Top HR Professionals | 2022

Top HR Professionals to follow on Social Media in 2022

Xobin is excited to announce its 3rd annual list of emerging HR professionals and influencers. These influencers have been categorized based on their expertise in a specific niche. At Xobin, we speak with over 5000+ HR professionals who use our cloud-based assessment software. So, if you are looking to upskill and stay in touch with industry trends and best practices, we’ve got you covered. These HR professionals share their advice, insights, and expertise access to daily advice and expertise, insights, and trends from top HR professionals, thinkers, and innovative people seems yet arduous searching.

After receiving over 500 nominations, our jury has shortlisted the HR professionals and HR Leaders based on their insights and impact in their niche. The below-mentioned list of top HR professionals is not a ranking, but a list in alphabetical order. For your benefit, we’ve mentioned the social media handles where you could follow these influencers.

Eminent HR Professionals to follow on Social Media in 2022

1. HR Professionals in Diversity Hiring & Talent Management

Abhijit Bose

Name: Abhijit Bose


Role: Manager – Human Resources

Company: Bobble AI

Location: India

“Abhijit is a Human Resources Manager at Bobble AI. With more than 12 years of experience in the domain. A top HR leader, Abhijit has expertise in managing the complete lifecycle of the diverse recruitment and after recruitment employee engagement.”

Alina Singh

Name: Alina Singh

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: Founder

Company: Binarystar SearchX

Location: India

“Alina Singh is the Founder of BinaryStar SearchX. She has been an ace HR professional, with expertise in the recruitment field since 2005. Her vision is to make the services of the recruitment industry accessible to EVERYONE and to create an environment where every person is welcome and has the equal opportunity to secure great work.”

Anchal Arunkumar

Name: Anchal Arunkumar


Role: Talent Acquisition Leader-India & Japan

Company: Syncron

Location: India

“Anchal is a Talent Acquisition Leader-India & Japan at Syncron. Anchal is an expert in Human Resource and Recruitment processes. She has over 16 years experience in building relations and finding talents for organizations.”

Ben Eubanks

Name: Ben Eubanks


Role: HR Analyst

Company: Lighthouse R&A

Location: United States

“Ben is a human capital management industry analyst, author, and podcaster. He helps companies and vendors with advisory and strategic services. He has worked as an HR professional, influencer, and analyst for more than 10 years.”

Daniele Botaro

Name: Daniele Botaro

LinkedIn | Instagram

Role: Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Company: Oracle

Location: United States

“Daniele Botaro is a highly skilled Diversity and Inclusion professional with Oracle in Latin America. She has over 14 years of experience. Daniele leads strategies and programs to develop and implement proactive diversity and inclusion in the workplace.”

Mansi Sorathiya

Name: Mansi Sorathiya


Role: Human Resource Manager

Company: JDK Solution

Location: India

“Mansi is currently a Human Resources Manager at JDK Solutions. She is experienced in the Recruitment process and Human Resources. She has experience of around 3 years in the field.”

Matt Charney

Name: Matt Charney

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: Talent Acquisition Community Leader


Location: United States

“Matt is the Talent Acquisition Community Leader for, where he serves as the internal subject matter expert and external spokesperson for all recruiting and hiring research. Matt has been recognized as one of the top HR Professionals, influencers in the recruitment industry. He is also an advisor to over two dozen startups in HR tech.”

Mita Mallick

Name: Mita Mallick

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: Head of Inclusion, Equity, and Impact

Company: Carta

Location: United States

“Mita is the Head of Inclusion, Equity, and Impact at Carta. She is a passionate leader with over 15 years of experience in storytelling the domain and representing many brands. She believes diversity of thought doesn’t happen without diversity of representation.”

Monica Divik Agarwal

Name: Monica Divik Agarwal


Role: Regional HRBP

Company: Funding Societies

Location: Singapore

“Monica is a Regional Lead – People Experience (HR) Business Partner Manager at Funding Societies | Modalku Group. With 14+ years in Banking & Financial Services, FinTech, and Technology space, She has in-depth experience at the HR Leadership level, managing change and transformation.”

Rachel Cupples

Name: Rachel Cupples

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: Senior Corporate Recruiter

Company: Textio

Location: United States

“Rachel is a diversity recruiter at Textio. She has close to a decade of recruiting experience and has focused the past 6+ years on diversity recruitment. And in building sustainable and equitable candidate experiences and hiring programs.”

Rosalin Mohanty

Name: Rosalin Mohanty

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: Talent Acquisition Executive

Company: Genxhire

Location: India

“Rosalin is a Talent Acquisition Executive at Genxhire. With her 3 years of experience in the field, she is an expert in Talent Acquisition and Human Resource.”

Sanu Wilfred

Name: Sanu Wilfred


Role: Head of Talent Acquisition

Company: Pepper Content

Location: India

“Sanu is a Head of Talent Acquisition Pepper Content. An emerging HR leader, Sanu comes with over 15 years of work experience in the HR Domain. He is skilled in Talent Acquisition, Talent Management.”

Steve Boese

Name: Steve Boese

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: President & Co-Founder

Company: H3 HR Advisors

Location: United States

“Steve is currently the Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference with H3 HR Advisors, Inc, and a Technology Editor and writer for Human Resource Executive Magazine. He has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources, Recruiting, Finance and Distribution. And has been a director of Talent Management.”

Somi Bahuguna

Name: Somi Bahuguna


Role: Human Resource Manager

Company: Wieden + Kennedy

Location: India

“Somi is a HR Manager at Wieden + Kennedy. She holds experience of 6 years in Human Resources. She has a firm grip on Recruitment and HR Formalities.”

Trinath Mohanty

Name: Trinath Mohanty


Role: Human Resource Manager

Company: Swosti Group

Location: India

“Trinath is an HR Manager & Project Coordinator at Swosti Group of Hotels & Resorts. Trinath has experience in recruitment over 9 years in the hospitality industry. He is skilled in Human Resource and Operations management.”

2. HR Professionals in Employee Engagement

Aarti Contractor

Name: Aarti Contractor


Role: Talent Specialist

Company: Collabera India

Location: India

“Aarti is a Talent Specialist at Collabera Technologies. She is skilled in Human Resources and Employee Engagement in the workplace. She is an alumnus of MS University Baroda.”

Catarina Alves

Name: Catarina Alves

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: Specialist, Employee Lifecycle Global

Company: Remote

Location: Ireland

“Catarina is an Employee Lifecycle Specialist Global at Remote. With her experience in the field for over 4 years, she is highly skilled in Employee management and recruitment. She is an alumnus of ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics & Management.”

Daphne Lok

Name: Daphne Lok


Role: Trusted HR Leader

Company: Waterco

Location: Singapore

“Daphne is a Human Resources Manager at Waterco Limited. She has 12+ years of experience as an HR generalist across Australia New Zealand. She is highly skilled in Recruitment, Employee Engagement & Employer Branding, Diversity & Inclusion.”

Dr. Neeta Mhatre Mishra

Name: Dr. Neeta Mhatre Mishra


Role: Founder & Co-Founder

Company: ReachOut and Bloom World

Location: India

“Dr. Neeta is a Founder at ReachOut- Counseling & Edutrainer and Co-Founder of Bloom. She has experience of more than 18 years in wellness and as a relationship coach. And she is highly skilled in corporate training and team engagement.”

Gauri Das

Name: Gauri Das


Role: Head – HR

Company: India Factoring

Location: India

“Gauri is a Head HR Marketing and Admin at India Factoring Private Limited. She has 15+ years of experience in mentoring employee engagement and aligning HR strategy with business goals.”

Juhi Sharma

Name: Juhi Sharma


Role: Head – HR

Company: Fleetx

Location: India

“Juhi is a Head – HR at She has experience of 12+ years in Technology, SAAS, and healthcare. Having expertise in Strategic HR, Talent management and employee engagement.”

Kranthi Swaroop J

Name: Kranthi Swaroop J


Role: Lead HR

Company: M3BI

Location: India

“Kranthi is a Lead HR at M3BI. He has experience of 8 years in proactive guidance and engagement. He is highly skilled in HR affairs and strategic planning.”

Megha Saluja

Name: Megha Saluja


Role: HR Manager

Company: Walkover

Location: India

“Megha is a HR Manager at Walkover. She has work experience of over 7 years and is highly skilled in Human Resource and Team Management. She believes in once you have the determination to accomplish something, rest all things fall apart and what matters is your effort to reach your goal.”

Olajumoke Fatoki

Name: Olajumoke Fatoki

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: TA & Employer Branding Manager

Company: FrieslandCampina

Location: Nigeria

“Olajumoke is a Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding Manager at FrieslandCampina. With her experience in the field of 6 years, she specializes in Corporate Culture Management, Policy drafting. She is also highly skilled in Talent Acquisition and Performance Management.”

Resham Mehta

Name: Reshma Mehta


Role: Human Resources Generalist

Company: Pepper Content

Location: India

“Reshma is a Human Resources Generalist at Pepper. She has experience of 2 years in the domain. She is skilled in talent acquisition and organizational development. Her goal is to optimize human equity in the workplace.”

Sahil Nayar

Name: Sahil Nayar

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: Senior Associate Director

Company: KPMG India

Location: India

“Sahil is a Senior Associate Director at KPMG. With more than 12 years of experience as an HR professional, he works closely with the Firm’s Leadership. He expertises in Building an Employer brand, leading and engaging high-performing teams are my forte.”

Swechha Mohapatra

Name: Swechha Mohapatra


Role: Head Consulting and Delivery


Location: Singapore

“Swechha is Head Consulting and Delivery- Digital HR Transformation at hrtech in Singapore. She talks about Digital HR and HR technology and is an expert in Talent management and employee engagement. Swechha has around 10 years of experience in the domain.”

Vignesh Seetharaman

Name: Vignesh Seetharaman


Role: People Lead – South India

Company: Mondelez International

Location: India

“Vignesh is the People Lead, Sales South India at Mondelēz International. With over 7 years of work experience in the domain, Vignesh has a proven record in HR as a proactive business partner. He is skilled in building high-performance teams with high levels of engagement-driven through capability development, career growth, and leadership connections.”

3. HR Leaders in Learning and Development

Adrian Tan

Name: Adrian Tan

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: Chief Marketing Strategist

Company: Marketing Sumo

Location: Singapore

“Adrian is a Chief Marketing Strategist at Marketing Sumo and an HR tech Entrepreneur. Over the last decade, Adrian has started 5 Human Resource, Recruitment, and career coaching businesses. He is one of the top global HR tech influencers. His current mission is to help more companies and individuals to tremendous success with the power of strategic marketing.”

Amy P. Kelly

Name: Amy P. Kelly

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: Vice President – Consulting

Company: Jon Gordon

Location: United States

“Amy is a Vice President, Consulting at The Jon Gordon Companies, and President and chief learning officer at Amy P. Kelly Companies. She expertises in Team and Organizational Development | Change Management. She believes in people and helps them grow with her skills and experience.”

Amy Waninger

Name: Amy Waninger

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: CEO

Company: Lead at Any Level

Location: United States

“Amy is a CEO at Lead at Any Level, LLC. She is a Keynote Speaker and Trainer on Inclusive Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion, and Career Strategies at Lead at Any Level. She contributes to the organization’s inner growth by training and improving employee engagement.”

Name: Ashish Gakrey

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: HR Leader

Company: HR Shapers

Location: India

“Ashish is a Program Manager – HR at Capgemini Technology India Pvt Ltd. He has over 17 years of diversified corporate exposure to HR Generalist and Talent Management. Globally Connected Influencer, Mentor, and Coach.”

Dr. Ajit Kumar Kar

Name: Dr. Ajit Kumar Kar

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: In-Charge of Learning & Development

Company: IMFA Limited

Location: India

“Dr. Ajit is In-Charge (Learning & Development) at Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Ltd. He is also an EQ & Mindfulness Practitioner, CBT Coach, a Gamestormer, Happiness Coach, Life Coach & NLP Master Practitioner. With his experience of over 15 years, he has been associated with multiple organizations in HRD, training, and development.”

Melanie Peacock

Name: Dr. Melanie Peacock

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: Associate Professor

Company: Mount Royal University

Location: Canada

“Melanie has been the Sole Proprietor at Double M Training & Consulting for over 27 years. She is a Passionate consultant, educator, and speaker who believes in providing pragmatic and valuable solutions and learning experiences. Her motto is to ‘Investing in people provides the best return’.”

Fermin Diez

Name: Fermin Diez

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: Deputy CEO & Group Director

Company: National Council of Social Service

Location: Singapore

“Fermin is a Deputy CEO & Group Director, Sector Capability and Transformation Group at National Council of Social Service, Singapore. As a consultant, he has advised major multinationals, large local companies, and public sector organizations at the Board and C-Suite levels. He has co-authored three books: ‘Human Capital and Global Business Strategy’, ‘The Remuneration Handbook’ and ‘Fundamentals of HR Analytics’.”

Julie Turney

Name: Julie Turney

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: Founder & CEO

Company: HRatHeart Consulting Inc.

Location: Barbados

“Julie is the Founder & CEO (Chief Engagement Officer) at HRatHeart Consulting Inc. She has experience of over 15 years as HR. She is an HR coach for personal care and development.”

Lee Quane

Name: Lee Quane

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: Regional Director

Company: ECA International

Location: Singapore

“Lee is the Regional Director – Asia at ECA International. With his experience in the organization, he has been assisting companies in managing and rewarding their international staff for over 14 years. He has expertise in advising and in international HR policies.”

Nikita Singh

Name: Nikita Singh

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: Senior Learning Experience Designer

Company: EY UK

Location: United Kingdom

“Nikita is the Senior Learning Experience Designer – Learning Lab UKI – People Advisory Services at EY. She has experience over 5 years of experience in Leadership and organizational development. She is an alumnus of the London School of Economics in Organizational Behavior Studies.”

Name: Peck Kem Low

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: CHRO & Advisor(Workforce Development)

Company: Public Service Division (

Location: Singapore

“Peck is the CHRO & Advisor(Workforce Development) at the Public Service Division. She has vast experience of over 22 years in the domain. She is a seasoned and well-established HR practitioner, passionate about bringing valuable insights to the HR community.”

Smahane Rachidi

Name: Smahane Rachidi


Role: Human Capital Administrative Officer

Company: Al Akhdar Bank

Location: Morocco

“Smahane is the office in charge of human capital at the AL AKHDAR BANK. She has experience of over 3 years in the domain and expertise in HR consulting, management, recruitment, and career counseling.”

Tilottama Pal

Name: Tilottama Pal

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: Senior Human Resources

Company: Tata Consultancy Services

Location: India

“Tilottama is the consultant at Tata Consultancy Services. She has over 19 years experienced HR Head Professional and Managed and Headed various intercultural and cross geo, functional teams. She has also managed Talent Transformation, L&D, Performance Management, Organization Behavior/development, etc. She is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.”

Velu S

Name: Velu S

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: Senior Human Resources

Company: Lucas TVS

Location: India

“Velu is the Corporate Manager L&D at Lucas TVS. With his experience in the domain, he has an extensive background in Training Need Identification. He is an alumnus of XLRI Jamshedpur.”

4. HR Professionals in Tech Recruitment

Adeyimika Balogun

Name: Adeyimika Balogun

LinkedIn | Twitter

Role: HR Business Partner

Company: PayPecker

Location: Nigeria

“Adeyimika is an HR Business Partner at PayPecker. He is a Global Tech Human Resource Professional skilled in International Technical Recruitment, Remote Work Planning, Talent Management, Learning, and Development. And has ten years of experience in consulting, manufacturing, and venture-backed tech startups.”

Anam Kapoor

Name: Anam Kapoor


Role: Recruitment/ Talent Acquisition

Company: QX Global Group

Location: India

“Anam is a placement officer at QX Global Group. She has over 3 years of experience in the domain. Anam expertise in Recruitment and Talent Acquisition processes.”

Ankita Jamuar

Name: Ankita Jamuar


Role: HR Manager

Company: Bobble AI

Location: India

“Ankita is an HR Manager at Bobble AI Technologies. She is an alumnus of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences and has spent the past 8 years sharpening her skills as an HR Professional. She specializes in Recruiting and Human Resource.”

Name: Apoorva Sharma


Role: Head of Human Resources Operations

Company: The Placement Academy

Location: India

“Apoorva is a Head of Human Resources Operations at The Placement Academy. She is skilled in handling HR operations and the Recruitment Process. With her social presence, she talks about HR management and a helping hand for job seekers.”

Chia Yei

Name: Chia Yei


Role: COO & Co-Founder


Location: Singapore

“Chia is a COO & Co-Founder at He designs AI/Machine Learning products for the HR community to transform the traditional ways of managing people matters with his organization. He expertises in Performance and Reward management.”

Dibya Mohanty

Name: Dibya Mohanty


Role: Senior Recruitment Associate

Company: PeopleStrong

Location: India

“Dibya Mohanty is a Senior Recruitment Associate at PeopleStrong. With 7+ years of corporate experience, Dibya has expertise in all phases of recruitment – Sourcing, Screening, Shortlisting, Interviewing coordination, Onboarding, and orientation.”

Mike Rubino

Name: Mike Rubino


Role: Head of Recruiting

Company: Neuralink

Location: United States

“Mike is a Head of Recruiting at Neuralink. Mike takes care of Technical recruitment processes and is an expert in the Technical Recruitment process. Mike has experience of over 11 years in the domain.”

Nikhila R

Name: Nikhila R


Role: Lead Talent Recruiter

Company: SonicWall

Location: India

“Nikhila is a Lead Talent Recruiter at SonicWall. She is skilled in the end-to-end technical and Non-Technical Recruitment Processes and HR operations. She has more than 9 years of work experience in the domain.”

Nitin Rohilla

Name: Nitin Rohilla


Role: Senior Manager Talent Acquisition

Company: Byjus

Location: India

“Nitin is a Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition at Byju’s. Nitin has over 8 years of experience. He is highly skilled in Recruitment Process and Team Management.”

P.S. Narayana Murthi

Name: P.S. Narayana Murthi


Role: Recruitment Manager

Company: Ugam

Location: India & United States

“P.S. Narayana is a Recruitment Manager – the United States & International Hiring at Ugam. He is an experienced Talent Acquisition Leader with a demonstrated history of working in Tech recruitment processes. He holds over 9 years of work experience.”

Padmaja Khuntia

Name: Padmaja Khuntia


Role: Sr. Manager – Human Resources

Company: Milk Mantra

Location: India

“Padmaja is a Senior HR Manager at Milk Mantra. With over 11 years of experience in the domain. She is highly skilled in Talent Management and HR operations.”

Priyanka Singh

Name: Priyanka Singh


Role: Sr. HR Manager

Company: CoderKube

Location: India

“Priyanka is a Sr. HR Manager at CoderKube Technologies. With over 4 years of experience in tech recruitment. She is skilled in Human Resource and Recruitment Process.”

Suvidha Chib

Name: Suvidha Chib


Role: Technical Recruiter

Company: Google

Location: India

“Suvidha is a Technical Recruiter at Google. She has 6 years of experience in Technology hiring, stakeholder management, talent pipeline management, recruitment analytics, and recruitment strategy and is highly skilled in the same. She is an alumnus of Symbiosis Centre For Management and Human Resource Development.”

Swetha Harikrishnan

Name: Swetha Harikrishnan


Role: HR Director

Company: HackerEarth

Location: India

“Swetha is an HR Director at HackerEarth. And has experience of over 15 years in the domain and is highly skilled in Human Resources and Employee Engagement. She believes ‘in challenging the status quo’ (In straightforward ways) to add value constantly.”

Vidya Rajagopalan

Name: Vidya Rajagopalan


Role: HR Manager

Company: Divami

Location: India

“Vidya is an HR Manager at Divami Design Labs. She takes care of technical recruitment and is skilled in HR policies and People management. she has over 10 years of experience.”

5. HR Leaders in Executive Hiring

Dev Pratim Padhi

Name: Dev Pratim Padhi


Role: Dy. Manager (HR)

Company: Odisha Power Generation Corporation

Location: India

“Dev Pritam Padhi is a Dy.Manager (HR) at Odisha Power Generation Corporation. With over 15 years of experience as an all-around HR professional, Dev has worked in all niches of HR like employee recruitment, retention, conflict resolution, benefits and compensation, HR policies development, and legal compliance.”

Dr. Rakshita Shharma

Name: Dr. Rakshita Shharma


Role: CHRO

Company: Easy Eat AI & Bobble AI

Location: India

“Dr. Rakshita Shharma is a CHRO with Bobble AI & Easy Eat AI. Dr. Rakshita carries over 2 decades of experience in heading people from industries like Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Consulting, IT, Healthcare & Education.”

Edwin Raja G

Name: Edwin Raja G


Role: HR Partner

Company: Brimma Tech

Location: India

“Edwin Raja G is an HR Partner at Brimma Tech. Edwin holds experience of 15+ years in building technology teams. He is a passionate Talent Acquisition Professional with a “Go-getter” attitude.”

Kushendra Singh

Name: Kushendra Singh


Role: TA & Executive Search – Asia Pacific

Company: Netflix

Location: India

“Kushendra Singh is a Netflix Talent Acquisition and Executive Search APAC. Kushendra has developed an unparalleled network in the area of Leadership Advisory Services. He is passionate about people, culture, and cloud technology.”

That concludes our list of top HR professionals and influencers for 2022. If you’d like to visit the noteworthy profiles for previous years, do take a look at Emerging HR Leaders 2021 and Top HR Influencers 2020. The above is a constantly updated list. If you feel that someone important is missing from this list, feel free to nominate such HR influencers.

AuthorDebi Prasad Barik

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