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HR Business Partner (HRBP)

With the rise in recognition of the HR department in the success of the business, the requirement of human resource business partners(HRBP) has also started to gain attention. Hence, let’s discuss HRBP and why are they important.

What is HRBP? 

HRBP is a senior HR position, where a person in this position works with the senior leaders of the company and develops an HR strategy that supports the aims of the organization. 

They help the leaders of the organization to develop and implement an HR model that helps and supports in aligning the HR strategy with the business strategy of the company.

What are the responsibilities of HRBP? 

The major responsibilities of HR business partners include:

Coaching and development of staff:

It is very important that the employees stay on course and help in the success of the company. 

Hence it becomes an HRBP’s s responsibilities to make sure the employees keep up with the trends in the market by providing them with tailored training initiatives.

Finding the best HR tech and implementing them in the organization:

They are also given the task of finding the proper tech to advance a certain function or introduce a new habit among employees. The HRBP must carefully evaluate which solution would fit their company’s needs best.

Employer Branding:

It comes on the shoulders of an HRBP to bring the company’s corporate culture to life and ensure that it supports growth.

Working closely with executive management:

An HRBP is the one responsible for planning and meeting the HR requirements.

Planning of all HR processes:

HRBPs are equipped with the strategic plan to identify speed bumps early on and run efficiently, along with the smooth recruiting and hiring processes.

How to become an HRBP? 

The skills requirements to become an HRBP are:

  • Experience in the role of an HR
  • Notable skills in people management
  • Goal-oriented and analytical skills
  • Complete understanding of employment-related laws
  • A thorough understanding of all the practices and all functions of the department
  • Minimum of a bachelors degree in HR or a related field

What’s the difference between HR Manager & HRBP? 

HR manager HRBP
The HR manager’s work focuses on developing new policies and enforcing new procedures.

The HR manager manages the HR department only.
An HRBP’S primary duty is to work with the company’s senior executives and managers to help, guide, and communicate the company’s overall strategy.

They a lot of time take part in developing HR initiative and strategy that affects the whole organization. 

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