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How Online Assessment Software Helps Startups In Hiring Rockstars

Putting on a nerve-wracking gauntlet and heading to pick the right talent for your startup? Congratulations! You are now a fellow superhero sailing on the same boat as I’m.

The most difficult task for startup founders is to target and attract the right type of candidates, who just not only possess the right skills but also believe in the vision of the founders and align with the goals of the company. And as a founder, I have walked several miles ( still walking), trying out various permutations and combinations of recruitment techniques to bring such dark horses onboard.

In the process of aiming at the darts, burning my fingers with a couple of wrong hires, here are few life-altering facts I wish I already knew before.

1.  The job market is not completely devoid of ambitious candidates. If not, top brands (Apple, Microsoft which were initially startups) wouldn’t have had made that cut.

2.  Moreover, I witnessed that those ambitious candidates meant for working in startups are cut from a different cloth altogether. Yes, such candidates possess an innate ability to deal with ambiguity, passion, and conviction to sail along with the founders all through the crests and troughs. It is the sole responsibility of the founders to find the needle from the haystack, vet them using an online assessment software, and spend quality time with the right candidates.

3.  Failure to attract culture fit candidates can spell doom, and may eventually bore a hole in your pocket.

An assessment software has genuinely proven to optimize recruitment efforts by manifolds. Although the intent of this article is not just to pitch the product that I happen to be the CEO of, but to address the pain points startup founders face in recruiting the first few employees.

Importance of An Assessment Software in Hiring


Since fast-paced startups cannot afford to have an exclusive recruiter or a hiring manager, the founder has to wear the hat of the recruiter and maneuver the ship. As a part of the recruiting strategy, most founders lookout to tap fresh talent. But going to each campus takes a lot of time, resources, and money. Here is where exactly start-up founders need to shift their gears, break out from redundant methods and harness an online assessment software platform as the first step towards better hiring.

You get to assess multiple candidates at once from your office in the matter of a click. To ensure fairness in the assessment process, Xobin has AI-enabled proctors in place to monitor your candidates’ eye movements and browser activity. The best part of proctored tests using an assessment software platform is that it eliminates both schedule and location constraints.

Flexible And Agile

At times, the founders hiring candidates for the role of web developer may want candidates who have a basic understanding of data structures and algorithms. They might want to assess more than 2 domain skills of the candidates.

Xobin being a highly flexible and user-friendly platform has got an extensive question library with various levels of difficulty. You could use our tailor-made assessments, add questions of your choice or you could also seek out help from us to prepare a fresh piping hot assessment. Also, we have a ‘random question’ feature to ensure that no two students get the same questionnaire.

Instant Test Report Generation

Another great hurdle to cross in the hiring process is managing the drop-off ratio.

The candidate drop-off ratio is a function of hiring velocity! Automation is the key to manage this element in the hiring process.

An instant assessment dissecting the overall performance of your candidate helps you to make strategic hiring decisions thereby decreasing the candidate drop-off ratio.

The key goal of assessment software is to provide a valid and reliable ‘true’ score.

An ideal test analysis of an online assessment platform should portray:

1. Performance of a candidate with respect to various sections

2. Performance of a candidate with respect to the level of difficulty

3. Gap analysis of a distinctive score with respect to the standard score

4. Address strengths and areas of improvement

5. Valuable feedback and suggest ways for improvement

Engage with your candidates and keep them informed about the status of their candidature with a personalized email throughout the hiring process. Do not burn bridges with rejected candidates, as they might be a perfect fit for a different position in your company some time in the future.

360 Degree Assessment Solution

The major differentiator between startups and corporates is Organizational Culture. Startup hiring is not just about qualifications but finding the right culture fits. Any mismatch between a candidate’s behavioral traits and the organization’s culture will have a magnified impact on the performance. Organizational culture is THE reason why startups churn out high employee turnover ratios when compared to corporates.

In the initial stages, Startups cannot afford fancy offices with cafeterias, gyms and arrange flashy meetups, unlike corporates. Well, let me rephrase the previous sentence, YES! in a way, we are scrappy and count every penny we spend. Hence the new hire needs to be spearheaded, self-driven, possess a deep sense of ownership and accountability, and willingness to learn on the go.  All of which could be assessed and interpreted by adopting a job-fit psychometric assessment into the hiring process. A professional online assessment platform like Xobin offers a 360° assessment solution to all your hiring needs.

You can train your new hires if they lack a few technical skills,  but it’s too late to instill manners, ethics, or numeracy. You can’t train enthusiasm or a solid work ethic. As a matter of fact, I inculcated the habit of asking grueling culture fit questions in the interviews with my candidates. Also, I always insist my fellow startup buddies assess the culture fit of candidates before they even measure their technical prowess.

Shout-out to all startup founders!

Have any other successful hiring strategies in mind? Please comment below, I’m all ears!

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