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Coding Interview Tool

Conduct Pair Programming Interviews with developers. Use Xobin Coding Interview Tool to observe coding skills in a real-time browser-based environment.

Coding Interview Tool by Xobin



Add Multiple Interviewers on Xobin's Coding Interview Tool

Add Multiple Interviewers

Collaborate with your team and assess the candidate.

Recording & Transcript on Xobin's Coding Interview Tool

Recording & Transcript

Make hiring decisions with custom evaluation parameters and recordings.

Add Challenges on Xobin's Coding Interview Tool

Add Challenges

Select and add challenges from the vast question library of Xobin.

Live Evaluation on Xobin's Coding Interview Tool

Live Evaluation

Watch candidates code and evaluate their skills along with fellow interviewers in real-time.

Candidate Log on Xobin's Coding Interview Tool

Candidate Log

Access a candidate’s interview board after the interview. Always have the data to make the right hiring decisions.

Code Editor on Xobin's Coding Interview Tool

Code Editor

Save time with Browser-based Compilers & IDE. Use pair programming to screen and hire.

How Online Xobin Coding Interview Tool Works

From Interview Scheduling to Coding Interview Video logs. The Xobin Platform facilitates Recruiters and Hiring Managers through the complete coding interview process.

Step 1 on Xobin's Coding Interview Tool

Schedule Interview

Firstly, Schedule your interview with the candidate. Alternatively, share interview link with panelists

Step 2 on Xobin's Coding Interview Tool

Invite Candidates

Secondly, Invite the interviewee for live pair programming session.

Step 3 on Xobin's Coding Interview Tool

Collaborate & Code

Chat, edit and code alongside the candidate using browser based compilers. Check design and development skills.

Step 4 on Xobin's Coding Interview Tool

1-Click Shortlist

Lastly, rate candidate’s performance. Share Interview report and debrief with Hiring Team.

Why is Xobin the Preferred Live Coding Interview Tool?

Hiring for Technology-based roles is a lot easier when candidates are given the right set of tools. Built by engineers for engineers, the Xobin Coding Interview tool allows engineers to interview candidates in their natural environment. No more awkward pauses. Simultaneously chat and code in a collaborative online editor.

Live Coding Interviews

Pair Programming Interviews

Nobody likes writing code on a whiteboard. Do away with cumbersome installations and screen sharing. Enable candidate and interviewer to connect in real-time. Collaborate and code in real-time.

Furthermore, communicate with your candidates via video, audio, chat, and code. Above all, you can choose a pre-built library of coding questions to simplify screening

Pair Programming Interviews on Xobin's Coding Interview Tool
Interview Reports and Debrief on Xobin's Coding Interview Tool

Interview Reports and Debrief

Save time and standardize your interview reporting. Convert the entire interview into one single actionable report. Use integrated scorecards to score and debrief your coding interview. Moreover, the Video Tab lets hiring managers view the recording of the interview discussions.

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Customer Reviews

It’s been close to 3 years since we started using Xobin. We’ve assessed over 2000 candidates and hired many freshers. Xobin is an integral part of our team.

Arun Kumar Ganesan, Director @ Ideas2IT

Arun Kumar Ganesan

Associate Director, Ideas2IT

Xobin platform worked well for campus hiring. Great support by the team. They are always ready to understand the issue and provide a comprehensive solution.

Akhil Sikhri, Co-founder @ Zolostays

Akhil Sikhri

Co-Founder, Zolostays

Rated as a Leader by Customers & Experts

Xobin's Ratings for Coding Interview Tool

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FAQs about Coding Interview Tool

What is Xobin Coding Interview Tool?

Xobin Coding Interview Tool is a collaborative programming platform to conduct technical and programming interviews. More specifically, an interviewer is paired with an interviewee to discuss, share and write problem specific code. The Coding Interview Platform comes along with a question library and in-builde online compilers.

Can a recruiter add his own questions to the Coding Interview platform?

Interviewers can select any available questions in their personal library for Coding interviews. The interviewers can create or add new questions or access the Xobin library, if required.

Does the Coding Interview Platform record the whole coding interview session?

Certainly. The Xobin coding Interview tool records the whole live interview session. Get to access a candidate’s interview board even after the interview. Thus, always have access to data inorder to make the right hiring decisions.

What compilers and languages are present in the Coding Interview Tool ?

Xobin Interview Coding Tool comes built in with multiple compilers. For instance, C,C++, Java, Python, C#, Javascript, Node JS, PHP are some of them.Likewise, you could request for additional IDEs to be included.

Can I know more about the costs and the pricing involved with conducting these Coding interviews ?

Ofcourse. Online Coding Interview is part of the Enterprise Plan. You can understand the pricing structure here – For specific questions, feel free to chat with our Product Consultant using the Live Chat option.

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