Why Your Business Needs A Talent Assessment Software

Why Your Business Needs A Talent Assessment Software

Haven’t we all been in that position where a candidate, who looked so good on paper, just doesn’t perform well on the job? With millennials dominating the workforce, CV screening and generic interviews are being replaced by reliable talent assessment software.

In the previous article, we have explained in precise terms what Talent Assessment Software is all about. In this article, we share why your business (be it a startup, mid-market, or large enterprise) needs assessment software and what to look for while selecting the latter one.

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Businesses of all sizes are shifting focus towards talent assessment software. This software allows organizations to probe into the skills, psyche, and cultural fit of an individual. These new tools use AI and automation to reduce the burden on recruiters and hiring managers. With clear and concise reports, a Talent Assessment Software shortlists the best applicants and makes data-driven hiring decisions.

Top 6 Problems faced by Recruitment Professionals

Xobin leveraged LinkedIn to connect with over 1800 Recruiters across 25 countries. Recruiters were asked precise questions on challenges that negatively affected their organization.

The results were quite startling. Over 60% of their biggest challenges could be addressed by implementing a full-featured assessment software.

So what do businesses look for in talent assessment software?

Not all organizations have the same requirements, each entity has its own set of expectations out of business software. At Xobin, we understood this pre-requisite in the very first place and have designed the assessment platform that caters to the needs of all types of organizations.

Usage of Talent Assessment Software

Talent Assessment Software for Startups

Startups have no tolerance for complexities. They seek employees who are productive from Day-1. In most cases, startups cannot afford exclusive HR Personnel, nor can outsource recruiting to external agencies. Inadvertently, it is the founder(s) who take up the tough job of hunting for candidates, building a talent pipeline, and taking interviews. The major bottleneck for startups is finding candidates who not just possess adequate technical skills but also have enough emotional intelligence to thrive in an ambiguous setting.

Best HR Software Solutions

Campus Recruitment Software

With our online campus recruitment software screen, hire top talents hassle-free. Everything is under one platform, from test creation to the candidate's evaluation. from test creation to the candidate's evaluation.

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API Integration by Xobin

Get integrated and harness the strength of robust assessments with Xobin APIs. Save sweat and time and focus on your core offering, not building your assessment stack. from test creation to

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Psychometric Testing Software

With Xobin’s Psychometric Testing Software, you get insights into a candidate’s behavior and personality traits. Gain valuable insights on candidates and make smart hiring decisions.

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Coding Skill Assessment Software

With our 100+ coding assessments on various languages such as Java, Python, JavaScript, React, Angular, etc., evaluate and hire the best-talented developers. from test creation to the candidate's evaluation. to the candidate's evaluation.

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Pre-Employment Testing Software:

Get access to the vast library of validated tests to screen candidates using online assessments. Simplify your recruitment process with our cloud-based Pre-employment Testing Software. from test creation to the candidate's evaluation.

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Pre-recorded Video Interview Platform:

Pre-recorded Video Interview Platform allows candidates to fully express themselves to a pre-recorded question. So that you can get more insight into candidates in far less time than a traditional phone interview. from test creation to the candidate's evaluation.

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Based on 321 user ratings

Since startups have limited resources (both time and money), they need a solution that quickly solves their problem without burning a hole in their pockets. Here is what startups need to look for while choosing the best Talent Assessment Software.

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Talent Assessment Software for Mid Market Enterprises

Mid-Market Enterprises are those having 200-2000 Employees. These firms constantly compete with growing startups and large enterprises for talent. In middle-market enterprises, the HR department typically comprises 5 or 10. Also, the recruiting requirements of mid-market enterprises are a combination of that of the startups and large enterprises. These firms have the basic building blocks in place. They primarily look to scale their teams and improve employer branding while maintaining the culture.

Here is what mid-market enterprises need to look for while choosing the best Talent Assessment Software.

Talent Assessment Software for Large Enterprises

Large enterprises have the advantage of structured and well-defined HR teams. But since the recruiting frequency and volume at large enterprises are much higher than that of startups and enterprises, they require an assessment software that offers a 360-degree assessment solution and also can seamlessly integrate with their already existing ATS or HCM. Here is what large enterprises need to look for while choosing the best Talent Assessment Software.

Xobin is being used by many large enterprises not just in the recruitment processes but also in L&D, Succession Planning.

Irrespective of company size, talent assessment software is a must in today’s business world. Xobin’s mission is to provide organizations with the best Assessment Software.

Schedule a product demo with us today and get a first-hand experience to validate our claim.

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