Cognitive Aptitude Test

Cognitive Aptitude Tests

Predict the potential of your candidates in just 2 steps using Xobin’s Cognitive Aptitude Test.

Use Cases of Cognitive Aptitude Tests.

Lateral Hiring

Xobin’s online Cognitive Aptitude tests gives you the flexibility to conduct assessments throughout the globe. Shortlist the candidates who meet your criteria in just 2 steps. Filter out unsuitable candidates.

Employee Development

Use Xobin’s Cognitive Aptitude tests to train your workforce. Xobin has a ton of aptitude tests in its library that can help you conduct the workforce assessment. The test can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the people working for you, and the feedback can be used by HR teams to provide the required training.

Campus Recruitment

Screening the candidates in the campus hiring is the most cumbersome task. Using Xobin’s Cognitive Aptitude Test ensure that candidates coming to the final stage of the hiring process has all the needed skills for the job. Xobin’s Cognitive Aptitude tests help the recruiter to make an intense assessment of the candidates on various levels.

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Verbal Ability

Assess candidates confidence and communication ability. Xobin’s Verbal ability test can measure the candidate’s ability to think and correctly interpret written or spoken information in a given language.

Numerical Ability

Assess a candidates quantitative ability and problem-solving skills. Xobin’s numerical ability tests helps to ascertain a candidate’s proficiency in numerical analysis as per industry standards.

Critical Reasoning

Assess the candidates basic thinking ability using Xobin’s critical reasoning tests. Determine his/her importance and relevance of arguments and ideas.

Decision Making

Assess the ability of a candidate to analyze a problem, find alternatives to solve the problem & think about a possible solution.

Spatial Reasoning

Measures a candidate’s spatial visualization ability using xobin’s spatial reasoning test which includes mentally generating & transforming shapes.

Abstract Reasoning

Assess the candidates problem solving skills. checkout if he/she is good in thinking on one’s feet, rapidly learning new information, acquiring new skills, forming new strategies.

FAQs on Xobin’s Cognitive Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests are assessments featuring questions used to identify and hire potential candidates by evaluating their basic intelligence and job readiness. These tests act as performance indicators.
A Cognitive aptitude test shows the difference between good candidates and the mediocre ones by showcasing the level of clarity on the fundamentals and predicting their potential to grasp and retain.
The most popular aptitude tests used for screening are the Numerical Ability, Logical Reasoning, and Verbal Ability test. These tests contain application questions that are presented in the form of multiple-choice questions.

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