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What is Work-Life Balance?

Work-life balance can be defined as the balance between one’s personal life and professional life. It refers to how the employees manage their time inside and outside of their work. 

It is basically managing both personal lives and professional lives at the same time equally well. However, work-life balance has been disrupted for many people since the pandemic began. Due to global connectivity, everyone is always at work and finds it hard to find time for themselves.

Importance of attaining Work-Life Balance for Employer and Employee

Here is the importance of attaining work-life balance-

Better Engagement

Work-life balance helps in improving the engagement levels of both the employees as well as the employer. When the employees are satisfied with both their personal and professional lives, they are likely to show better engagement in their place of work.

Avoid Burnout

It allows the employees to avoid burnout by keeping a balance between their personal and professional lives. It helps the employees on avoiding any excessive stress and avoid possible burnout.

Better Mental Health

A good work-life balance ensures that the employees are in their right state of the mind. It helps them in improving their mental health when they’re satisfied in both aspects of their life.

Increased Creativity

Employees can only be creative when they are free from any mental pressure. A stressless environment allows them to think more creatively.

How to Improve Work-Life Balance?

Here are some of the ways which can help you prove your work-life balance-

Fixed Working Hours

Having a fixed number of working hours can really help you differentiate between your time in your professional and personal life. If the company doesn’t provide you with fixed working hours, set some fixed hours for yourself. This small thing can make a positive impact on your work-life balance. 

Take Regular Breaks

Regular breaks are necessary for keeping your mental health in the right place and allow you to work more efficiently after the breaks.

Understand Your Strengths

You cannot be good at everything, so you need to understand your strengths and focus primarily on them only. It’ll help you to get some more time for your personal life. 

Prioritization of Time

You need to prioritize your time as to what are the most important things in your day. By prioritizing your time and focusing only on the major tasks, you can get a lot of time for your personal life.

Evolution of Work-Life Balance and New Trends in Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance was a term that evolved in the 1970s. It was used to achieve a balance between the career and personal lives of the employees. The main purpose of this system was to make sure that the employees are able to focus on all aspects of their lives equally well. It allows them to focus on their families, hobbies, etc and ensures efficient performance in the workplace. It was used as a way to avoid stress, burnout, etc.

However, as the world is evolving, the concept of work-life balance has evolved with it. It has started to change into work-life integration. It focuses on integrating the professional and personal lives of the employees. It means that employees should find a career that supports their lifestyle. The concept of this balance system on the other hand creates a competition between the two worlds. 

Work-life integration is said to be an ever-evolving concept that helps the employees in working with their best selves in all aspects of their lives.

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