Tips to Create and Write an ATS Friendly Resume

Tips To Create and Write an ATS Friendly Resume

In today’s world, crafting a resume that catches the eye of both human recruiters and automated Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) is a fine art. In the digital age of job hunting, where algorithms play a significant role in the screening process, mastering the art of an ATS-friendly resume is paramount for job seekers. It’s akin to creating a secret code that unlocks the doors to coveted job opportunities. But fear not, for with the right strategies and techniques, you can crack the code and make your resume stand out in the digital haystack.

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In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of ATS-friendly resume writing, equipping you with the tools and knowledge to navigate the role of Artificial Intelligence tools in job applications with confidence and finesse.

What is an ATS Friendly Resume?

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) friendly resume is a type of resume format which ensures your resume is parsing and interpreting effectively by automated software systems used by employers to manage job applications. So, these systems streamline the recruitment process by scanning resumes for relevant keywords, qualifications, and experience. Basically use of AI in HR tech, which allows recruiters to quickly identify top candidates. An ATS friendly resume is in a structure and well format, in a way that enables the ATS to accurately read and analyze its contents. Hence, increasing the likelihood of the resume making it through the initial screening process.

To create an ATS friendly resume, several key strategies are there. Firstly, it’s essential to use standard resume formats such as Word (.docx) or plain text (.txt) to ensure compatibility with most ATS systems. Additionally, using simple and clear formatting, including standard fonts and avoiding complex layouts or graphics, helps the resume screening with ATS accurately interpret the content. Incorporating relevant keywords throughout the resume, particularly those mentioned in the job description, is crucial as the ATS scans for these terms to determine the applicant’s suitability for the role. Furthermore, organizing information logically with clear headings and bullet points aids readability and ensures important details are easily identifiable by the ATS. By following these guidelines and optimizing the resume for ATS compatibility, job seekers can increase their chances of passing the initial screening stage and progressing to the next phase of the recruitment process.

Why is an ATS Friendly Resume Important?

In the past few years, ATS use has grown a lot because it makes the hiring process easier. If your resume isn’t written in a way that makes it easy for ATS to read, you might not even get an interview, even if you deserve it. So, if you want to move forward in the hiring process, you need to make sure that your resume does well on ATS friendly resume check.

An ats approved resume is crucial in today’s digital job market due to the widespread use of Applicant Tracking Systems by employers. Without an ATS-friendly resume, candidates risk having their applications process before it even reach human eyes. This can happen if the ATS fails to properly parse the resume due to formatting issues, missing keywords, or incompatible file types. In essence, an ats approved resume acts as a passport, ensuring that your application successfully navigates through the initial screening process and reaches the hands of hiring managers.

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Furthermore, an ATS friendly resume enhances a candidate’s visibility and improves their chances of securing an interview. By optimizing your resume for ats friendly resume checks, you increase the likelihood of your qualifications and experiences aligning with the job requirements identified by the system. This not only improves your ranking in the ATS but also demonstrates your ability to tailor your application to the specific needs of the role. Ultimately, an ATS-friendly resume serves as a strategic tool for job seekers to bypass digital gatekeepers and position themselves as viable candidates worthy of further consideration by human decision-makers.

Tips To Write a ATS Friendly Resume:

Crafting ATS-Friendly Content

It’s not enough to just follow structure rules when writing content that works with applicant tracking systems (ATS). You also need to show your qualifications in a way that both ATS algorithms and human recruiters can understand. It’s important to put your skills and experiences in a way that makes sense and highlights their usefulness. So, you can write the content by professional writers from a professional essay writing service US. As a result, this will help it pass ATS checks and stand out to hiring managers. These professionals can write high-quality text about your work history that show off your strengths and stress the things that make you the best person for the job. This kind of professional help can be very helpful and give you the edge you need in a tough job market.

Opt for an ATS Friendly Resume Template

If you choose a resume template that an ATS, accepts it will be much easier to make your resume ATS friendly. So, these examples be kept in well format where in a way that follows best practices for resumes. This makes sure that all of the important parts are in the right place and can be easily found by the ATS. Your content, including your skills and experiences, will be presented in a way that easily passes the ATS friendly resume check, increasing your chances of getting past the first round of screening. Starting with a template lets you focus on making your resume’s content better making sure it fits the job and your qualifications while still being sure that the style won’t get in the way of your application.

Use Standard Headings

It’s best to use standard headers in your resume for clarity and organization, and it’s also very important for making sure that it works with ATS. When you use common topics like “Skills,” “Education,” and “Employee Experience,” you make it easier for the ATS to sort and organize the information. This method makes sure that your resume meets the ATS approved resume standards and helps to make your resume ATS friendly. By using these headings, you help the ATS correctly find and rate your skills. This greatly increases your chances of making it through the first round of screening and getting your resume in front of a recruiter. It’s a strategic move that makes the document easier to read and meets technology needs at the same time.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an ATS-Friendly Resume

Choose the Right Format

The first thing you should think about is how your resume is formatted. ATS systems like chronological resumes that start with the most current job and go back in time. Don’t use tables, columns, or other things that could confuse the ATS in your style.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an ATS-Friendly Resume

Use Appropriate Keywords

Keywords are very important because an ATS will look through your resume for words and phrases that are related to the job. Look over the job description and write down the words or phrases that are used more than once, especially those that have to do with skills, tools, and qualities. Add these terms to your resume without thinking about it.

Highlight Relevant Skills and Experiences

Pay attention to experiences and skills that are related to the job you’re looking for when you’re writing down your work history. Make this easy to read by putting it in bullet points, and make sure the words and sentences you use match those in the job description.

Make Your Fonts and File Types ATS-Friendly:

Standard styles like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman will make sure that an ATS can read your work. Also, save your resume as a Word file unless told otherwise. This is because some ATS systems have trouble reading PDF files.

Avoid Unnecessary Graphics and Images

An ATS might not be able to read a resume with graphics and pictures, but a human recruiter might be interested in one that looks great. Make sure your resume is simple and made up of text.

What to Include in Your ATS-Friendly Resume

Crafting an ATS-friendly resume requires careful consideration of the key elements that will ensure your application successfully navigates through automated screening processes. In this section, we will explore the essential components to include in your resume to optimize it for Applicant Tracking Systems. These components encompass various aspects, including formatting, content, and keywords, aimed at enhancing your resume’s compatibility with ATS algorithms. By incorporating these elements into your resume, you can increase the likelihood of your application advancing to the next stage of the recruitment process.

An ATS-friendly resume should include several key sections that are clearly labeled:

  • Contact Information: Give your full name, phone number, and business email address. You can also add business websites like LinkedIn as long as they are clean and do not offend anyone.
  • Summary Statement: A brief section that outlines your key achievements and what you bring to the table. Make this specific to each job you apply for to improve ATS targeting.
  • Professional Experience: Write down your past jobs, what you were responsible for, and what you did well. Use bullet points and, if you can, include effects that can be measured.
  • Education: Give information about where you went to school? How long you were there, and what degrees or certifications you earned?
  • Skills: Make a list of both hard and soft skills that are important to the job. Remember how important it is to use keywords from the job description.
  • Certifications and Professional Memberships: These can also help bolster your resume if they are relevant to the job.

Common Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Overusing Keywords: Keywords are useful, but too many of them can make your resume hard to read. Use them correctly and in the right way.
  • Using Headers and Footers: Some ATS can’t read the information in headers and footers. So, it’s best not to put important information in them.
  • Including Irrelevant Information: Keep your resume short and focused. This makes it easy for ATS and possible employers to see what skills you have.


In today’s automatic job market, making a resume that works with an applicant tracking system (ATS) may seem hard. But it’s an important step toward getting an interview. If you follow these tips, your resume will not only get to the human resources manager. But it will also make a great impact when it does. So, don’t forget that the goal is to make your resume as short, clear, and useful as possible while also including the right keywords to get past the ATS.

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