jamshedpur, India, Niyati has excelled in various verticals within HR, including business partnering, rewards, organizational transformation, change management, and HR strategy. With a proven track record in navigating complex multi-country environments and high-growth startup settings, Niyati currently serves as a Senior Director of Human Resources at a prominent organization. Her strategic acumen and comprehensive skill set position her as a formidable force in strategic HR and workforce planning.

Nicolas Behbahani, Director Global People Analytics and HR Data, TechnipFMC

I am passionate about sharing my insights and research on people analytics, HR analytics, AI, and the future of work, as a speaker, writer, and networker


Nicolas Behbahani is a distinguished HR leader, serving as the Director of People Analytics at TechnipFMC, a global energy solutions provider. With a robust background in data science, analytics, and visualization, Nicolas drives the global HR analytics strategy for over 20,000 employees across 44 countries. Leveraging data and artificial intelligence, he spearheads HR innovation, enhances human capital management, and elevates employee experience and performance. Renowned as a LinkedIn Top Voice 2024 and a recipient of accolades such as Best Practice HR Leader 2021 and CNAM Medal, Nicolas is a thought leader in people analytics, AI, and the future of work, contributing insights through speaking engagements, writing, and networking endeavors.

Stephen Lytle, Assistant Vice President - People & Culture, Evara Health

To lead and inspire others to reach their full potential, both personally and professionally, so that, together, we can live more impactful lives comprised of gratitude and fulfillment.


Stephen Lytle, SHRM-SCP, is a seasoned HR strategist with over 20 years of experience in leading HR initiatives at esteemed organizations such as Target, Walmart, ChenMed, and currently Evara Health. As the AVP of People & Culture, Stephen oversees a spectrum of functions including HR, Benefits, Compensation, Talent Acquisition, and Training, driving strategies that foster personal and professional growth while enhancing patient care and outcomes. With a BS in Healthcare Administration from Purdue University and a BA in Political Science from the University of South Florida, Stephen combines academic rigor with a human-centric approach to drive analytically sound HR and workforce planning strategies.

Sujith Kumar, AVP & HR Business Leader, Infosys Ltd.

Sujith's passion lies in, “ building teams, coaching and helping individuals amplify their potential.


Sujith Kumar is a dedicated HR professional with over two decades of experience, renowned for his passion for building teams and nurturing individual potential. Sujith currently works at Infosys as well as he is a prolific 6-time TEDx speaker, Sujith excels in professional speaking, storytelling, writing, and photography, leveraging his expertise to inspire and empower others. Alongside his HR career, Sujith manages the Maatram Foundation, an NGO providing full scholarships for higher education to over 2000 economically disadvantaged students. His commitment to philanthropy and community engagement underscores his holistic approach to HR leadership, making him a formidable force in strategic HR and workforce planning.

Ayesha Ashiq, Founder & CEO Strategic Educational and HR Leader, Eladder4U

As an HR professional, ayesha’s guiding motto is simple yet powerful: People First.


Ayesha Ashiq is a visionary leader in both HR and education, boasting over 25 years of experience merging these domains for inspired learning. As the Founder and CEO of Eladder4U, she offers global consultancy services to empower students and institutions alike. With a Ph.D. in Social Science and cross-cultural expertise from India, the Middle East, and America, Ayesha navigates global workplace dynamics adeptly. She pioneers education transformation through modern EdTech, spearheading the upcoming launch of EladderUniversity. Ayesha's innovative strategies and impact have earned her the International Trade Council's Frontrunner Award, solidifying her reputation as a trailblazer in strategic HR and workforce planning.

Mark Smith, HR consultant and Author on HR- thought leadership, Zennia Research

Mark thinks, "For many jobs, learning and skills are essential. College degrees don't need to be."


Mark Smith is a distinguished HR professional with over a decade of experience in thought leadership research and exam development. Formerly serving as the Director of HR Thought Leadership Research and Exam Development, Mark has contributed significantly to advancing hiring practices and talent management strategies. His latest achievement includes the publication of "A Better Choice: The Managers’ Guide to Skills-First Hiring," a groundbreaking book aimed at revolutionizing talent acquisition methodologies. With a Ph.D. in I/O Psychology from the University of South Florida and a successful tenure at Gartner as a Senior Consultant, Mark brings a wealth of expertise to the field, empowering hiring managers to make informed decisions based on skills and competencies.

Kirsty Baggs-Morgan, Founder: Evolving HR Directory, EthicaHR

Kristy's goal for EthicaHR is, “To make it easier to progress in your HR career and more rewarding to work in HR than it often is.”


With over 20 years of extensive experience in in-house HR and five years as an HR Consultant and Executive Coach, Kristy Baggs-Morgan is dedicated to revolutionizing the HR landscape. As the Director of Ethica HR, Kristy empowers fellow HR professionals through coaching to unlock their full potential and achieve career aspirations. Specializing in strategic mindset development, leadership skills enhancement, and personal effectiveness, Kristy is committed to facilitating professional growth and overcoming obstacles hindering progression. With a passion for fostering resilience and transforming HR roles, Kristy aims to redefine the HR experience, making it more fulfilling and impactful for all practitioners.

Sankar Sundarlingam, HR Director, BMW India

His goal is to achieve professional excellence in management by in-depth learning and acquiring knowledge with best utilization of my professional skills and experience in Human Resource


Sankar Sundarlingam is a seasoned HR leader with a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in various industries. Currently serving as the Director HR for BMW Group India, Sankar has held key roles such as Plant HR Head and Head of Human Resources Department at BSH Home Appliances Group. With a strong background in HR business partnering, talent management, employee engagement, and more, Sankar brings extensive expertise to his strategic HR initiatives. His tenure at renowned companies like Johnson Controls and TCL further solidifies his reputation as a strategic HR and workforce planning leader, driving organizational excellence and employee development.

Vidya Rajgopalan, Sr Manager - Talent Management, Zelis Healthcare India

Vidya believes and adheres to these 3 things : Empathy, Leading by example and commitment. These are the key to any HR Leader's success.


Vidya Rajgopalan is a dynamic HR professional with over 8 years of diverse experience across HR business partnering, operations, strategy, and employee lifecycle management. With a proven track record in startups and growing companies, Vidya's proactive approach has led to significant achievements, including doubling the workforce count within a year and a half and automating key HR processes. Recognized as a "Top HR Leader to Follow in 2022" by Insights Success, Vidya is passionate about coaching and mentoring colleagues to foster growth. As a strategic talent management and acquisition expert, she is poised to leverage her knowledge and team management experience to elevate a company's HR outlook and drive organizational success.

Jaya kaku, HRBP, Motilal Oswal

Her motto as an HR is to, “empowering people,nurturing talent: together we thrive.”


Jaya Kaku is a seasoned HR professional with a strong focus on talent management, strategy, operations, recruitment, and performance management. With a proven track record of creating impactful talent programs and implementing best-in-class HR policies, Jaya has played a pivotal role in driving the growth and success of organizations. Recognized for her high-impact presentations and awarded as Employee of the Year, she is committed to achieving organizational success through HR excellence. Currently serving as an HR Business Partner at Motilal Oswal, Jaya leverages her expertise in strategic talent management and acquisition to drive the company's HR initiatives forward.

Roshni Ravindran, Associate Vice President - HR, Entrans Technologies

Her motto is,”Hire the right people at the right time, and help them reach their full potential by building a positive culture.”


Roshni Ravindran is a dedicated technophile with over 9 years of experience specializing in hiring and recruitment. With strong interpersonal and communication skills, Roshni efficiently manages the hiring process from inception to completion, ensuring alignment with business objectives. She collaborates closely with senior management to develop hiring strategies and priorities, working effectively under tight timelines. Additionally, Roshni implements engagement programs for offered candidates, including follow-up initiatives to ensure successful onboarding. Leveraging her expertise in strategic talent management and acquisition, Roshni is committed to driving organizational success through effective recruitment practices.

Nitika Goyal, Recruitment Consultant, Peoplesquare Consulting

She believes in,"Hiring the right people always, even if it takes a little longer."


Nitika Goyal is an experienced recruiter with a proven track record in the internet industry. Currently working as Recruitment Consultant at Peoplesquare Consulting she specializes in campus hiring and management, as well as technology, marketing, and analytics recruitment, Nitika brings a wealth of expertise to her role With a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in HR, she possesses a strong foundation in human resources management. Leveraging her skills and knowledge, Nitika excels in strategic talent management and acquisition, driving organizational success through effective recruitment strategies and initiatives tailored to meet business objectives.

Charles Godwin, HR Leader, Zoho

His motto as an HR is Handle with Care!


Charles Godwin is an accomplished human resource professional with 19 years of comprehensive experience in the IT industry. Specializing in talent acquisition and retention, talent management, engagement, and development, Charles has successfully navigated change during acquisitions and mergers while building capabilities and talent during periods of high growth. Currently serving as an HR leader at Zoho Corporation, he excels in implementing HR interventions and programs to drive organizational success. Charles is also a prominent speaker, having delivered over 2000 guest lectures in student and industry forums, inspiring and shaping young minds in talent management and strategy.

Haris Salman, Talent Acquisition Manager, Careem

I believe in creating a friendly hiring process as it is critical part of building a strong and cohesive team


Harris Salman is a seasoned recruitment professional with over 7 years of experience spanning across Pakistan, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, India, Germany, and the EMEA region. With a proven track record at top tech unicorns like Motive and Careem, Harris has led impactful initiatives, including spearheading engineering team setups and pioneering internship programs. Noteworthy achievements include building the Data & AI department from scratch. Currently serving as the lead for engineering talent acquisition at Careem, Harris is driven by a passion for servant leadership, agility, and disruptive innovation in talent management and strategy.

Hariharan Subramanian, Head HR- India, IRIS KPO Resourcing India Pvt Ltd

He believes that as a leader, he is responsible for empowering and inspiring individuals in the organization for them to achieve their highest potential by encouraging innovation and change management.


Hariharan Subramanian is a dedicated HR professional currently making significant contributions to the People Vision at IRIS Software. With a focus on transforming the perception of HR from administrative to strategic business partnership, Hariharan leverages his specialties in negotiation, people management, facilitation, and team building program design to drive impactful talent management strategies. He thrives in creating environments conducive to continuous learning and skill development, ensuring alignment with organizational goals while fostering compliance and networking opportunities. With a keen emphasis on team management, Hariharan is committed to advancing the HR function as a key driver of organizational success.

Bharathkumar Mayakrishnan, Head HR, Finzly

His motto is,"To create a very positive work culture and a great employee experience."


Bharathkumar Mayakrishnan is a seasoned HR professional with over 17 years of extensive experience in multicultural employee lifecycle management, employee experience, retention, and compensation across diverse geographical regions including Canada, US, EMEA, ASEAN, and India. With a strong background in the IT & ITES industry spanning various domains such as supply chain and insurance, Bharathkumar currently serves as the Head of Human Resources at Finzly. He is recognized for his expertise as an HR leader, HR analytic specialist, HR enthusiast, and HRMS implementation expert, contributing significantly to talent management and strategy initiatives.

Sougata Sen, General Manager/ Head-Early Career, Hexaware Technologies

Sougata believe that we should have a sharing culture where top HR professionals should share best practices for everyone's empowerment and growth.


Sougata Sen is an accomplished HR leader with over 20 years of extensive experience in talent management and strategy within the IT industry. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated strong leadership and team-building skills, successfully driving human resources outsourcing (HRO) projects and spearheading recruitment initiatives across diverse geographical regions including Canada, US, EMEA, ASEAN, India, Germany, and the Middle East. Currently Sougata works at Hexaware Technologies and has held key leadership roles in prominent organizations such as Encora Inc., Huawei Technologies, Unisys India, Genpact, NetApp, and the National Institute for Smart Government (NISG). With a focus on driving organizational success, Sougata has been instrumental in developing and implementing innovative talent acquisition strategies, managing campus recruitment programs, and fostering strong stakeholder relationships.

Abhishek David, AVP Head of Talent Management & Leadership Development, Dubai Islamic Bank

His motto as an HR is, “being a lighthouse of change and driving sustainable change.”


Abhishek is a seasoned HR transformational change leader with over 17 years of experience in talent management and organizational behavior research. His recent accomplishments include selection of research papers on the future of work for prestigious conferences, steering multiple HR strategic initiatives such as people strategy, digitization, and AI in HR. Abhishek excels in designing and implementing program journeys for national development and knowledge assimilation programs. With a knack for leading multiple projects, understanding operational and systemic aspects, and seeking new opportunities, Abhishek is adept at creating win-win solutions in the HR and talent management domain.

Alina Singh, Founder, BinaryStar SearchX

Her vision is," to make the services of the recruitment industry accessible to everyone and to create an environment where every person is welcome and has an equal opportunity to secure great work."


Alina Singh is an accomplished professional with over 18 years of experience in the recruitment industry, renowned as the founder of BinaryStar SearchX, a boutique headhunting firm specializing in executive roles. With a fervent commitment to connecting individuals with their ideal career opportunities and facilitating organizational growth. Her holistic approach encompasses industry mapping, headhunting, networking, and client management, while also offering diversity searches and market mapping services. Alina's vision is to democratize recruitment services, fostering an inclusive environment where every individual has equal access to fulfilling employment opportunities.

Tim Sackett, CEO,

Tim's thoughts on HR's are clear as he says,"HR's entire role is to increase the talent in an organization."


Tim is a seasoned executive HR professional with 20 years of experience in the talent acquisition industry, having worked with Fortune 500 companies across various sectors including healthcare, retail, dining, and technology. As the president of HRU Technical Resources and the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP), Tim is a leading figure in the field of talent management. He is also the author of the best-selling book "The Talent Fix: A Leader's Guide to Recruiting Great Talent," and has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Global HR Influencers by Workforce Magazine in 2018. With a wealth of expertise in HR and talent acquisition, Tim continues to shape and influence the industry through his leadership and thought leadership initiatives.

Shyni K, Associate VP-HR, Inspirisys Solutions Limited

Her belief is clear and simple,”HR is all about People.”


Shyni is a seasoned strategic HR professional with 18 years of extensive experience in core HR functions within the IT, ITES, and IT infrastructure sectors. Specializing in talent management, Shyni has a proven track record of effectively handling large workforces across the globe. Her top skills include talent management, talent acquisition, and performance management. With a keen understanding of the intricacies of talent management roles and HR functions, Shyni excels in implementing strategic initiatives to optimize organizational performance and drive employee engagement and development.

Monisha Sharma, India Talent Acquisition Head, Dassault Systemes India Pvt. Ltd

Her motto is, "Lead with Integrity and foster a performance-driven culture."


Monisha is a dynamic HR leader with over 16 years of experience in talent acquisition and sourcing, currently serving as the India Leader of Talent Acquisition and Sourcing at Dassault Systèmes. With a proven track record across various multinational corporations in India, she specializes in overseeing talent requirements. Prior to her current role, Monisha excelled in business partner - HR functions for the R&D organization. Committed to fostering diversity, inclusion, and employee development, Monisha champions initiatives promoting gender equality and social justice, aligning with her mission to attract, develop, and retain top talent while making a positive impact on society and the environment.

Amrita Padda, Chief People Officer, Airtel

Her purpose is to Ignite passion & potential by nurturing self belief & creating harmony.


Amrita Padda is a seasoned HR professional with over 21 years of comprehensive experience across various industries, specializing in talent acquisition, strategic HR management, and organizational development. Currently serving as the Chief People Officer at Airtel, she brings a wealth of expertise in leading talent management initiatives for multinational corporations. With her leadership roles at Unilever, including Chief People Officer for Unilever Marketplace and Global HR Director for the Procurement vertical, Amrita has successfully formulated and executed people strategies to drive business impact and foster a culture of diversity and inclusion. Her extensive experience spans areas such as talent acquisition, leadership development, HR transformation, and reward management. Amrita is recognized for her contributions to HR excellence and her passion for creating environments where all individuals can thrive and contribute to organizational success.

Closing Thoughts

We hope above list of top 50 HR Professionals and HR Leaders List of 2024, was the perfect blend for you all!🌟

Going forward we’re also looking ahead to the future of HR recognition and collaboration. Also, we’re committed to continuing our tradition of celebrating excellence in HR leadership through initiatives like this. We encourage all HR professionals to stay engaged with us for future lists, nominations, and collaboration. So, as we strive to foster a community of learning, growth, and recognition within the HR industry. Together, let’s continue to elevate the standards of HR excellence and inspire each other to reach new heights in our respective roles. Here’s to a future filled with even more opportunities for recognition, networking, and collaboration in the dynamic world of HR.

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