Understanding Different Recruitment Types

Understanding Different Recruitment Types

The most important part of human resource management is recruitment. Because it involves finding and choosing eligible applicants for open positions in a firm. Hence, so many businesses and industries have various hiring procedures and recruitment types or strategies. We shall talk about the different recruitment types or hiring practices in this article.

Types of recruitment:

Types of recruitment

Internal Recruitment:

Internal recruitment is the process of selecting current employees for open positions within an organization. So, this strategy enables businesses to fill positions with workers who are already familiar with the organization’s culture, policies. As well as companies processes and whether the candidate has a proven track record of success in the organization.

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There are several ways to recruit internally, including job postings, internal job fairs, and employee referral programs. Additionally, it may entail providing employees with chances to progress their careers inside the company. In order to achieve this they can use programs like mentoring, training, or job shadowing.

Higher employee retention rates, improved job satisfaction among current employees, and lower recruitment expenses are just a few advantages that internal recruitment may offer firms. Additionally, it can assist businesses in spotting and nurturing talent already present among their employees, which can result in a more qualified workforce and stronger leadership pipelines.

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External Recruitment Type:

External recruitment is a process, wherein companies get help of other external players in their hiring. Therefore, it involves filling job openings within an organization. On the other hand, job boards and hiring platforms like consulting companies attract and hire candidates. Also, use social media and other sources by publicizing the vacancy and encouraging external candidates to apply.

Many methods of external recruitment exist, including job fairs, university recruiting activities, and internet job advertisements. Additionally, it might entail making focused outreach to certain candidate pools, including business professionals or fresh grads.

Organizations may profit from external recruitment in several ways, including access to a larger talent pool with a variety of talents and experiences. It may also inject the company with new ideas and perspectives that foster innovation and expansion. However, external hiring can be more time- and money-consuming than internal hiring. If new hires do not fit well with the corporate culture, it may also result in poorer employee retention rates.

Online Recruitment Type:

Internet recruiting is the process of posting job openings, finding candidates, and managing the hiring process. On the other hand, due to the widespread use of the internet has significant effects on it. Hence, the rising significance of virtual recruitment like pre-recorded video interviews have gained popularity in recent years.

Some of the benefits of online recruitment include:

  1. Increased reach: Compared to traditional recruitment methods, online hiring enables businesses to access a bigger audience of potential applicants.
  2. Cost-effective: Since online recruitment methods do not require printing or postage, they might be more economical than conventional approaches.
  3. Time-saving: Because online applications can be received and reviewed fast and easily, online recruitment can be more effective than traditional recruitment techniques.
  4. Improved candidate experience: A more user-friendly and transparent application procedure may be offered to candidates through planned recruiting practices, which can result in a better candidate experience.

Campus Recruitment:

Campus recruitment is a form of recruitment where businesses find and hire recent graduates for internships or full-time job openings. Hence, to draw in top talent, this strategy entails having a presence on college campus drives or hiring drives. Also, interacting with students through a range of activities and events.

Recruiting on campus can take many different forms, including participating in employment fairs, organizing on-campus activities, supporting student clubs, and providing internship and co-opportunities. Organizations can engage with kids through these events, teach them about the business and its culture, and gauge their potential as future employees.

Some of the benefits of campus recruitment include:

  1. Access to top talent: Employers can interact with bright students and recent graduates who have specialized expertise and skills through campus recruitment.
  2. Early identification of potential employees: Campus recruitment can assist businesses in finding top talent early on before they reach the employment market and establishing partnerships with them.
  3. Brand building: Building a company’s image among students through campus recruitment can help businesses do just that, which could raise candidate interest and awareness.
  4. Cost-effective: Campus recruitment can be a less expensive alternative to pricey advertising and recruitment initiatives for attracting and hiring talent.

Referral Recruitment Type:

Referral recruitment is one most important and employee engagement platforms for employees. Using referral recruitment types by giving credits and benefits to the employee on their referral recruiting will happen fast. On the other hand, it encourages staff in their work. Also, recruiters and companies can use this method from time to time to source trustworthy employees via referral.

A referral program may be aggressively promoted to employees through internal communication channels, offer monetary rewards for successful recommendations, offer employees user-friendly referral portals, or any number of other strategies.

Some of the benefits of referral recruitment include:

  1. Access to high-quality candidates: Referral hiring can give businesses access to top applicants who have already been vetted by current staff and are more likely to fit in with the workplace culture.
  2. Cost-effective: As referral recruiting can attract and hire talent without the need for costly advertising and recruitment campaigns, it can be an economical method of doing so.
  3. Faster hiring process: Referred individuals are frequently more motivated to apply and may already have a connection with the company, which can help organizations fill job opportunities more quickly.
  4. Improved employee retention: Referral hiring might increase employee retention because employees who recommend qualified candidates may feel more committed to the business.


Headhunting is a recruitment strategy that involves identifying and approaching individuals for jobs. For example, individuals who are employed in other companies and intending to recruit them for a job opening. Interestingly, this approach is typically used to target highly skilled, experienced, or specialized candidates. Also, who may not be actively looking for a job.

Headhunting can take many forms. Such as, using professional networking sites or reaching out to candidates through personal contacts. Also, engaging the services of a third-party recruitment firm. Headhunting firms, also known as executive search firms. So, this are typically engaged by companies to identify and approach candidates for senior-level or executive positions.

Walk-in Interviews

Walk-in interviews involve inviting candidates to attend interviews without prior appointments. This type of recruitment is common in industries such as retail, hospitality, and customer service. Walk-in interviews offer several advantages, including faster recruitment processes as well as low recruitment costs or screening. However, walk-in interviews also have some disadvantages, including the risk of unqualified or unsuitable candidates. Also, the need for additional screening and verification processes.


In conclusion, recruitment types vary across different organizations and industries. Hence, each type of recruitment practice has its advantages and disadvantages. So, organizations need to choose the best recruitment types that align with their business objectives and organizational culture. It is important to adopt and partner with a proper recruitment tools and strategy for it to be successful.

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