4 Steps to Get that Job Application Right

4 Steps to Get that Job Application Right
Feel you’ve had enough experience at your current and ready to take on your dream job? Well, it is worth a try. But hold on, your attempt may be over even before it can actually start if you aren’t careful.
It is actually very common of people to take applying to companies very casually. A list of the most common mistakes made goes like this:
  • Not addressing the person with the correct name & designation.
  • Spelling mistakes in the mail/message you send.
  • Outdated Resume with spelling mistakes.
  • Very generic/irrelevant details in the Resume
It does not take an Oxford Graduate to fill in these documents. You only have to be more aware, and use simple text editing aids like Grammarly to get things in order.
Now once that is taken care of, here are 4 things you should do to get the right attention and for the right job:
Steps to get that job application right

Read up about the job description carefully

Make sure you know everything about the job you want to apply for. Never apply for a job assuming something. Be completely sure that it is the right one for you. Speak to people you know in the company to be definite. Applying for the wrong job is worse than getting rejected for the right one.

Research the company culture

So you’ve found out that your dream company is indeed looking for someone like you. Great! Now let’s get on with the next task then. Find out whether you are a good fit for the company. Because when it comes to work, as great as a company and its pay can be, if you don’t fit there, it wont work out. There are no two ways about it. So best is to find out as much about the work culture and the life in the company. Sites like Glassdoor and quora are usually very helpful in this regard.

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Revamp Your Resume based on the required skills

Yes, resumes are largely overlooked and thought of to be useless. But then, there is one important purpose they serve: Showing how sincere you are. Take the effort to come up with a version of your resume that is tailor made for the skills the company is looking for. This effort pays for itself a hundred times over when it gets you a favourable impression with the recruiter. This impression may be much more useful when you come to think of it. All it will take you is half an hour of your time.

Send in a Cover Letter with your Resume

Most job seekers make this mistake. NEVER send in a mail with nothing but your resume attached. To a recruiter who can offer you your next job, give them the basic courtesy of a greeting and explain the purpose of the mail. Yes, it is obvious that a recruiter getting a mail with a resume is for a job. Chances are, yours won’t be the only mail they will be receiving. And adding a good cover along with the necessary context will clearly make yours stand out from the rest. If you have used an ATS to submit your application, make sure you send this mail only as a reminder. Although I would prefer that you refrain from doing so.
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